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能力达标检测(Unit 11-Unit 14)
(45分钟 100分)
Ⅰ. 单项选择(30分)
( )1.—Our team has won the first prize in the soccer games.
—Congratulations! team you are!
A.How great B.What a great C.What great D.How a great
( )2.—Where would you like to go, Jinan or Qufu
— . I only want to go to Qingdao.
A.Neither B.Either C.Each D.All
( )3.When I was walking in the street yesterday,I saw a UFO________over my head.
A.flying B.flies C.flew D.to fly
( )4.I would rather________the chance than________her.
A.not to take;to hurt B.not take;hurt C.not taking;hurting D.don’t take;to hurt
( )5.I think your idea is so good.I am________agreement with you.
A.for B.in C.with D.on
( )6.—English isn’t as________as Chinese.
—Maybe,perhaps it’s just because Chinese is your native language.
A.easy B.easily C.easier D.easiest
( )7.Tom was disappointed because most of the guests________when he________at the party.
第14讲 九年级(Units11~14)能力达标检测 -学生版.docx
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第14讲 九年级(Units11~14)(高频词汇拓展+重点短语组句+必考词句辨析+语法精析巧练+话题写作训练)-学生版.docx
第14讲 九年级(Units11~14)(高频词汇拓展+重点短语组句+必考词句辨析+语法精析巧练+话题写作训练)-教师版.doc
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