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Unit 5 Educational exchanges Listening 课件(28张PPT):28张PPT
Unit 5 Educational exchanges Listening 教案
Part 1 Analysis of the book and Unit 5
The title of Unit 5 is “Educational exchanges” Which is from Oxford English 8A Module 3 Culture and history. This book has arranged 9 parts for the features of the students of Grade 8. It enables the students to grasp the knowledge in their studies. Today, I will talk about three sections of Unit 5: “Culture corner, Listening and Talk time ”. Section one,it introduces culture shock and how to deal with it. Section two, this part practise the students’ ability of listening. It’s a dialogue between the leader teacher and the students about the matters during the educational exchanges. The last part is talk time. Guide the students to learn the rules of falling tones.
Part 2 Teaching aims
According to new syllabus design and combing the students’ situation, I make the teaching aims of this lesson as follows:
First , The aim of knowledge
Let the students study and master the new words, phrases, sentences for their listening, speaking, reading and writing, especially reading and writing. After studying, to make sure that the students can use the new knowledge in a real situation freely and smoothly.
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