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Unit 8 It must belong to Carla.

Language Goal
Make inferences

Knowledge Goals

Key Words

Key Phrases
run after,at the same time,belong to

Key Sentences
1.The magazine must belong to Deng Wen.He loves rabbits.
2.The book must be Mary’s.J.K.Rowling is her favorite writer.
3.—Whose volleyball is this
—It must be Carla’s.She loves volleyball.
4.—Whose hair band is this
—It could be Mei’s hair band.Or it might belong to Linda.They both have long hair.
5.—What did you see that night
—I’m not sure,but it can’t be a dog.

Key Grammar
Learn to use must,might,could and can’t for making inferences.

Ability Goals
1.Develop listening,speaking,reading and writing skills by using the target languages.
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