[ID:4-4602326]Unit 8 Is there a post office near here?全单元教学设计(5课时)
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Step 1 Greetings
Step 2 Lead-in
1. Revise some nouns about buildings in the neighborhood by showing some pictures .很自然地将学生引入到问路的情景中
2. Learn other words : post office, park, supermarket, payphone, street, …
3. Show a map and let students practice in pairs.
----Is there …… ?----Yes, there is. /No, there isn’t.
Learn the prepositions
Next to, across from, near, between, in front of, behind.
The teacher communicates with the students. Show some pictures about buildings.
T: Is there a / an…
S: Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t .
T: Where is the…
S: It’s near/ next to /across from /… the…
Step3 Practice(1a)
Get the students to practice conversations and communicate with each other.
Is there a / an … near here Yes, there is .
Where’s the … It’s … .
Step 4 Listening
Play the tape of 1b, get the students to listen and circle the places they hear in 1a.
Step 5 Practice
1c. This activity provides guided oral practice using the target language:
Point to the different locations shown in the picture. Ask different students to name each one.
Point to the question and answer the example conversation and ask the students to ask and answer questions about other places in 1a.
2. 2a. Match the sentences with the pictures. 练习方位介词的用法。
Step 6 Listen
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