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必修一综合 Review
黑龙江省哈尔滨市 邱尚瑛
学案与同步练习 本册综合— 3
I. Read the passage of Journey Down the Mekong, and listen to the listening texts, then fill in the blanks without looking at your book.
1. Although _______________ the best way of getting to places, _______________ she organize the trip properly.
2. I asked her whether _______________ a map yet. Of course she hadn’t; my sister doesn’t _______________.
3. So I told her that _______________ the Mekong is in _______________.
4. She gave me ______________ - the kind that said she would not _______________.
5. When I told her that _______________at an altitude of more than5,000 meters, she _______________ about it.
6. When I told her the air would be _______________ and it would be very cold, she said it would be _______________.
7. I know my sister well. Once she has _______________, nothing can change it. Finally, I had _______________.
8. Several months _______________, Wang Wei and I _______________.
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