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中小学教育资源及组卷应用平台 Unit 3 B卷 I. 听句子,选择最佳答语。 ( )1. A. In the bank. B. In the restaurant. C. In the school. ( )2. A. For six hours. B. At 8:00 C. In three weeks. ( )3. A. You’re welcome. B. That’s right. C. Good idea. ( )4. A. He doesn’t think so. B. On the second floor. C. I can’t tell you. ( )5. A. Sure. B. OK. C. Thank you. II. 听简短对话和对话后的问题,选择最佳答案。 ( )1. A. Cleaning the floor. B. Washing the clothes. C. Reading the book. ( )2. A. On Sixth Street. B. At the Fancy mall. C. On Seventh Street. ( )3. A. Go to a special mall. B. Buy a present for his mother. C. Go to school. ( )4. A. Go back to get his umbrella. B. Leave without his umbrella. C. Buy a new umbrella. ( )5. A. By bus. B. On foot. C. By car. III. 听描述,选出与其相符的图片。其中有一幅图片是多余的。 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. . IV. 听较长对话,选择最佳答案。 听第一段对话,作答第1-2小题。 ( )1. What are the two speakers talking about? A. About how to spend the Spring Festival. B. About how to spend the summer vacation. C. About how to spend weekends. ( )2. What kind of places does the man prefer to visit? A. Cities. B. Beaches. C. Swimming pools. 听第二段对话,作答第3-5小题。 ( )3. How long is the coming holiday? A. Two days. B. Six days. C. A week. ( )4. How does the boy get the information about the travel at first? A. By surfing the Internet. B. By reading newspapers. C. By asking the travel company. ( )5. How many times has the girl been to Yunnan? A. Never. B. Once. C. Twice. V. 听对话,选择最佳答案。 ( )1. How many floors does Li Wei’s house have? A. Two. B. Three. C. Four. ( )2. Where do Li Wei’s parents live? A. They live with Li Wei. B. They live in the city. C. They live in the country. ( )3. Which floor does Jane live on? A. The second floor. B. The fourth floor. C. The eighth floor. ( )4. When was Jane’s apartment bought? A. Two years ago. B. Three years ago. C. Four years ago. ( )5. Who is looking for an apartment? A. Alan. B. Jane’s parents. C. Li Wei’s parents. Unit 3 B卷答案 I. 听句子 选择最佳答案。 1. Do you know where I can get some money? 2. Do you know when the bookstore closes on Sunday? 3. Let’s go to Space World tomorrow. 4. Can you tell me where the restroom is? 5. Excuse me, is there an underground here? 1—5 ABCBA II. 听简短对话及对话后的问题,选择最佳答案。 1. M: Where’s Jane? Is she in the classroom? W: No, she’s in her own room. M:What’s she doing? W:Cleaning the floor. Q: What’s Jane doing? 2. M: Excuse me, can you tell me where I can find a bookstore in this town? I am a stranger here. W: Sure. There’s a bookstore named Fancy at the mall on Seventh Street. Q: Where’s the bookstore? 3. W: What’s wrong with you, Bob? You look very worried. M: Well, Mother’s Day is coming. I’d like to get a special present for my mother. But I can’t find one. W: I know a mall on Main Street where you can buy special things. Q: What would Bob like to do? 4. M: I left my umbrella in my room, Mary. Wait while I go back to get it. W: You needn’t do that. The weather report said it would clear up by noon. Q: What will the man probably do? 5. W: I can’t find the No. 7 bus stop. I’d like to go to the Science Museum. M: Well, you just go straight and turn left at the second crossing. You can find it on your left. Q: How will the woman get to the Science Museum? 1—5 ACBBA III.听描述,选出与其相符的图片,其中有一幅是多余的。 1. I live right next to a bookstore. It’s very convenient. 2. Could you please tell me how to get to the post office? 3. Do you know if there are any restaurants around here? 4. Could you possibly tell me the way to the nearest bus station? 5. Pardon me. Could you please tell me where to park my car? 1—5 CFEDA IV. 听较长对话,选择最佳答案。 听第一段对话,作答第1-2小题。 W: Nowadays some customs of the Spring Festival are changing. M: Yeah, more and more people go traveling during the Spring Festival. W: How about going on a vacation next Spring Festival for a change? We’ve been too busy since we got married. M: Sounds not bad. W: Which do you prefer, sightseeing in the city or a beach vacation? M: Oh, I have been bored with the busy city since we moved here. W: But I can’t swim, you see. M: Everything has its first. 听第二段对话,作答第3-5小题。1—5 M: What are you going to do during the coming holiday? W: Emm… We have seven days off, but I haven’t decided. How about you? M: I will go traveling. I’ve got some information in the newspaper. Would you like to go with me? W: I’d like to. But where? M: How about Yunnan? I learnt from TV that Yunnan is a beautiful place. The weather there is nice too. W: That’s great. I have never been there before. M: Let’s go to the travel company together to ask for more infirmation. W: OK. 1-5 ABCBA V. 听对话,选择最佳答案。 W: Li Wei, what kind of home do you live in? M: It’s a townhouse. W: It’s very large, isn’t it? M: Yes, it is. It has two floors. W: Do you live with your parents? M: No, they live in a big farmhouse in the country. What about your home, Jane? W: It’s an apartment. M: How many floors are there in your building? W: There are eight. And I live on the fourth floor. M: Do you like living there? W: Yes, I do. It’s near our factory. M: Who bought the apartment? W: My parents bought it three years ago. M: Oh. Alan is looking for an apartment near our factory. Maybe we can help him. 1—5 ACBBA 21世纪教育网 www.21cnjy.com 精品试卷·第 2 页 (共 2 页) 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com)
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