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What do you do on weekends?
Do you make a plan for the weekend?
It’s lunch time on Friday. Danny and Jenny are
having lunch❶ together.
Jenny:Danny, are you OK?You can’t
stay still today. And you never eat
your lunch so fast. Are you in a
hurry❷ to go somewhere❸?
Danny:No. Actually Jenny,I have big plans for the weekend!
I can't wait. It's going to be a good weekend!

Lesson 22 Big Plans for The Weekend
1. I had ________lunch with my friends in a restaurant yesterday.
A. a B. the
C. /
2. You can buy almost everything ________ the Internet, and it’s very easy.
A. into B. for
C. at D. on
3. —Why are you driving so________, Tony I’m feeling sick.
—Sorry, but the train is leaving in 20 minutes. We have to hurry.
A. often B. fast
C. hard D. slowly
4. I remember seeing the girl ________before. But I can’t remember her name.
A. anywhere B. everywhere
C. somewhere D. nowhere
5. I have to leave________. I am busy now.
A. of hurry B. hurry up
C. hurry D. in a hurry
6. ________ interesting the book is! I want to buy one, too.
A. How B. What
C. How an D. What an
7. I can’t wait ________ music for them.
A. play B. to play
C. plays D. playing
8. He usually helps me ________th
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