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第二部分 知识运用(共两节,满分20分)
第一节 单项选择(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)
( ) 16.Mrs. Green has 18-year-old daughter.
A.a B.an C.the
( ) 17.This is not my bag, It’s . Mine is on the chair.
A.my B.your C.hers
( ) 18.—Both hats are beautiful. But I know you like blue, Will you buy it
—No, The blue hat is . I would like to take the red one.
A.most expensive B.more expensive C.less expensive
( ) 19.Your parents love you very much they seldom say, “We love you .”
A.although B.or C.unless
( ) 20.Drivers wear seat belts while their cars are running on the road.
A.need B.can C.must
( ) 21.I’m sorry I missed your call. I a shower and I didn’t hear the phone ring.
A.had B.was having C.had had
( ) 22.As teenagers, we’re old enough with housework at home.
A.to help B.helping C.helped
( ) 23.—The Smiths are coming, Mrs Wang let me ask you .
—Sorry, I’m very busy today.
A.why you sent them e-mail
B.if you could go to meet them
C.who you would go there with
( ) 24.I’d like to congratulate all the students are here today.
A.what B.which C.who
( ) 25.—I have never been to Zhangjiajie, what about Tom
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