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Hello,my name is Amy.This is my weekend plan.On Saturday morning,I’m going to the zoo by bus.I like tigers,monkeys and pandas.I’m going to see the elephants,too.In the afternoon,I’m going to the cinema with Mike and John.On Sunday morning,I’m going to the post office.I’m going to post a card to my brother,Jim.He is in Canada now.In the evening,I’m going to read a magazine at home.I like funny stories.That will be fun.What are you going to do on the weekend?
( )1.What’s Amy going to do on Saturday?
A.Go to the post office.
B.Go to the cinema.
C.Go to the park.
( )2.What’s Amy going to do on Sunday?
A.Read books. B.Watch TV. C.Read a magazine.
( )3.When is Amy going to the post office?
A.Saturday morning. B.Saturday afternoon. C.Sunday morning.
( )4.Where is Jim now?
A.Canada. B.China. C.America.
( )5.What does Amy like?
A.Magazines B.Funny stories. C.Storybooks.

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