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  • ID:4-6887688 [精]Module1 Social communication Unit 1 Helping those in need能力测试题 (含答案)

    初中英语/牛津版(深圳·广州)/八年级下册(2013秋审查)/Module1 Social communication/Unit 1 Helping those in need

    2019-2020学年度第二学期牛津深圳八年级(下)Unit 1能力测试题
    ( )1. — What do you like to do when you are sad
    — I like to play basketball. It can bring much joy to me.
    A. courage B. support C. happiness
    ( )2. — How can we help these poor children
    — Why don’t you have a party to raise some money for them
    A. borrow B. collect C. provide
    ( )3.I do exercise every morning in order to keep healthy.
    A.as to B.back to C.so as to
    ( )4. — Mike, you should express your feelings clearly so that your teacher can understand you.
    —I know, but I don’t know how to do it.
    A. hide B. remember C. say
    ( )5. — If you have difficulty doing this job, you can call me for help.
    — I see, Mum. I will try to do it by myself first.
    A. power B. trouble C. ability
    ( )6. — His illness is serious. You must take him to see a doctor at once, or it will get worse.
    — OK, I will.
    A. special and difficult B. bad and dangerous C. different and challenging
    2019-2020学年度第二学期牛津深圳八年级(下)unit 1能力测试题二.doc

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  • ID:4-6887632 [精]Module1 Social communicationUnit 1 Helping those in need 能力测试题(含听力音频+听力材料+答案)

    初中英语/牛津版(深圳·广州)/八年级下册(2013秋审查)/Module1 Social communication/Unit 1 Helping those in need

    2019-2020学年度第二学期牛津深圳八年级(下)Unit 1能力测试题
    I. 听句子,选择正确答语(共5小题,每空1分)
    ( )1.A. Yes, sure. B. No, I don’t. C. Of course not.
    ( )2.A. Thank you. B. No, I won’t. C. Good idea.
    ( )3.A. Yes, I do. B. No, I don’t. C. Because it’s boring.
    ( )4.A. I’m watching TV. B. I’m doing the dishes. C. Yes, I am.
    ( )5.A. Sure, that should be OK. B. Yes, I will. C. No, I won’t.
    ( )6. Does Tom like doing the dishes
    A. Yes, he does. B. No, he doesn’t. C. It’s interesting.
    ( )7. Who borrowed Mary’s bike
    A. Tom. B. Mike. C. Jenny.
    ( )8. Will Tom take the dog for a walk
    A. Yes, he will. B. No, he won’t C. He’s watching a show.
    ( )9. What will Tom bring
    A. A tent. B. Some food. C. Nothing.
    ( )10. What will Tom do tomorrow
    A. Go to the movies. B. Drink in a coffee house. C. Have a basketball game.
    ( )11. Where are they talking
    A. On the phone. B. At school. C. On the street.
    ( )12. What does Tom have to do on Saturday
    A. Watch a game show. B. Look after his brother. C. Help with housework.
    ( )13. How long does the game show last
    A. One hour. B. One hour and a half. C. One hour and forty minutes.
    ( )14. When will they meet
    A. 8:00 a.m. B. 9:40 a.m. C. 10:00 a.m.
    ( )15. Where will they meet
    A. Outside Tom’s house. B. Outside their school gate. C. In a park near their school.
    What did he/she do
    His/Her feeling
    Made my bed and 16. ? my clothes
    Tired but 20. ?
    Swept the floor and did the 18. ?
    My father
    Did the dishes and 19. ? the plants
     16. ?17. ?18. ?19. ?20. ?
    ( )1.We try to raise money for that poor family
    A.rise B.put up C.collect
    ( )2. — How was your camp — There were many funny activities. They brought us much joy.
    A. happiness B. courage C. intelligence
    ( )3. — What’s the problem with you, Lily
    —I have difficulty making Mends with my classmates. Can you give me some advice
    A. trouble B. success C. power
    ( )4. — Your grandma has been in hospital for about a week. How’s she now
    — She is still in a serious situation. I am not sure when she can come back.
    A. bad and dangerous B. special and easy C. good and popular
    ( )5. — I will live in a great hotel during my holiday. I only need to pay for lunch and supper there.
    —Do you mean that it can provide free breakfast
    A. spend money on B. be connected to C. come over to
    ( )6. — This kind of food will cause some illnesses.
    — Really Well, I won’t eat it in order to keep healthy.
    A. problems B. diseases C. chances
    ( )7. — Do you like to live in the city or the countryside
    —I like to live in the countryside. It can bring me much peace.
    A. patience B. beauty C. quietness
    ( )8.It needs courage and wisdom to find a good job.
    A.1uck B.being brave C.cleverness
    ( )9. If someone gives you ________ to do something, he or she allows you to do it.
    A. information B. permission C. confidence
    ( )10. If you ________ to do something, you’d like to do it happily.
    A. advise B. turn C. offer
    ( )11. we should wear our coats ______ the cold weather.
    A. because B. because of C. because to
    ( )12. I wanted him to _________ with the project, but I was too shy to ask.
    A. give me his hand B. give me a hand C. give me hands
    ( )13. — It’s a good idea to________ a football match. It can improve team spirits.
    —I agree. Schools should have more activities like this.
    A. produce B. organize C. choose
    ( )14. — We can have a book fair to get books for the children in the mountain areas.
    —Good idea! However, we need to ________ first.
    A. ask permission B. keep in touch C. give up
    ( )15. Sally is __________bad health and often asks for leave to see a doctor.
    A. in B. about C. with
    Two years ago, Matthew Nonnemacher’s teacher asked her students to think of one wish. Matthew didn’t have to think too 16. He drew a picture of himself giving money to a 17 person.Drawing a picture is easy, of course. But Matthew did much more than that. He 18 to start to collect pennies (便士).“I think almost everyone has extra (额外的) 19,” said Matthew. He knew that if most people liked to give away a penny, the pennies could 20 up. He wished that he could collect $10,000.
    2019-2020学年度第二学期牛津深圳八年级(下)Unit 1能力测试题
    2019-2020学年度第二学期牛津深圳八年级(下)Unit 1能力测试题.doc
    2019-2020学年度第二学期牛津深圳八年级(下)Unit 1能力测试题.mp3

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  • ID:4-6874985 [精]Module 5 Cartoon stories 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/八年级下/Module 5 Cartoon stories/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语八年级下册Module 5单元测试卷
    ( )1.It was such a funny show that people couldn’t help______ again and again.
    A.laugh B.to laugh C.laughing D.laughed
    ( )2.—Have you heard of Lin Zexu and Zhan Tianyou
    —Of course.They are our national .
    A.hero B.heros C.heroes D.hero’s
    ( )3.—Waiter, there’s a fly(苍蝇)swimming in my soup.
    —So what do you ______ me to do,call a lifeguard(救生员)
    A.warn B.expect C.invite D.encourage
    ( )4.---Look! Your teacher Miss White is over there.
    ---No, it can’t be her. She ______ to Beijing.
    A.has gone B.has been C.went D.will go
    ( )5.Tony said he would be here at four o’clock, but he didn’t ______________ until half past six.
    A.go B.appear C.move D.start
    ( )6.I wonder if you are for or ____________ the plan.
    A.to B.against C.of D.with
    ( )7.—Who is that lady
    —She’s Miss Green. She __________ us music, and she is so good.
    A.taught B.teaches C.will teach D.is teaching
    ( )8.I couldn’t do it ________ your great help. Thanks a lot!
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语八年级下册module 5单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6874858 [精]Module 4 Rules and suggestions 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/九年级下/Module 4 Rules and suggestions/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语九年级下册Module 4单元测试卷
    ( )1.—the water was cold , Wei Qinggang jumped into it to save others.
    A.Although B.When C.If D.Because
    ( )2.—Can we walk across the road now
    —No, we . We have to wait until the light turns green.
    A.couldn’t B.needn’t C.shouldn’t D.mustn’t
    ( )3.In order for the meeting, my sister forced herself to get up early this morning.
    A.not to be late B.not being late C.to be late D.being late
    ( )4.—Can you swim, Julia —No, I ________. ________ I can’t skate.
    A.can’t; And B.can; But C.can’t; But D.can; And
    ( )5.— Remember the book to the library. — But I remembered it.
    A.to return; to return B.returning; to return C.returning; returning D.to return; returning
    ( )6.You shout out in class.
    A.can B.couldn’t C.must D.mustn’t
    ( )7.—I didn’t hear you come in just now. —That’s good. I tried the baby up.
    A.to wake B.not to wake C.waking D.walk
    ( )8.I have to tell you.
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语九年级下册module 4单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6874755 [精]Module 3 Life now and then 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/九年级下/Module 3 Life now and then/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语九年级下册Module 3单元测试卷
    ( )1.——How is your grandma
    ——She’s fine. She used to_____TV at home after supper. But now she is used to_____out for a walk.
    A.watch;go B.watching;go C.watching;going D.watch;going
    ( )2.There are lots of big gardens flowers.
    A.of B.with C.for D.by
    ( )3.CCTV-10 often plays around the world. It can help us learn more about not only nature but also different cultures and customs.
    A.new something B.something new C.anything new
    ( )4.I in Beijing last year.
    A.am B.is C.was D.were
    ( )5.—What’s your father like — .
    A.He is funny and smart B.He is a skillful worker C.He is tall and strong D.He looks like a star
    ( )6.Let’s , OK
    A.go fish B.to go fish C.go fishing D.to go fishing
    ( )7.Is it interesting with a dog
    A.playing B.play C.to play D.plays
    ( )8.Jinan is the west of Shandong, and it is the south of Beijing.
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语九年级下册module 3单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6873483 [精]Module 2 Education 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/九年级下/Module 2 Education/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语九年级下册Module 2单元测试卷
    ( )1.It’s reported that President Xi Jinping arrived Moscow March 22nd to pay a three-day visit to Russia.
    A.at; in B.in; on C.in; in D.at; on
    ( )2.—Where is your son Jimmy living now
    —He the city of Zhenjiang, China for two years.
    A.has been in B.has been to C.has gone to D.has come to
    ( )3.--How much does the TV
    --Not too much. It’s just a second –handed one.
    A.cost B.spend C.take D.pay for
    ( )4.The song I Believe I Can Fly tells us that believing in ______ is very important.
    A.themselves B.itself C.ourselves D.yourselves
    ( )5.We should protect the earth because it is ______ home.
    A.we B.us C.our D.ours
    ( )6.Catherine has two cousins. One is quiet, and______is noisy.
    A.another B.the other C.other D.others
    ( )7.UNICEF was ______in 1946. It works to help children live a better life.
    A.set up B.put up C.picked up D.turned up
    ( )8.I’ d like to buy a big and modern house. , I hope it’s in a quiet neighborhood.
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语九年级下册module 2单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6873396 [精]Module 1 Travel 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/九年级下/Module 1 Travel/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语九年级下册Module 1单元测试卷
    ( )1.The journey was _______ interesting experiences.
    A.full of B.afraid of C.careful of D.made of
    ( )2.What _______ fine weather we have these days!
    A.a B.the C./ D.an
    ( )3. fathers can’t go to the class meeting because they have gone on business.
    A.Jack and Mike’s B.Jack’s and Mike’s C.Jack and Mike D.Jack’s and Mike
    ( )4.—Do you play _______ piano in your free time
    —No, I like sports. I often play _______ soccer with my friends.
    A./ ; the B.the ; / C.the ; the D.a ; a
    ( )5.The Whites ________ to China for holiday this summer.
    A.is going to fly B.fly C.are going to fly D.flies
    ( )6.Hurry up! If we miss last bus, we’ll have to get home by taxi.
    A.a; 不填 B.the; a C.the; 不填 D.a; a
    ( )7.The number of people invited to the party____ fifty, but_____ of them were absent for different reasons.
    A.were; one fifth B.was; two fifth C.were; two fifth D.was; one fifth
    ( )8.—Mum, Bill is coming to dinner this evening.—OK, let’s give him to eat.
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语九年级下册module 1单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6873096 [精]Module 4 Seeing the doctor 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/八年级下/Module 4 Seeing the doctor/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语八年级下册Module 4单元测试卷
    ( )1.I met Lucy in the primary school and we have been close friends ________.
    A.as usual B.again and again C.sooner or later D.ever since
    ( )2.Jason moved to Canada with his family in 2015. He _______ there for three years.
    A.is living B.was living C.lives D.has lived
    ( )3.Stop _______ on the road! It’s dangerous!
    A.run B.to run C.running D.ran
    ( )4.The doctor gave John some medicine and asked him to _______ it three times a day.
    A.buy B.take C.make D.count
    ( )5.My cousin started swimming two years ago and he is very _______ now.
    A.sad B.shy C.safe D.fit
    ( )6.Mr Smith takes some _______ every morning to keep healthy, for example, running.
    A.exercise B.photos C.advice D.notes
    ( )7.Guo Tao _______ Mr Wang before. This is his first time to see him.
    A.won’t meet B.wasn’t meeting C.hasn’t met D.doesn’t meet
    ( )8.Linda lives a little far from school, but she _______ to school every day.
    A.rides B.rode C.is riding D.will ride
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语八年级下册module 4单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6873005 [精]Module 3 Journey to space 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/八年级下/Module 3 Journey to space /本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语八年级下册Module 3单元测试卷
    ( )1.— Could you please take out the rubbish
    — ______. But I want to drink a cup of water first.
    A.Thank you B.Sure, no problem C.You’re welcome D.No, I can’t
    ( )2.— ______ you finished your homework
    — No, I ______ started yet.
    A.Have; have B.Have; haven’t C.Haven’t; have D.Haven’t; haven’t
    ( )3.— What are you doing
    — I’m searching ______ the information about my new book.
    A.for B.in C.on D.of
    ( )4.I began watching here an hour ago, but now nothing ______ yet.
    A.happens B.will happen C.happened D.has happened
    ( )5.—Which of the two pairs of shoes will you take
    —I’ll take ________. They are too small for me.
    A.both B.all C.either D.neither
    ( )6.-Have you finished your housework
    -Yes, I’ve done that .
    A.yet; already B.already; yet C.ever; never D.still; just
    ( )7.Next month we’ll have a trip to Dalian. The trip will _______ three days.
    A.use B.take C.pay D.spend
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语八年级下册module 3单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6872836 [精]Module 2 Experiences 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/八年级下/Module 2 Experiences /本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语八年级下册Module 2单元测试卷
    ( )1.The teacher asked the students to ________ a story about a trip to the moon.
    A.give up B.turn up C.cut up D.make up
    ( )2.I tried to make the baby ____________ by singing, and that worked well at last.
    A.to stop to cry B.to stop crying C.stop to cry D.stop crying
    ( )3.—Jack, could you help me when the plane will take off on the Internet
    —I’m sorry, my computer doesn’t work.
    A.get out B.look out C.take out D.find out
    ( )4.The teacher made us English exercises all the time.
    A.did B.do C.doing D.to do
    ( )5.—Is Tom at home —No, he ____ to town.
    A.has been B.has gone C.goes D.will go
    ( )6.----Do you enjoy ______ a volunteer ----If you want ______ this, you’d better join us.
    A.being, knowing B.to be, knowing C.being, to know D.to be, to know
    ( )7.Vivian refuses ___________ her children to the weekend training centre for extra classes.
    A.to send B.sending C.sent D.sends
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语八年级下册module 2单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6865101 [精]Module 1 Feelings and impressions 单元测试卷

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/八年级下/Module 1 Feelings and impressions /本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语八年级下册Module 1单元测试卷
    ( )1._______ sunny day! Let’s go to the park for fun.
    A.What B.What a C.How D.How a
    ( )2.—_______ do you feel when you watch a movie
    —I feel relaxed.
    A.How B.What C.Why D.When
    ( )3.Sandy, thanks for _______ me with my maths.
    A.help B.helping C.helped D.to help
    ( )4.You did a good job, Jane. We are _______ you.
    A.strict with B.sorry for C.proud of D.angry with
    ( )5.Mike is the best basketball player _______ the school team.
    A.to B.for C.in D.at
    ( )6.My brother spends one hour _______ every day.
    A.ran B.run C.running D.to run
    ( )7.You’d better have a good rest after your work is _______.
    A.do B.doing C.did D.done
    ( )8.Mr Wang is good at _______ baseball.
    A.play B.to play C.playing D.played
    ( )9.The pandas are _______, so all people love them.
    A.quiet B.dangerous C.lovely D.terrible
    ( )10.Linda is very _______ because she’s going to China on holiday.
    A.excited B.exciting C.interested D.interesting
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语八年级下册module 1单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6865004 [精]Module 6 Around town 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/七年级下/Module 6 Around town/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册Module 6单元测试卷
    ( )1.The moonlight goes ____ the window and makes the room bright.
    A.across B.through C.over D.in
    ( )2.Just go straight and turn ________.The hotel is ________.
    A.right;right B.right;on the right C.on the right;right D.right;to the right
    ( )3.The blackboard is ________ the classroom.
    A.next B.between C.in front of D.in the front of
    ( )4.—Do you live in front of the big supermarket
    —No. I live ________ the supermarket ________ the post office.
    A.across; from B.next; to C.between; and D.near; to
    ( )5.If you try to sit on two chairs,you will fall them For life,you must choose one chair.
    A.between B.under C.among D.into
    ( )6.Welcome ________ our school!
    A.to B.in C.at D./
    ( )7.—Let’s go out for a picnic on Sunday. —________.
    A.Nice to meet you B.Here you are C.The same to you D.Good idea
    ( )8.China is a big country ________ a long history.
    A.has B.have C.with D.there is
    ( )9.—Excuse me. ________ —It is in front of the station.
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册module 6单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6864707 [精]Module 5 Shopping 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/七年级下/Module 5 Shopping/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册Module 5单元测试卷
    ( )1.—____ do you the red skirt—It’s too short.
    A.What; like B.How; think of C.What; think D.How; like
    ( )2.—The shirt is three hundred yuan.—Three hundred yuan! ____ you ____
    A.Do; kidding B.Do; kid C.Is; kidding D.Are; kidding
    ( )3.—Do you like the dress, madam—Yes. It is very nice and I’ll ____ it.
    A.think B.take C.want D.need
    ( )4.找出画线部分读音与其他三个不同的选项。
    A.cat B.come C.nice D.cute
    ( )5.I like this green dress but Lucy likes that red .
    A.it B.one C.pants D.shoes
    ( )6.—____ milk do we need—Four bottles.
    A.How much B.How many C.How old D.How heavy
    ( )7.—I like these shoes. Can I ____—Sure.
    A.try them on B.try on them C.try it on D.try on it
    ( )8.—How ____ the apples—They are five yuan a kilo.
    A.many are B.much is C.many is D.much are
    ( )9.—I’m sorry I can’t help you. —____
    A.Not at all. B.I’m not happy. C.Thank you all the same. D.You can’t come back.
    ( )10.—Thanks for helping me.—_______
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册module 5单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6863284 [精]Module 4 Life in the future 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/七年级下/Module 4 Life in the future/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册Module 4单元测试卷
    ( )1.—I want to buy a dress, but I have a little money.
    —The dresses in that shop are ________. You can go there.
    A.long B.cheap C.beautiful D.light
    ( )2.—I will have an important match tomorrow. I hope I’ll win. —________.
    A.Good idea B.Thank you C.Good luck D.That’s right
    ( )3.Paul doesn’t know how to go to the airport, so he ________ Mr Liu about it.
    A.asks B.helps C.leaves D.cheers
    ( )4.Going to the movies is good, ________ I only like listening to music.
    A.or B.and C.so D.but
    ( )5.I like robots. I want to learn how to make ________.
    A.it B.him C.her D.them
    ( )6.—Look! There ________ so many cars in our city.
    —Yes, and I think there ________ more cars in the future.
    A.are; are B.are; will be C.will be; are D.will be; will be
    ( )7.—________ will you get back to the school, Tony —In ten minutes.
    A.How old B.How long C.How soon D.How many
    ( )8.There will be ____ rain and ____ winds tomorrow.
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册module 4单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6862925 [精]Module 3 Making plans 单元测试卷(含答案))

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/七年级下/Module 3 Making plans/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册Module 3单元测试卷
    ( )1.Are you _________ tomorrow
    A.going to free B.free C.freeing D.going free
    ( )2.— I’m sure you can ______ the match in the afternoon.— Thank you.
    A.choose B.win C.love D.watch
    ( )3.______ a hot summer day, people don’t like to go out.
    A.At B.In C.On D.Of
    ( )4.There ______ an interesting play on TV tonight.
    A.is B.are C.is going to have D.is going to be
    ( )5.Would you like to go out for a walk with us —_____, but I must finish my homework first.
    A.Of course not B.That’s all right C.I’d love to D.Yes, I do
    ( )6.Why not__________ a taxi to the seaside
    A.to take B.take C.taking D.takes
    ( )7.Betty is looking forward to _______ Disneyland with her parents.
    A.go to B.going to C.goes to D.to go to
    ( )8.Liz ________ a bike to school every day, but next term she ________ a bus.
    A.rides; takes B.rides; is going to take C.is riding; takes D.is riding; is going to take
    ( )9.The shirt is fantastic, ________ it is too expensive for me.
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册module 3单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6862683 [精]Module 2 What can you do ? 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/七年级下/Module 2 What can you do ?/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册Module 2单元测试卷
    ( )1.---Jim, can you ______ this word in Chinese
    ---Yes, I can _____ a little Chinese.
    A.speak; say B.say; speak C.tell; speak D.talk; say
    ( )2.Miss. Li is a new________. She ________ us English.
    A.teaches; teaches B.teacher; teach C.teaches; teacher D.teacher; teaches
    ( )3.What about ________ at home It is too hot outside.
    A.staying B.stay C.to stay D.stays
    ( )4.—Can your mother help you
    —________. She is at work.
    A.No, she isn’t B.Yes, she is C.Yes, she can D.No, she can’t
    ( )5.—________ —He can cook at home.
    What does Jim like B.Does Jim like a horse C.Can Jim ride a horse D.What can Jim do
    ( )6.—What do you usually do after school
    —I ________ swim with my friends.
    A.ready B.ready to C.ready to do D.am ready to
    ( )7.Everybody in my class ________ a new club this term.
    A.join B.joins C.joining D.to join
    ( )8.There will ________ a nice party at seven thirty this evening.
    A.have B.has C.be D.is
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册module 2单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6862509 [精]Module 1 Lost and found 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/外研(新标准)版/七年级下/Module 1 Lost and found/本模块综合与测试

    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册Module 1单元测试卷
    ( )1.Hurry up, _________ you will be late for class.
    A.and B.or C.but D.so
    ( )2.I lost my student card. I’m looking for ______.
    A.her B.him C.it D.you
    ( )3.— Do you eat fruit and vegetables every day
    — Yes, I like them .
    A.a lot; a lot of B.a lot of; a lot C.a lot of; a lot of D.a lot; a lot
    ( )4.There a pig, two ducks and three dogs under the tree.
    A.is B.are C.be D./
    ( )5.This is father, Mr Smith.
    A.Lucy’s and Lily’s B.Lucy and Lily’s C.Lucy’s and Lily D.Lucy and Lily
    ( )6. the moment, my parents are my teacher in the office.
    A.With; speaking to B.At; talking to C.With; talking to D.At; saying to
    ( )7.Please be careful my iPhone X! It’s too expensive.
    A.by B.on C.at D.with
    ( )8. people like doing sports every morning here.
    A.Hundred B.Hundred of C.Hundreds D.Hundreds of
    ( )9.—Is it ________ book
    —No, it isn’t. ________ is in the bag.
    2019-2020学年度第二学期外研版英语七年级下册module 1单元测试卷.doc

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  • ID:4-6861033 [精]Unit 1 People around us 单元测试题(含答案)

    初中英语/牛津版(深圳·广州)/七年级下册(2012秋审查)/Module1 People and places/Unit 1 People around us

    2018-2019学年度深圳市英语七年级年级下Unit 1单元测试题
    ( )1. If someone ___________ you, he or she always gives you support, courage or hope.
    A. visits B. encourages C. protects
    ( )2. If you________ somebody, you always give him or her support, courage and hope.
    A. encourage B. leave C. follow
    ( )3. — What do you think of your Maths teacher
    —He is a good teacher. He is always________ with us and helps us work out problems.
    A. surprised B. bored C. patient
    ( )4. — If you want to be a good student, you should________ your bad habits.
    —Yes,you’re right.
    A. learn about B. give up C. light up
    ( )5. — Why do you like to stay with your grandpa after school
    —Because he always________ to make us laugh.
    A. tells jokes B. has a picnic C. takes photos
    ( )6. Jane’s grandma is a tall woman _________ golden hair.
    A. in B. with C. for
    ( )7. Our parents take good care ________ us every day.
    A. at B. of C. over
    ( )8. If someone is a ___________ of a club, he or she joined it and takes part in the activities in the club.
    2018-2019学年度深圳市英语七年级年级下unit 1单元测试题.doc

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  • ID:4-6860340 [精]Unit 1 People around us 能力测试题(含听力音频+听力书面材料+答案)

    初中英语/牛津版(深圳·广州)/七年级下册(2012秋审查)/Module1 People and places/Unit 1 People around us

    2019-2020学年度第二学期牛津深圳七年级(下)Unit 1能力测试题
    ( )1. A. He is a policeman. B. He plays football very well. C. He is kind and patient.
    ( )2. A. She does well in English. B. She is 15. C. She is friendly.
    ( )3. A. That sounds great. B. No, I don’t. C. What about you
    ( )4. A. He likes playing the guitar. B. He is in the library. C. He is tall with glasses.
    ( )5. A. No problem, B. Not at all. C. Have a good time.
    ( )6. Who is Mr Smith
    A. Bill’s friend. B. Bill’s teacher. C. Bill’s uncle.
    ( )7. What does Mr Smith look like
    A. He is tall and has a big nose. B. He is tall and has big eyes. C. He is short and has big ears.
    ( )8. Whom does the man want to buy a T-shirt for
    A. His wife. B. His daughter. C. His son.
    ( )9. What’s on the T-shirt
    A. A dog. B. A cat. C. A panda.
    ( )10. Where is Mike now
    A. In Paris. B. In London. C. In Germany.
    ( )11. How often do Tony and Mike call each other
    A. Twice a day. B. Once a week. C. Twice a week.
    ( )12. Where is Kitty from
    A. China. B. America. C. England.
    ( )13. What does Kitty’s mother do
    A. A teacher. B. A nurse. C. A doctor.
    ( )14. What is Kitty’s favourite subject
    A. Maths. B. Chinese. C. English.
    ( )15. What does Kitty like doing after class
    A. Learning Chinese. B. Listening to music. C. Playing basketball.
    Could you help me, please I can’t find my son. He is only (16) ________________ years old. His name is Nick. He has a round face, big eyes and a small (17) ________________. His hair is short and blonde. He is wearing a (18) ________________ T-shirt and a pair of green jeans. He is kind of (19) ________________. He likes cars, and there is a (20) ________________ car in his hand. Please help me find him. My name is Alice White. My phone number is 235-6789. Thanks a lot.
    ( )1. — Why don’t you like Jack
    —Because he likes making fun of others to have fun.
    A. talking with B. laughing at C. looking up
    ( )2. — Who takes care of your dog when you aren’t at home
    —My grandpa. He lives close to my home.
    A. looks after B. thinks of C. plays with
    ( )3. — Did you complete your homework
    —Oh, I forgot. I will do it soon.
    A. didn’t remember B. didn’t return C. didn’t work
    ( )4. — Is Tom a smart boy
    —Yes, he is. He can always give the right answer quickly.
    A. natural B. nervous C. clever
    ( )5. — You look cheerful, why
    —My parents are going to take me to see my grandma. I miss her very much.
    A. surprised B. strange C. happy
    ( ) 6. He likes playing ________ basketball.
    A. a B. an C. the D. 不填
    ( ) 7. Louis often tells his classmates jokes _______ them happy.
    A. keep B. keeping C. to keep D. kept
    ( ) 8. Most of our classmates wear ________________ when they have classes.
    A. a pair of glass B. a glasses C. a pair of glasses D. a glass
    ( ) 9. Work hard ________ you’ll become a top student.
    A. and B. or C. but D. because
    ( ) 10. ----What does she look like----____________________.
    A. She is very friendly B. She is tall and thin C. She likes dancing D. She is fine
    ( ) 11. Our English teacher tries every way to make us
    A. study B. to study C. studying D. to studying
    ( ) 12. Our teacher always _________ us _________ speak English in class.
    A. encourage, to B. encourages, to C. encourage, with D. encourages, with
    ( ) 13. Work hard _______ you will finally find the answer to the problem.
    A. and B. but C. or D. so
    ( ) 14. Smoking is bad for your health. You must ________.
    A. give up it B. give it up C. turn on it D. turn it on
    ( ) 15. Beijing Road is now very crowded. It’s _______ people.
    A. filled of B. full with C. fill with D. full of
    We live in the computer age. People use computers __16____much of their work. But few people know how ___17___ after them. Remember the following when you use your computer.
    ___18__ your computer in a cool and dry room. Too much or too little heat is bad for computers. Damp(潮湿) is also bad for ___19___.
    Do not let people ___20______ near your computer. Smoke of all kinds is very bad for many parts of a computer.
    2019-2020学年度第二学期牛津深圳七年级(下)Unit 1能力测试题
    2019-2020学年度第二学期牛津深圳七年级(下)Unit 1能力测试题.doc
    2019-2020学年度第二学期牛津深圳七年级(下)Unit 1能力测试题.mp3

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  • ID:4-6858114 [精]Unit 12 What did you do last weekend? 单元测试卷(含答案)

    初中英语/人教新目标(Go for it)版/七年级下/Unit 12 What did you do last weekend?/本单元综合与测试

    ( )1.I can see two ________ and three ________ in the picture.
    A.cows;sheeps B.cows;sheep C.cow;sheep D.cow;sheeps
    ( )2.There ________ some interesting news in yesterday’s newspaper.
    A.is B.was C.are D.were
    ( )3. The show was so funny that it made everyone ______ again and again.
    A.laugh B.laughed C.laughing D.to laugh
    ( )4.Last summer vacation, we ______ many photos when we had a trip to Dalian.
    A.take B.takes C.took D.will take
    ( )5.On my birthday, we stayed ____ the moon and played games.
    A.in B.on C.under
    ( )6.__________ is really hard __________ them to climb such a high mountain.
    A.This; to B.It; to C.This; for D.It; for
    ( )7.__________ your brother at home last night
    A.Did B.Was C.Is D.Does
    ( )8.—How __________ your weekend
    —It __________ great. But I __________ tired now
    A.was; was; am B.is; was; was C.is; is; am D.is; is; was
    ( )9.—__________ was your weekend
    —It was great.

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