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牛津译林版 八下 Unit3 习题六
1. – Where are the twins
– They ______(pick) apples on the farm with their friends.
2. Aunt Susan ______(book) plane tickets for us but we couldn’t take that flight because we lost our passports.
3. It’s my ______(please) to repair the main unit of the computer for you.
4. After taking a trip to Space Mountain, we felt tired but enjoyed ______(we).
5. I will never forget the ______(excite) trip to Hong Kong because I still miss local food there.
( )1. Where is your mother ________We haven’t seen each other for months . .
A. She has been to America B. She has gone to England
C. She is going to Africa D. She would visit my grandparents
( )2. I won’t go to see the film tonight because I________my ticket .
A. didn’t lose B. have lost C. will lose D. didn’t have
( )3. Miss Wu has taught in this school________.
A. for ten years B. ten years ago C. since ten years D. for ten years ago
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