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Unit 6 Travelling around Asia Writing 课件(13张PPT):13张PPT
Unit 6 Travelling around Asia Reading Writing 教案
1. Analysis of the material and the learners
About the teaching material
The topic of this Unit is focused on "Traveling around Asia". In the Reading Part, Ss learn an introduction of Shanghai’s favorite places. In the Part of Grammar, Ss learn the structure of conditional sentences "If...,..."The vocabulary of this unit is mostly relevant to "traveling". So in the part of Writing, Ss are going to learn to grasp the technic of writing A travel guide while applying the new words and grammar structure they have learnt in their writing.
About the learners
Ss are from English experimental class, that means they have better English foundation. They are supposed have the basic capability of self-study, cooperation and the spirit of exploration. And they might have master certain listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.
2 Teaching goals:
Aims at cognition:
a. Ss can understand the meanings spellings and pronunciations of the new words "dumpling" "temple"
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