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八年级上册英语unit2基础知识单元检测试卷 词汇 A:词形变换 swing(过去式) 2.health(形容词) 3.TV(完全形式) 4.write(名词) 5.little(比较级) (最高级) B:重点短语? ??多久一次 2.几乎从不 3.?一周两次? 4.?摇摆舞? 5.?例如? 6.??垃圾食品 7.??至少,不少于 ? 8.?决定做某事 9.?多于? ? 10.?少于 11.?帮助做家务 ? 12.??去看电影? 13.使用网络? 14.?你最喜爱的节目 ? 15.?一月一次 ? 16.?想要某人做某事 ? 17.?对……有好处? 18.?询问某人关于某事 19.?熬夜 20.?在某人空闲时? 21.每周四至六次 ? 22.一点儿也不? 23.放松的最好方式 24.对……感到惊讶 C、句型总结 -她周末经常做什么? -她经常帮助做家务。 -他多久看一次电影? -一个月两次。 我妈妈想要我喝牛奶。她说它对健康有好处。 4.你每天晚上睡几个小时? 5.旧习难改。 通过使用网络和观看游戏节目来放松是好的,但是我们认为通过锻炼来放松是最好的方式。 It is good to relax the Internet or game shows , but we think to relax is . 7.绝大多数学生使用网络是为了玩而不是为了作业。 It?was beautiful we?forgot?about?the?last?five?hours! 8.它有益于身心健康 It’s the?mind?and?the body. 9.其他10%的人每周上网至少三到四次。 ten?percent?use the Internet . 10.所以开始锻炼起来,不要等到来不及! So before?it's?too late! 二、考点。 1.选择正确的词组填空。 how often how long how far how soon (1).-- ?do I need to feed the pet dog? -Twice a day. (2).-- ? is it from your home to school? -About 5 minutes’bus ride. (3).-- ?will you finish the work? --In two days. (4).-- ? does it take to get to Shanghai from here? --About 5 hours by high-speed rail. 2.?-How?often?do?you?use?the?Internet?? -O a?week. 3.?He?h ?ever?watches?TV. 4.?Animal?World?is?my?favorite?p .?What about?yours? 5.The?young?man?e ?every?morning.?Sometimes?he?runs,?and?sometimes?he?plays?basketball. 6.? I use the ?(因特网)on weekends. 7. Mary had a toothache, and she saw a ?(牙医)yesterday afternoon. 8. ?(然而),I don’t know him very well. 9. My next weekend is ?(满的)for me. 10. Mo Yan is a great ?(作家). 11. Shopping ?(联网的)is very popular. 12. Twenty ?(百分之) of the class are boys. 13.Our piano teacher wants us ? (play) the piano every day. 14.I exercise ? (two) a week. 15.It’s important ? (help) with the housework. 16.-How does your brother practice English? -He practices by ? (listen) to English songs. 17.Here (be)?the?results?of?the?test. 18.I am (surprise)that?the?little?girl?can speak?English?so?well. 19.Larry is very ? (health). 20.I have ? (many) coins than Tom. 21.The cat ? (die) an hour ago. 22.I have ? (little) money than you. 23.There are at ? (little) fifty students in her class, I think. 24.My?mother?often?does?the?h after?work. 25.?My?mother?surfs?the?Internet?three?times?a?week.(对画线部分提问) your?mother surf?the?Internet? 26.I’d like to learn swing dance.(对划线部分提问) Dance would you like to learn? 27.Li Ming is playing basketball now.(用often改写句子) Li Ming basketball. 附考点部分答案 (1)How often (2)How far (3)How soon (4)How long Once 3.hardly 4.program 5.exercises 6.Internet 7.dentist 8.However 9.full 10.writer 11.online 12.percent 13.to play 14.twice 15.to help 16.listening 17.are 18.surprised 19.healthy 20.more 21.died 22.less 23.least 24.housework 25.How often does 26.What kind of 27.often plays
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