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Lesson 24 An E-mail to Grandpa
1. Did you have fun ________ with your teachers on the Internet
A. chat B. to chat 
C. chatting D. chatted
2. The twins look exactly the same. ________ of them are in my class.
A. Each B. Both
C. Either D. None
3. Danny likes ________ others. This is his advantage.
A. talk to B. talk about
C. talking to D. talking about
4. I wish I could go to Mars one day.
A. a few days B. that day
C. in one day D. some day
5. The traffic is busy. There are ________ cars and people in the street.
A. so many B. so much 
C. such many D. such a
6. —How is everything going
A. Everything is finished
B. Nothing has been done
C. Not so bad, you know
D. Not doing wrong, you see
7. UNICEF(联合国儿童基金会) was ________ in 1946. It works to help children live a better life.
A. picked up B. put up     C. set up
8. —Millie, ________ do you take the course in DIY
—Every Saturday afternoon.
A. how long B. how far
Unit 4 The Internet Connects Us.Lesson 24 An Email to Grandpa.课件+练习
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