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Unit11 How was your school trip
SectionB 2a-2c 导学案
One afternoon, Kate and her brother, Bob, went out to play. Kate was eight, and Bob was ten. “Let’s go to the bridge and we can see fish in the river.” said Kate.   “I don’t know…” Bob said. “Mum told us, ‘Don’t go on the bridge.’ She said it’s dangerous.”   Kate said, “ I am not afraid. Are you”   They walked onto the bridge and began looking for fish in the river. The bridge was a train bridge. Trains went over the bridge three times a day.   The children were standing in the middle of the bridge when they heard a loud noise. “A train is coming!” Bob shouted. “Run!” He ran to the end of the bridge. He was safe.   Kate ran, too, but she fell. The train was coming fast. Kate ran towards Bob. She fell again right on the train tracks (铁轨). There was no time to leave. She had to lie down between the tracks. A few seconds later, the train went over the girl, but she was not hurt at all. She stood up and said to Bob, “Don’t tell Mum! Don’t tell Mum!”   At last their mother found out about the story. She was angry because they went on the bridge. But she was happy that Kate was all right.
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