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Unit 9 Section A (1a-2d):41张PPT
Unit 9 第1课时
1.I like the music because I can sing along ________ it.
A.of B.with C.for D.on
2.My sister with my parents ________ dumplings when I got home
yesterday evening.
A.are making B.is making
C.was making D.were making
3.Lucy usually ________ the music when she is in the KTV with her
A.dances B.dances to
C.sings with D.dances with
4.What am I supposed ________ for our school trip on Sunday
A.take B.taking C.to take D.to be taken
5.—Do you enjoy light music after a busy day, Sophia
—Yeah. ________ and smooth music helps me ________.
A.Quiet; to relax B.Quietly; relaxing
C.Noisy; to relax D.Loud; relax
6.The stories ________ were written by Mark Twain are often humorous.
A.that B.those C.who D.what
7.—What a heavy rain!
—So it is. I prefer ________ rather than ________ on such a rainy day.
A.to go out; stay at home
Unit 9 I like music that I can dance to.Section A (1a-2d)课件+练习
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