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Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum SectionA1a-2c:30张PPT
Unit 9 Have you ever been to a museum
1.—Have you ever been to America
—No, I have________been there.
2.I don’t want to go ________.
A. somewhere cold   B. cold somewhere
C. anywhere cold D. cold anywhere
3.—Has she ever________ Japan
—No, never.
been to B.go to C.gone to D.goes to
4.—I haven’t been to the science museum for a long time. What about you
—________.Could you go with me this weekend?
A.Me too B.Me neither
C.So have I D.Me either
5.— Have you ever been to Shanghai
— Yes. I ________ there a few months ago.
?have been????????????????B.?went????????????????????C.?have gone???????????????????????D.?go
A:Hey, Amy! ________ B:Yes.I have. A:________ B:Last month. A:________ B:You know I don’t like history, so I think it’s boring. A:Well, have you ever been to the plane museum B:No.I haven’t.How about you A:________ B:Let’s go there this afternoon. A:Good idea.________ B:Let’s ride our bikes. A:OK.
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