[ID:4-5363602] 2019年河北省中考英语(冀教版)一轮复习教材梳理(课件+练习)九年级全册( ...
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[ID:4-5363602] 2019年河北省中考英语(冀教版)一轮复习教材梳理(课件+练习)九年级全册( ...

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第17课时 Units 9―10(九全):29张PPT
第16课时 Units 7―8(九全):23张PPT
第15课时 Units 5―6(九全):20张PPT
第14课时 Units 3―4(九全):26张PPT
第13课时 Units 1―2(九全):28张PPT
课时训练(十三) Units 1—2(九全)

1.[2018·唐山路北区二模] —Excuse me, but is that my passport
—Oh, sorry, I took     by mistake.?
A.yours B.mine C.hers D.his
2.[2018·石家庄新华区模拟] —You know Max got the highest mark in the English test.
—Wow! He made such great     . ?
A.mistakes B.decisions
C.progress D.trouble
3.[2018·滨州] Nowadays,     farmers leave their hometown to search for work in the cities.?
A.million of B.two millions
C.millions of D.two millions of
4.[2018·南通] To people’s great surprise, the old building still     after the strong earthquake.?
A.refused B.remained
C.required D.reviewed
5.[2019·原创] Li Ao, one of my favourite Chinese writer,     earlier this year. He was a man who was never afraid of any power.?
A.passed down B.passed on
C.passed by D.passed away
6.[2018·深圳改编] —Do you still remember our primary school teacher, Mrs. Liu
—Yes, she always encouraged us and gave us support     we met difficulties.?
A.whenever B.whatever
C.however D.whichever
第13课时 Units 1―2(九全).pptx
第14课时 Units 3―4(九全).pptx
第15课时 Units 5―6(九全).pptx
第16课时 Units 7―8(九全).pptx
第17课时 Units 9―10(九全).pptx
课时训练13 Units 1―2(九全).docx
课时训练14 Units 3―4(九全).docx
课时训练15 Units 5―6(九全).docx
课时训练16 Units 7―8(九全).docx
课时训练17 Units 9―10(九全).docx
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