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  Emma was hanging the colourful papers, not really paying attention to where she was placing them. She was a little unhappy.  16 , it was her birthday too and no one in her class had even said happy birthday. They were all busy planning the surprise  17  for their head teacher Mr Smith.?
  Sure Mr Smith was  18 . He knew everyone’s birthday and made cards for them. He high-fived you when you got an A on a test, and  19  you when you failed. Emma knew Mr Smith deserved(该得) a surprise party.  20  she wished just one person could remember it was her birthday too!?
  Emma had a quick look at the huge card the class had made. It was as long as the blackboard. She knew Mr Smith would be unhappy if they  21  him presents. So she suggested the class make a card just like he did for them.?
   “Emma, will you turn off the  22  please” Ms Clark said. “I’m going to call Mr Smith now.” Ms Clark called Mr Smith, saying the lights in the  23  had gone out. As soon as Ms Clark finished the call, Emma looked around the classroom  24  with a sigh(叹气) for another time and turned the lights off.?
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