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七年级(上) Units 1- 4(含Starter)
(限时:60分钟 满分:95分 得分:________)
1. (2018重庆B卷) —Excuse me, is there a computer room in your school
—Yes. It’s________ the fifth floor.
A. on B. in C. at D. to
2. (2018盘锦) —I am terribly sorry, ________ I can’t go shopping with you this afternoon.
—It’s OK. We can go next time.
A. so B. but C. and D. or
3. (2018凉山州)—I can’t find my English book. Have you seen ________?
—Oh, sorry. I have taken ________ by mistake.
A. them; my B. them; your C. it; mine D. it; yours
4. (2018遵义模拟)Germany is ________ European country. I met ________ unusual girl named Julia there.
A. a; an B. an; a C. the; an D. the; a
5. If you can’t afford a new phone, perhaps you can ________ a second-hand(二手的) one.
A. search B. find C. look D. allow
6. —Mr.Wilson, can you give us a speech ______ your new research
—Certainly, it’s my pleasure.
A. for B. with C. in D. about
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