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Lesson 22 Travel on the Internet
1. Look out! Look at the traffic lights ________ crossing the road.
A. before B. after     
C. since
2. More and more people ________ the importance of the eco-friendly lifestyle.
A. miss B. promise 
C. realize D. suggest
3. —Home is ________ place wherever you go.
—East or west, home is the best.
A. warm B. warmer
C. warmest D. the warmest 
4. When did you begin ________ German
A. learn B. to learning  
C. learned D. learning
5. —What about this one
—I think it’s too expensive. Would you please show me ________?
A. the other B. the others 
C. others D. another
6. I ________ some gifts from my friends, but I didn’t ________ them.
A. receive;accept B. received;accept
C. receives;accepted D. accepted;receive
7. —Can you tell me something about London
—I’m sorry, but neither Jack nor I ________ there.
A. have been B. has been
C. have gone D. has gone
8. My grandparents live in an old apartment with ________ floors and they are on the ________ floor.
Unit 4 The Internet Connects Us.Lesson 22 Travel on the Internet课件+练习
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