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牛津译林版 八下 Unit8 习题二
1. How do they decide what to ________ (生产) in their factory
2. Don’t throw old clothes away. They can be__________ (循环利用).
3. We need to do something with the problem of ________ (污染) in our city.
4. The driver was ________ (惩罚) for driving after drinking.
5. We should learn to _________(分开)things like glass and plastic into different groups.
( ) 1. Although we ________little on this kind of energy, it helps a lot.
A pay B take C spend D cost
( ) 2. We can ask people ________ the environment by ________ them the beauty of nature.
A.protecting; showing B.to protect; showing
C.to protect; to show D.protecting; to show
( ) 3. At night, we’d better sleep with the windows_________.
A. open B. opened C. opening D. close
( ) 4. —Would you like ________ the environment —Yes, I’d love to.
A.help protect B.helping protecting
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