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( )21. Which of the underlined part has a different pronunciation(发音)?
A. bright B. kind C. time D. wish
( )22. After school, we often play __________ football on __________ playground.
A. the, the B. / , / C. /, the D. the, /
( )23. People can play tricks __________ others __________ April 1st.
A. at; on B. on; in C. on; on D. at; in
( )24. I have a lot of homework to do today, _______ I cannot go to the park with you.
A. because B. then C. so D. but
( )25. Tom needs some help with _______ homework. Can you help ________
A. her, her B. his, him
C. her, him D. his, her
( )26. Many of us like _______ Mo Yan’s books very much. We can borrow them from the
school library.
A. reading B. watching C. seeing D. looking
( )27. Mr Wang is too busy and __________ exercises. It’s not good for his health.
A. always B. seldom C. often D. sometimes
( )28. --________does your mother go shopping?
--Once a week.
A. How long B. How much
C. How often D. How many
( )29. It takes Mr Wang 20 minutes __________ lunch every day.
A. cook B. to cook C. cooking D. cooks
( )30. My classmate Jack always _______ a rubber me.
A. borrows; to B. borrows; from
C. lends; from D. lends; at
( )31. -- I often get up_________ 8:00
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