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(共26张PPT) Unit 7 Will people have robots? Section B Reading Lead in Can you tell me what the video is about? 1.Do you know about robots ? 2.What do the robots look like? 3.What can the robots do? 机器人的应用 工业 汽车生产线上的焊接机器人 1.Do you know about robots ? 农业 草坪割草机器人 美国 “剑” 军用机器人 军事 医疗 高精度和高难度的外科手术 null What do the robots look like ? 2.What do they look like? They look like humans. ['hjum?n]人,人类 What do the robots look like? They look like dogs. What do they look like ? They look like snakes(蛇). human snake dog They have different shapes [ ?eip ] 形状 3.What can they do? talk dance play football play the piano cook help with the housework ['haus,w?k] Play the piano talk Play football dance help with the housework They can do the same things as we do 像................一样 snake robot earthquake 地震 They can look for people under buildings. 建筑物 Let’ s take the time machine and go to the future !!!! But what will robots look like and do for us in the future ? 1.Read and match(连线) each paragraph(段落) with its main idea. Task 1 Para 1 Para 2 Para 3 Para 4 Will robots think like humans in the future? What will robots be like in the future? What can robots do today? What are robots like in movies? the first sentence or the last sentence(文章第一句或最后一句)。 Read and answer Para. 1 1.What are the robots like in movies? 2.What can they do in movies? 1.They are like human servants. 2.They can help with the housework and do jobs like working in dirty or dangerous places. Task 2 Read and answer Para. 2 What can they do today? They can help to build cars and they do simple jobs over and over again. Task 2 Will robots think like humans in the future? Fill in the chart Para 3 Different opinions(不同的意见) For some scientists _________________________________ __________________________________ For many scientists _________________________________ __________________________________. It will be difficult to make them really think like a human. Robots will even be able to talk like humans in 25 to 50 years Will robots think like humans in the future? Task 2 Read Para 4. complete the diagram. Robots in the future How long:________________ Shapes :_________and________ In India:_______ Use for(用途):___________________ hundreds of years humans animals snakes help look for people… Task 2 Challenge yourself 挑战你自己 Read the article quickly and complete the sentencs.(3 mins) Task 3 1. Robots can build ____ in factories. 2. They can do _______ jobs many times and never get bored. 3. Some can _________ and _____________. 4. Some can help _______ people under _________. cars simple look for buildings walk dance Do you think you will have your own robot? Nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it. (世上无难事只怕有心人) possible or impossible Do the exercises on your Exercise Book! 智慧学习 1.Read the article in 2b. 2.Recite the new words and expressions in the article. 3.Finish the Exercise Book after class. Nothing is impossible if you put your heart into it. (世上无难事只怕有心人) Thank you for listening
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