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八年级上册英语unit1基础知识单元检测试卷 词汇 A:词形变换 wonder(形容词) 2.I(反身代词) 3.enjoy(形容词) 4.activity(复数) 5.decide(名词) 6.we(反身代词) 7.she(反身代词) 8.bore(形容词) / 9.like(反义词) 10.Malaysia(形容词) 11.you(反身代词) 12.many/much(最高级) 13.different(名词) 14.he(反身代词) B:重点短语? ??待在家里 2.去海滩 3.?去爬山? 4.?去参加夏令营? 5.?参观博物馆? 6.??当然? 7.??感受到 ? 8.?决定做某事 9.?去度假? ? 10.?特别的东西 11.?有趣的地方 ? 12.??为考试而学习? 13.?相当多,不少? 14.?大多数时间 ? 15.?唯一的问题 ? 16.?喂一些母鸡 ? 17.?记日记? 18.?到达 19.?在过去 20.?因为? 21.太多人 ? 22.重要的事情? C、句型总结 好久不见。 唯一的问题是在晚上除了读书没有什么事情可做。 was that there much to do in the evening read 你去有趣的地方了吗? 我给父母买了一些东西,但是给自己什么也没买。 I for my father, but for . 因为糟糕的天气,我们看不到下面的任何东西。 the bad weather, we below. 我感觉我像一只小鸟。 I I?was?a?bird. 7.(景色)太漂亮了以至于我们忘记了过去的五个小时。 It?was beautiful we?forgot?about?the?last?five?hours! 8.我们看到了100年前中国商人的房子。 We?saw?the?houses?of?the from?100?years?ago. 9.我很想知道过去这里的生活是怎样的。 I what?life?was?like?here . 10.一天的差异是多么大啊! What a?day?makes! 二、考点。 ( )1.-Dave?has friends here,?so?he?often?stays?at?home?by?himself and feels?lonely. A.many B. a few C.few D.several ( )2.Tom?didn't?go?to?school?because?he?wasn’t? ?. A.?big?enough ?B .enough?big C.?old enough D.?enough?old ?( )3.I?didn't get?to?school?on?time?this?morning ?the heavy rain. A.because B.because of C.so D.in ( )4.I?had?no?money?and?I?couldn't?buy for?my?parents. A.?nothing B.anyone C.anything D.something ( )5.- Jack, is there in today's newspaper? -No, nothing. A. anything important B. something important C.important anything D. important something 6.1.It's?going?to?rain.?Please?take?an?u ?with you. 7.?I?am?h ?.?Can?you?give?me?something?to?eat? 8.?I?can't?buy?the?car,?because?I?don't?have?e ? money. ?9.There?is?s wrong?with?my?bike.?It?doesn't work. 10.?I?think?n is?impossible?if?you?put?your heart?into?it. 11.?Lucy (好像)?a?little?unhappy?today. 12.The?food?in?that?restaurant?is?d . 13.-I w how?you?study?English?so?well. -If?you?work?hard,?you?can?do?it,?too. 14.-What (活动)?did?you?do?in?the?park yesterday? -We?took?a?walk?and?played?tennis. 15.Robert, this is really w ? movie! You must see it with us. 16.I tried ?(skate)yesterday. It was exciting. 17.?Look?at?the?sky.?Can?you?see?the bird ?(fly)in?the?sky? 18.?She ? (not?have)?any?time?for?the?housework yesterday. 19.Our?English?teacher?enjoys? ?(teach)?us. 20.?Han?Mei?decides? ?(tell)?the?story?to?her teacher. 21.?Don't?be?upset!?I?think?you?should?keep? ?(do)?it. 22.?-I’ll have a tennis game tomorrow. I'm a little bit nervous. -Believe in (you) . You're the best in our club. 23.The?tall (build)over?there?is?our?school library. 24.?There?are?some (different)?between English?names?and?Chinese?names. 25.Linda forgot ?(bring)her keys this afternoon. 26.?She?stayed?there?for?a?week.(改为否定句) She there?for?a?week. 27.I?watched?TV?yesterday?evening.(对画线部分提问) you yesterday evening? 28.?Dean?didn't?t?say?anything?at?the?meeting.(改为同义句) Dean at?the?meeting. 29.?Why?don’?t?you?tell?him?the?news?(改为同义句) tell?him?the?news? 30.?They?bought?something?special?in?the?supermarket. (改为一般疑问句) they special?in the?supermarket? 附:考点部分答案 1-5 CCBCA 6.umbrella 7. hungry 8. enough 9. something 10.nothing 11. seemed 12.delicious 13. wonder 14. activities 15. wonderful 16.skating 17.flying 18.didn’t 19.teaching 20. to tell 21. doing 22.yourself 23.building 24.differences 25. to bring 26. didn’t stay 27. What did ,do 28.said nothing 29.Why not 30. Did ,buy anything
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