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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 PEP 六年级上第一单元课外阅读训练 一、阅读短文,根据短文内容判断。正确的写T,错误的写F。 Today , I want to go to the museum. From my school I go straight and turn left at the post office. I can see the bookstore there. From there I go straight head. Then , at the cinema I turn right. Finally, I’m at the museum. It’s not far. ( ) 1.From school , go straight and turn right at the post office. ( ) 2.I want to go to the school. ( ) 3.From the post office, I can see the bookstore . ( ) 4.I should turn right at the cinema. ( ) 5.The museum is far . 二、读下面的对话, 根据对话内容填空。 Wu Yifan is calling Mike. Wu Yifan: Hi, Mike . Let’s go to the cinema. Mike: Sure. How can I get there ? Wu Yifan: Go to Main Street. Turn left at the bookstore. The cinema is next to the bookstore. See you soon. Mike : Ok. Bye. 1.Wu Yifan wants to go to the _________. 2.First they go to the Main Street. Then _________ _______ _________ the bookstore. 3.The cinema is ________ _______ the bookstore. 三、阅读下面的对话,根据对话内容选出合适选项。 Wu Yifan and Robin are going to visit Mike. Wu Yifan: Robin, where is Mike’s home ? Robin: It’s next to the hospital. Wu Yifan: Is there a supermarket there ? Robin: Yes. There is a supermarket in front of the hospital. Wu Yifan: Good. We can get some fruit in the supermarket. Robin: There is also a bookstore behind Mike’s home. We can go there and buy some books. 1.Mike’s home is ___________. A. near the bookstore. B. next to the hospital. C. next the hospital. 2.------Is there a supermarket ? ------- ___________. A. No, there isn’t. B.Yes, there is. C. Yes, it is. 3.The supermarket is ________ the hospital. A. behind B. in front of C. next to 4. Is there a bookstore behind Mike’s home ? A. Yes, there is . B. No, there isn’t. C. there is a booksote. 5. They can get some fruit in the ________. A. hospital B. bookstore C. supermarket 四、阅读短文,根据短文内容判断,正确的写T,错误的写F。 Wu Yifan’s grandma gave Robin a new feature. He now has GPS. He can help the boys find the Italian restaurant. They’re in front of the cinema now. They go straight and turn left at the bookstore. The bookstore is behind the hospital. Then they turn right and turn right again. There is the restaurant . The GPS works. ( ) 1.Wu Yifan’s grandpa gave Robin a new feature. ( ) 2.Robin can find the way. ( ) 3.They pass by (经过) three places. ( ) 4.The bookstore is in front of the hospital. ( ) 5. Robin’s new feature doesn’t work. 五、读短文填空。 Wu Yifan is going to visit his grandparents. How do they get to grandparents’ house ? They can use Robin’s GPS. First , go straight. Then turn right. At the traffice lights they can turn left and walk 100 metres. Finally, they can see the house. First ______ ______ . Then _______ _______ . At the traffic lights ________ _______. 六、任务型阅读。按要求完成地图。 First, you can see the science museum. It’s between the bookstore and the post office. The bookstore is behind the cinema. The park is in front of the cinema. The library is in front of the science museum . There is a pet hospital next to the park . The school is next to the pet hospital and the library. It’s in front of the post office. 参考答案: 一、TFFTF 二、cinema , turn left at, next to 三、BBBAC 四、TTTFF 五、go straight , turn right, turn left 六、1. bookstore 2.cinema 3. Park 4.library 5.pet hospital Post office Science museum 1. school 4. 2. 5. 3. 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) HYPERLINK "http://21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) " 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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