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牛津译林版 八下 Unit8 习题一
1.The teacher says we can_______(回收利用)waste to protect our environment.
2.Remember to ___________(关掉) the tap when you are not using it.
3.——How is your English teacher
——She is kind, and always___________ (认真的) about her work
4.It’s_______(明智的)of you to check your bag after you get on the train.
5.It’s hot. The workers are busy___________ (挖) deep to find water.
( ) 1.——Have you seen _________ film where are we going, Dad
——Yes, it’s quite ______ interesting film so that I have seen it twice.
A. a , the B. the, an C. a, an D. the, the
( )2.There________a river near the house, but now it has turned into farmlands.
A used to have B used to be C is used to having D is used to be
( )3.Scientists think that there _____ life on Earth for millions of years.
A. has had B. have had C. has been D. have been
( )4.More money_______if we use both sides of paper.
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