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八年级英语上册Unit7--8 一、重点词汇 1.pollute(v.)→ (n.)污染 2.peace(n.)→ (adj.)和平的 3.danger(n.)→ (adj.)危险的 4.inside(adv.& prep.)→ (反义词)在……外面 5.possible(adj.)→ (反义词)不可能的 6.finally(adv.)→ (adj.)最终 7.salt(n.)→ (adj.)咸的 8.dig(v.)→ (过去式)→ (过去分词) 9.traditional(adj.)→ (n.)传统 10.serve(v.)→ (n.)服务 11.traveler(n.)→ (v.)旅行 二、重点短语 1.  处于极大的危险中 2.  在地球上 3.  参与 4.  多次;反复地 5.  大量;许多 6.  跌倒;倒塌 7.  变得厌烦 8.  在未来 9.  把……倒入…… 10.  切碎 11.  用……把……装满 12.  一个接一个 13.  接通;打开 14.  把……放入 15.  一杯…… 16.  洗衣服 17.  一片(块、张) 18.  感谢…… 19.  用……遮盖…… 20. 添加某物(到某物) 21.  在非常高的温度下 22. 把……切成…… 23.  在这个时候 三、重点句型 1.你认为人们家里将会有机器人吗? Do you think robots in people's homes? 2.人们将会活到200岁。 People will live 200 years old. 3.未来将会是什么样子? What the future ? 4.每个人都应该参与到拯救地球的行列中去。 Everyone should in the earth. 5.我们需要多少香蕉? bananas do we need? 6.我们需要多少酸奶? yogurt do we need? 7.现在是享受米线美味的时刻了。 It's time the rice noodles. 单元检测 (一)、根据句意及首字母或汉语提示完成单词。 1.After years of fighting,the people wanted (和平) very much. 2.The (温度) is so high. Don't go out until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. 3.Building a new factory there would be bad for the (环境) there. 4.Zhangjiajie is famous for its different (形状) of mountains. 5. is after summer.It's cool. 6.Look!There is a beautiful bird flying in the s . 7.The price of the house is too high now.I don't have enough money to buy a small a . 8.—How do you c New Year's Day? —Oh,we usually have a party. (二)、根据句意,用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 9.Some friends of mine like to eat (sandwich) with onions. 10.People usually eat (tradition) food during the Spring Festival. 11.Thousands of (travel) come to see Yellow Crane Tower,Wuhan every year. 12.I think there is less air (pollute) in Hangzhou than in other cities of China. 13.Don't ride your bike too fast in the street. It's very (danger). 14.My brother thinks robots can work as a person,but I (agree) with him. 15.It's (possible) for me to finish my homework in such a short time. (三)、单项选择。 16.Mr.Wang has left for Guangzhou.He a speech there in two days.(2014,安徽) A.gives B.gave C.will give D.has given 17.We planted trees last year.(2013,雅安) A.hundreds of B.hundred of C.five hundreds D.five hundred of 18.—There was thick haze (雾霾) in our city this spring. What do you think of it? —I think cars we drive,________ pollution our city will have.(2013,临沂) A.the fewer;the fewer B.the fewer;the less C.the more;the fewer D.the more;the less 19.— will the dinner be ready? —Just a minute.(2014,宁波) A.How much B.How long C.How soon D.How often 20.Please the lights when you leave the classroom.(2013,吉林) A.turn on B.turn off C.turn up (四)、根据汉语意思完成下列句子。 21.由于这场大雨,很多房子倒塌了。 Many houses_________ ________ because of the heavy rain. 22.老师再三告诉我们过马路要小心。 Teachers tell us to be careful to cross the road _________ _________ _________ ________. 23.在榨苹果汁之前,你必须切碎它们。 You must _________ ________the apples before you make apple juice. 24.我们应该凡事感恩。 We should _________ ________for everything. 25.每个人都应该参与植树。 Everyone should _________ _________ _________ ________planting trees.
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