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第二部分 基础知识运用(75分)
Ⅰ辨音题 ( 5分)
( )1.. A breath B.stream C.deaf
( )2. A.blood B. foot C.cook
( )3. A.sand B.agree C avoid
( )4. A.cough B.though C.laugh
( )5.A.breathe B.think C.father
( )1.As we know, _____of us likes pollution.
A.no one B.none C.someone
( )2.I got up late this morning, _____, I missed the chance of the interview.
A.as a result B.by the way C..as a matter of fact
( )3.-Mike, where’s today’s newspaper
-Well, you don’t need to read it because there is _____in it.
A.something interesting B.nothing special C.important thing
( )4.Trees are very important to our environment. They can _____ wind from blowing the earth away.
A.kept B. stop C.take
( )5.The story _____ three years ago.
A.started B.took C.took place
( )6.When the player finished running, he was out of _____.
A.breathe B.breathing C.breath
( )7.-Lily, _____ you _____ your ticket-Not yet!
A.did; find B.have; found C.has; found
( )8.Xiao Li had an accident yesterday _____ he is in No.1 People’s Hospital now.
A.but B.and C.or
( )9.You’d better speak aloud ______ we can hear you.
A.so that B.as …
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