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Lesson 23 The Internet—Good or Bad?
1. Drinking alcohol(白酒)can be ________ your brains. So people aren’t allowed to drink it if they are younger than 18.
A. good at B. good with
C. harmful to D. thirsty for
2. My arm is still painful, ______ I’m going to see a doctor.
A. so B. for 
C. but D. or
3. ________ singing, she is also good at dancing.
A. Also B. Aside from
C. Except D. Beside
4. The new machine made it possible ________ the work in one minute.
A. finish B. to finish
C. finished D. finishing
5. Many scientists believe that robots ________ able to talk like humans in 50 years.
A. were B. are  
C. will be D. have been
6. —Why did she shout just now
—The traffic was too noisy and she had to make herself ________ clearly.
A. hear B. hearing    
C. heard
7. —IPhones and iPads are so popular these days.
—Yes, they can ________ our eyes to the outside world.
A. open up B. turn up
C. call up D. think up
8. ________ you look after it carefully, this coat will keep you warm through many winters.
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