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Before you join a club, you must think about which club is right for you.
What club is right for you?Read the following questions.
Which answer describes you best?❶ Circle it. Then add up
your score and find out ❷ your club type!
1.Do you get enough exercise?
 a.Always!I love playing sports.
 b.Not really. I like to listen to music and relax ❸.
 c.Not really. I usually draw and paint in my free ❹ time.
d.Never. I like to read books and exercise my mind
Lesson 21 What Is Your Club Type?
1. Fish can’t live ________ water.
A. with B. in
C. without D. of
2. —Mr. Wilson, can I ask you some questions about your speech
—Certainly, feel ________to ask me.
A. good B. calm
C. free D. happy
3. The film is so________ and all of us feel________.
A. boring; boring B. bored; bored
C. boring; bored D. bored; boring
4. My little sister isn’t________ to go to school. She has to stay home.
A. enough old B. old enough
C. enough young D. young enough
5. —Jack, could you help me________ when the plane will take off on the Internet
—I’m sorry. My computer doesn’t work.
A. get out B. look out
C. take out D. find out
6. They ________ all the figures(数字).
A. add up B. add to
C. adds D. add up to
7. —________is her daughter
—The gir
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