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Unit 7 Will people have robots
Section B1 (1a-1e)公开课教学设计
New words: astronaut, apartment, rocket, space
Key phrases: on a space station, fly to, in an apartment
A: What do you think your life will be like in ten years
B: I think I’ll be an astronaut.
(2) A: Where will you live B: I’ll live on a space station.
(3) I’ll fly rockets on the moon.
(4) Maybe there will be flights to other planets.
Grammar: 一般将来时
4. 继续学习will表将来的用法并能熟练运用will句式对未来进行预测。
5. 通过时间对比复习一般过去时态、一般现在时态,巩固一般将来时。
New words and key phrases.
2. Talk about your or others’ life now, 10 years ago and 10 years from now.
Ⅰ. Warming-up
Revision:The simple future tense
(概念;构成;基本句型及there be的一般将来时等)
2.Have a free talk:How will the world be different in 100 years
Make sentences like this: People/Kids/Books will…
People/Kids/Books won’t…
There will be more/ less/ fewer…
Ⅱ. Presentation
Discussion:What will you be in the future
Where will you live in the future
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