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语法填空提升练(八) 形容词和副词
1....if we take short breaks      (regular). 
2.Everything seemed to be going      (smooth)for the first two days after I moved to New York. 21世纪教育网版权所有
3.(2017·山东泰安一模)A wise man came along and asked them,“Oh,my dear friends,why are you crying?”“We were ten but now we are only nine,”they replied,and cried even      (hard). 21cnjy.com
4.And if he wants to live        (comfort),he has to work. 
5.The      (hard) you try to beat him,the more likely you will get hit. 
6.He was a bit      (smart)than any other painter around him. 
7.My aunt advised that I needed to go to hospital,and the treatment she provided gave my parents      (value)time to take me to the hospital. 
8.As they couldn’t play outdoors,they were     (happy),and some even got into fights from time to time. 21·cn·jy·com
9.He has to work if he wants to live          (comfortable). 
10.—I’m going to Venice next week.
—You’re      (luck).Carnival will be held then.Have fun! 
After 1.       (experience) the “space walk” in zero gravity,the six silkworms,2.      were taken aboard Tiangong Ⅱ for experiment have started showing 3.     their spinning skills. www.21-cn-jy.com
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