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Lesson 21 Books or Computers?
1. With the development of science and technology, robot cooks ________ in our families in the future.
A. appear B. appeared
C. will appear D. were appearing
2. She began ________ this book last Sunday.
A. read B. to read 
C. watching D. to watch
3. I’m planning a trip to the beach tomorrow, but still can’t decide ________.
A. where I am going B. how I’m going
C. why I’m planning D. when I’m planning
4. He kept on ________ in class.
A. stand B. to stand  
C. standing D. stood
5. No matter________ you do, you must do it well. No matter________ breaks the rule, he must be punished.
A. what;who B. who;who
C. what;what D. who;what
6. Last week, five ________ students took part in the sports meeting in our school.
A. hundred B. thousands 
C. hundreds of D. thousands of
7. It took me two hours ________ the room.
A. clean B. to clean
C. cleaning D. cleaned
8. These words are very important. Please ________.
A. write it down B. write them down
Unit 4 The Internet Connects Us.Lesson 21 Books or Computers?课件+练习
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