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七年级下册 Unit 1- Unit 3
I A. 句意填词 在句中横线上填入一个适当的词,使句意完整。
Do you have time on the _______ Maybe we can go to movies together.
My aunt is a sports host . And she works at a TV _______.
Ice-cream isn’t good for us , but it ______ good .
My sister doesn’t like running . I don’t like it ________ .
My grandpa is very ______ because he always exercises .
I want to join the _______(swim) club .
Miss Smith ______(teach) us English and we all like her .
We need you _____(help ) with music for English -speaking students .
My brother finishes his homework ______(quick) and then watches TV.
What a _______(fun) time to see the big film of Running Man !
She has to _______(cross ) a very big river between her school and the village .
----Do you often play the piano
----Yes. I want to be a ______ (music) like Lang Lang .
It takes me 30 minutes ______(get) to school of the class .
Mary is afraid of _____(speak ) in front of the class.
2018中考总复习一轮复习七下Unit1 -Unit 3(考点+测试含答案)
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