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题目:A Happy Day in Spring
提示:下图是Mr. Black 一家人在春天的某一天在野外游玩的场景。请用一般现在时描写图中所呈现出的内容。可作适当的想象和发挥。
A Happy Day in Spring
It’s spring. It’s sunny and cloudy today. There are many big trees in the park. Mr. Black’s family have a picnic in a park. They bring many food there. They bring fruit, drink and bread. Mr. Black and Mrs. Black talk with each other. They talk very happily. Ann reads a magazine. Tom likes flying a kite. The kite flies very well. They are hungry now. They want to eat their food. They are very happy.
Saturday Sunday
read a magazine
go to the zoo buy a book
learn Kungfu
watch TV
Mike is a student. He is my good friend. He is busy at the weekend. He is going to read a magazine this Saturday morning. He is going to go to the zoo this Saturday afternoon. He is going to buy a book this Sunday morning. He is going to learn Kungfu this Sunday afternoon. He is going to watch TV this Sunday evening.
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