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[ID:4-4423888][精]新目标8年级英语下册名校课时练 Unit 2 I’ll help to clean up the city p ...

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One summer evening I was sitting by the open window,reading a good novel.I was so 16 the story I was reading that I didn’t 17 that it was getting dark.When I realized that it was too dark for me to read easily, I put the book down and got up to turn on the light.Just then I heard someone 18 ,“Help! Help!”It seemed to come from the trees at the end of the yard.Almost immediately I heard the cry again.It sounds like a child,but I could not 1 9 what someone would be doing in our backyard,unless one of my neighbor’s children had climbed a tree and had not been able to get down.21·世纪*教育网
I decided that I should go out and have a look in the yard,just in case someone was 20 .With a flashlight and a stick in my hands.I went out into the yard.“Who is there?”I called out as I walked across the yard towards the trees.But there was no 2 1 .With the help of my flashlight,I searched all over that end of the yard,including the branches of the trees.There was no 22 of anybody or anything.I came to the conclusion that my 23 I made fun of me.Probably nothing was happening there.
I had to go back into the house and sat down to read my book again.Not long after that,I was 24 by the loud cry of“Help! Help!”This time it was from right behind me! I dropped my book and jumped up.There, sitting on the table was my neighbor’s large green and red 25 .
( )16.A.tired of B.worried about C.s
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