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Unit 1 Can you play the guitar
听说课 Section A(1a-2d)
Teaching goals (教学目标):
Knowledge goals(知识目标):
(1) To master some new words: dance, sing, swim, paint, speak English, play the guitar, play chess, and so on.
(2) To master the usage of modal verb“can”.
2. Ability goals(能力目标):
(1) use“can”to talk about one’s abilities and likes
(2) Arouse students’ interest in English by group work, and help students to form good learning habits.
3. Emotion goals(情感目标):
To help students to love English, show their abilities, and communicate with other people actively.
Teaching steps:
Step I Preview:
1. Say the names of the following activities in the pictures.
2. Do you know the clubsLet’s say them together!
3.Let’s chant.
-Sing, sing, sing, can you sing
-Dance, dance, dance, can you dance
-Swim, swim, swim, can he swim -Yes.
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