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六年级下册适当形式专练 PEP小升初复习 1. He often ________(have) dinner at home. 2. Daniel and Tommy _______(be) in Class One. 3. We____________(not watch) TV on Mondays. 4. Nick ____________(not go) to the zoo last Sunday. 5. ______ they _____(like) the World Cup? 6. What _______they often _______(do) on Saturdays? 7. _______ your parents _______(read) newspapers every day? has are 复数 don’t watch didn’t go Do like do do Do read 复数 8. The girl _______(teach) us English on Sundays. 9. She and I ________(take) a walk together every evening. 10. There ____(be) some water in the bottle. 11. Mike _______(like) cooking. 12. They _______(have) the same hobby. 13. My aunt _______(look) after her baby carefully. 14. You always ___(do) your homework well. 15. I _______(be) ill. I’m staying in bed. teaches take is likes 不可数 have looks do am 16. She _______(go) to school from Monday to Friday. 17. Liu Tao _____(do) not like PE. 18. The child often _______(watch) TV in the evening. 19. Su Hai and Su Yang _______(have) eight lessons this term. 20.? -What day _______(be) it today? - It’s Saturday. 21 We often ___________ (play) in the playground. 22. He _________ (get) up at six o'clock. goes does watches have is play gets 23. ________ you ______ (brush) your teeth every morning? 24. What ______(do) he usually ___ (do) after school? 25. Danny ____________ (study) English, Chinese, math, science and art at school. 26. What _____ you ____ (do) last night? 27. My grandfather ______ (leave) Hong Kong for New York in 1998. 28. What _______ he _____ (do) yesterday? 29. Last week I _______ (buy) a new bike. 30. He ____ (be) here just now. Do brush does do studies did do left did do bought was 31. Mike sometimes _____(go) to the park with his sister. 32. It’s eight o’clock, she __________ (watch) TV with her parents. 33. _____ Mike ______ (read) English every day? 34. How many lessons ______ your classmate _____ (have) on Monday? 35.What time ______his mother ___ (do) the housework on weekends? went is watching Does read does have does do 36.Tom and Mary_____ (come) to China last month. 37.Mike __________(not go) to bed until 12 o’clock last night. So I ______ (get ) up late. 38.Mary __________ (read) English now. 39.There ____ (be) no one here a moment ago. 40.I ___________ (call) Mike this afternoon. come didn’t go get is reading was will call am going to call called 用括号内动词的正确形式填空???????????????????????? (A) Last year Mr. Smith _____ (go ) to China and Japan. He _____ (have) a wonderful time. He ____ (do) a lot of different things and _____ (talk) to a great number of different people. He _____ (eat) Chinese and Japanese food and _____ (visit) a lot of interesting places. When he _____ (go) back to England, he _____ (be) very tired. went had did talked ate visited went was 谢谢 21世纪教育网(www.21cnjy.com) 中小学教育资源网站 有大把高质量资料?一线教师?一线教研员? 欢迎加入21世纪教育网教师合作团队!!月薪过万不是梦!! 详情请看: https://www.21cnjy.com/help/help_extract.php
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