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Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to.
Language Goal
Express preferences

Knowledge Goals

Key Words

Key Phrases
in that case,stick to,plenty of,shut off,once in a while,look up,in total

Key Sentences
1.—What kind of music do you like
—I like music that I can sing along with.
2.—What about you
—I prefer music that has great lyrics.
3.—What kind of groups does Xu Fei like
—He prefers groups that/which play quiet and slow songs.
4.—What kind of movies do you like
—I prefer movies that/which give me something to think about.
5.—What kind of musicians does Carmen like
—She likes musicians who play different kinds of music.

Key Grammar
Recognize and understand the attributive clauses with that,who and which.Learn to use them in simple sentences.
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