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Unit1 Where did you go on vacation
Section B 2b
Task1: Read the rest of the diary. Finish the timeline.

Task2: Retell Jane’s vacation on Monday by the timeline.
(根据时间轴复述Jane的星期一的经历 )
Example: In the morning, Jane and her family went to the beach.
She ______________.
It was _____________.
For lunch, ….
In the afternoon, ....
Task3: Read again and match the results with the reasons(因果连线).
Task 4: Discuss in groups (小组讨论)
Topic(话题): Did Jane like the weather/train/food Why
I think Jane liked _________because….
I don’t think Jane liked _______because….
Imagine Jane went to Penang Hill again and had a great day. Fill in the blanks with the right forms of the verbs in 2e. Then make reading notes about the day.

初中英语人教版八年级上册Unit 1Section B 教学设计+导学案
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