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五年级期中测试题 听录音,选出你所听到的单词,每个单词读一遍。(5分) ( )1.A.thirteen B.those C.wall ( )2.A.list B.half C.place ( )3.A.how B.with C.begin ( )4.A.twenty B.twelve C.two ( )5.A.weekend B.week C.visit 录音中有5个单词,每个单词对应一幅图片,选择与单词相对应的图片。(共5分)(用ABCDE做题) B. C. D. E. 6.______ 7._______ 8._______ 9._______ 10.______ 三、听短语,选图片排序,每个词组读两遍。(共10分)(用ABCDE进行排序) A. B. C. D. E. 11._______ 12._______ 13.________ 14._______ 15.________ 四、听句子,选出你所听到的答案,每个句子读两遍。(10分) ( )16. A. B. ( )17. A. B. ( )18. A. B. ( )19. A. B. ( )20. A. B. 单项选择。(10分) ( )21.--____did you buy yesterday? --Some cheese. What B.Where C.How ( )22._____you come back_____China last Sunday? Did;in B.Did;from C.Do;from ( )23.Daming can play football_____. well B.good C.nice ( )24.I don’t buy_____tomatoes. some B.any C.a little ( )25.We visited______places. a lot B.lot of C.lots of ( )26.They_____there at ten o’clock this morning. arrived B.arrive C.arrives ( )27.I went swimming____the sea. on B.in C.along ( )28.There______forty-six students in our class. is B.am C.are ( )29.He wants to_____my T-shirt? wear B.wears C.wearing ( )30.Lingling is good_____table tennis. A.in B.on C.at 选择合适的答语。(5分) ( )31.What can you see? A.By plane. ( )32.Can you run fast? B.Six. ( )33.How did you go there? C.That’s ok. ( )34.How many bananas do you want? D.I can see a bird. ( )35.I’m so sorry. E.Yes,I can. 情景交际。(5分) ( )36.询问对方周末干什么,应该说: Where did you go at the weekend? What did you do at the weekend? ( )37.你想问别人“怎么了”,可以说: What’s the matter? B.Is it wrong? ( )38.她根本不会踢足球,她可以说: I can’t play basketball. I can’t play football at all. ( )39.你擅长跳舞,应该说: I am good at dancing. B.I like dancing. ( )40.你想要六瓶牛奶,你该说: Do you want six bottles of milk? I want six bottles of milk. 按要求完成句子。(10分) Do,want,be,you,to,football team,in,our(?) ______________________________________________ on,the,desk,so,many,are,There,books(.) ______________________________________________ buy,you,did,How,milk,much(?) ______________________________________________ This is my English teacher.(改为一般疑问句) ______________________________________________ What did you do at the weekend?(根据实际情况回答) ______________________________________________ 九、情景选择,选出最佳选项。(10分) ( On the schoo l bus. Is it your pen? What ’ s the matter with you? You ’ re welcome. What color is it? ) A:___46____ B:I lost my pen. A:Where did you lose it? B:__47_______ A:____48_______ B:It’s yellow. A:___49______ B:Yes,it is.Thank you. A:____50_______ 46_______ 47________ 48________ 49________ 50________ 十、阅读理解(20分) (一)判断正误。正确写(T),错误写(F)。 A? Foolish? Dog A dog has large piece of meat in his mouth. When he is walking on a small bridge, he looks down and sees himself? in the water. He thinks it is another dog. That dog has also a large piece of meat in his mouth. He says to himself,” I want to get his meat. Then I can have two pieces of meat.” He opens his mouth to bark the dog in the water ,and his meat falls into water. ( )51.The dog has a small piece of meat.???? ( )52.He wants to get two pieces of meat.??? ( )53.He finds another dog in the water.???? ( )54.The dog is standing on the grass.????? ( )55.He has no meat at last.??? 选出正确的选项。 The Cat’s Family My family is not very large. There are only three cats. I’m a white cat. People call me Snow-white. My husband is a black cat.? People call him Captain Black Cat(黑猫警长).We have a beautiful daughter. Her name is Lily. She is black and white. She’s only two years old. We live a happy life. From now on, we will work harder to catch the mice. We must let people live? in a happy life in this house. ( )56.There are_______?people in the cat’s family. A. two??? B.three? C. four??????????????????????????????????????????? ( )57.?Mother Cat is_____.??????????????????????????????????????????????? A.white?? B.black? C. black and white?????????????????????????????????????? ( )58.?Mother Cat and Father Cat have a_____. A.son???? B. sister? C.daughter?????????????????????????????????????????? ( )59.?All the dogs will work hard to______. A.catch the mice? B.catch people? C.eat good food ( )60.?Lily is_____?years old.?? three? B.one? C.two????????????????????????????? 习作(10分) 描写你的一次旅行。不少于5句话,书写要规范,卷面要整洁。 My Travel 五年级期中答案 1-5 AABAC 6-10 CABDE 11-15 BCDEA 16-20 ABBBB 21-25 ABABC 26-30 ABCAC 31-35 DEABC 36-40 BABAB 41 Do you want to be in our football team? 42 There are so many books on the desk. 43 How much milk did you buy? 44 Is this your English teacher? 45 Did my homework. 46-50 CAEBD 51-55 FTFFT 56-60 BACAC
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