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Unit4 What’s the best movie theater SectionA1a-2c练习:38张PPT
Unit4 What’s the best movie theater
1. 最好的电影院是哪个?
What’s________ ________ _______ _______
In our class, Lin Tao lives ________ ________ ________ our school.
3. 在这家服装店,你可以更便宜地买到衣服。
In this clothes store, you can buy clothes ________ ________.
4.4.我喜欢Town Cinema,因为它有最大的屏幕。
I like Town Cinema, because it has________ ________ _______.
5. 乘坐飞机是最昂贵的方式,但也是最舒适的方式。
Taking the plane is the most expensive way, but it’s also ________ ________ ________ way.
1.Town Cinema ________ the most popular and _______the best sound.
A.is, has B.is, is C.has, has D.has, is
2. He thinks his hometown is ____ of all.
A. beautiful B. more beautiful
C. most beautiful D. the most beautiful
3. I think Susan writes ________ than any other student, but the teacher says Joe writes ________ in the class.
A. more carefully; carefully
B. the most carefully; carefully
C. the most carefully; the most carefully
D. more carefully; the most carefully
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