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Unit7 Will people have robot SectionB 2a-2e:26张PPT
Unit7 Will people have robot
SectionB 2a-2e同步练习
Read each paragraph carefully and finish different tasks.
Read Paragraph 1 and 2, fill in the blanks
1. Robots are like ________ ________ in movies.
2. Robots can do jobs in ____ or __________ places.
3. Today’s robots can help build _____ in factories.
4. They can do ______ jobs many times and never get _______.
Read Paragraph 3, choose the answers. ?
( ??) 1. In which country can robots walk and dance ?
??A. China ??????B. Japan ??????C. India ????D. America
( ??) 2. Some scientists believe robots can talk like?humans in ____
??A. 2020 ???????B. 2010 ??????C. 2060 ?????D. 2000
Read Paragraph 4, answers the questions. ?
1. In which country do robots look like snakes ________________
2. What can snake robots do?________________________________
3. Is it easy or hard to know what will happen in the future?

Read the passage loudly and finish the mind map(思维导图).
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