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八年级下modules 9--10
A卷 基础篇
Ⅰ. 单项选择
1. Miss Wang, can you give me some______on English writing
A. suggestions B. decisions
C. information D. messages
2. None of them talked. They finished their meal in______.
A. silence B. order C. place D. public
3.—Liu Mei can speak Japanese so well! Who taught her
—Nobody, she taught______.
A. her B. hers C. herself
4. There are many gifts on the desk, ______two toy bears.
A. includes B. include
C. included D. including
5. ______that they haven’t known the news.
A. It seems B. It seemed
C. They seem D. They seemed
6.The old man often feels______because his children live far away.
A. crazy B. lonely C. hungry D. sleepy
7. The boy said no, so the monster breathed on the road and made it disappear.
A. replied B. refused
C. relaxed D. regarded
8. —Will you carry the box for me, please
外研版2017年中考英语一轮教材同步复习试题 八下modules 9--10(学生卷).doc
外研版2017年中考英语一轮教材同步复习试题 八下modules 9--10(教师卷).doc
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