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8A Unit8 Natural disasters提优测试卷 一、单项填空(每小题1分,共15分) ( )1. There was a big noise _____ thunder outside the door. A. likes B. is like C. is alike D. like ( )2. His car _____the bad weather on his way home, so he couldn't come back for dinner. A. broke down because B. broke down because of C. was broken down because of D. was broken down because ( )3. The floor is wet. Who’s going to _____? A. mop up it B. mop up them C. mop it up D. mop them up ( )4. It _____heavily when I left school yesterday, A. was snowing B. is snowing C. snowed D. is snowy ( )5. —Did you hear the shouts _____the boy? —Yes. When I arrived there, I found the boy looking at a snake ______ fear. A. from; in B. at; with C. from; With D. in; in ( )6. There will be a heavy storm ___________ this evening. A. with thunder and lighting B. had thunder and lighting C. had thunder and lightning D. with thunder and lightning ( )7. The students were in a great hurry ____________ the bus after school. A. caught B. catching C. to catch D. catch ( )8. Tom was cleaning the room while Jack _____TV. A. was watching B.is watching C. watches D. watched ( )9. It was very cold, he picked up sticks , but sadly the house . A. to make a fire, caught a fire B. to make a fire, caught fire C. to make fire, caught fire D. made a fire, caught fire ( )10. Wolves will _________ their lives _________ the loss of the trees and forests. A. lose, because B. lose, because of C. lost, because D. lost, because of ( ) 11. At first, the woman felt a slight shake________ her body. A. from B. across C. through D. over ( ) 12. —I called you at 5:00 yesterday afternoon, but no one answered. —Sorry, I with my parents _______ at that time. A. was shopping B. were shopping C. are shopping D. went shopping ( ) 13. We should drive as_________ as_________. A. careful, possible B. carefully, possible C. careful, can D. carefully, can ( ) 14. _____you know English is important, you should learn it well. A. Since B. For C. Because of D. Though ( ) 15. —Would you mind if I turn on the radio? —______. The baby is sleeping in the next room. A. No, I don’t mind B. Not at all C. Better not D. That’s all right 二、完型填空(每小题1分,满分10分) Carson was haying dinner with his mother and sisters one evening. Suddenly his younger sister asked, “__1___ does it look like that outside?” Everyone looked out of the window on the north side of the kitchen. They saw the sun in a blue sky. Then, they looked out of the window on the south side of the kitchen. They saw a dark sky ___2___ big,grey clouds. Next,they heard the tornado siren(龙卷风报警).That meant a tornado was coming. They all knew that during a tornado,the ___3___ place to be is underground. ___4___ ,they had a basement (地下室).They all ran quickly into the basement. Suddenly, Carson remembered the pet cat, Pete. "Mum, we ___5___ Pete!” Carson yelled, “ I will go upstairs and find him!” But his mother said, “No, Carson! It’s too dangerous. The tornado is coming, you have to stay down here.” All at once they ___6___ the very loud noise of a very strong wind. It was ___7___ loud that although they were screaming, they could not even hear their own screams. Everyone was very scared. Just ___8___ seconds later,it was finished. The tornado went away and everyone was safe. Carson ran upstairs and found that the house was ___9___ damaged and Pete was gone. He began to cry went outside. He saw that all the trees were knocked down ___10___ one. And at the top of the tree, there was Pete, looking at Carson and waiting for him to help him down. ( )1. A. How B. What C. Why D. Where ( )2. A. with B. have C. has D. having ( )3. A. safe B. safest C. safely D. safety ( )4. A. Lucky B. Luck C. Luckily D. Unlucky ( )5. A. forgot B. left C. leave D. forget ( )6. A. heard about B. heard C. listened to D. heard of ( )7. A. very B. such C. too D. so ( )8. A. a few of B. a little C. a few D. a little of ( )9. A. bad B. badly C. worse D. worst ( )10. A. besides B. except C. expect D. beside 三、阅读理解(每题2分,满分20分) A Welcome to the National Zoo ! It is a wonderful place to explore(探索) , Learn and relax. Enjoy your visit! Here are our rules to help you have an enjoyable and safe experience. No pets Don't bring your pets to the zoo. Your pets will disturb the animals here. And they may feel worried. If you take your pets to the zoo, we will let you go. Walk!Don't ride Only people in wheelchairs(轮椅) and kids in strollers(折叠式婴儿车) can get to ride around the zoo. No smoking If you smoke in the zoo, something may be on fire. Don't do that! Don't feed the animals Our animals have healthy diets. Human food may make them sick. Respect barriers(栅栏) Barriers between you and our animals are to protect(保护) you and the animals from harm. Remember that our animals are wild animals. Don't litter Put all of your rubbish in bins. Help us to keep our zoo clean. Photographs You can take photos here and share the great memories with your family and friends. ( )1. The Chinese meaning of the underlined word "disturb" is “_______”. A.使高兴 B.使兴奋 C.使不安 D.使悲伤 ( )2. We can't feed the animals in the zoo because_______. A. the animals may be fat B. the animals may be sick C. the animals may attack(攻击) children D. the animals may be angry ( )3. What can we do in the zoo? A. Smoke. B. Play with our pets. C. Ride bikes. D. Take photos. ( )4. "Remember that our animals are wild animals." wants to tell us that_______. A. the animals are very strong B. the animals are very dangerous C. the animals are very clever D. the animals are very friendly ( )5. Who are the main readers? A. Visitors. B. Scientists. C. Babies. D. Animal trainers. B Kim Bogue, a keeper in California, worked overtime to save money for a trip to Thailand to visit her family and friends. She saved over 900 dollars and was planning to buy a ticket, but she lost her purse with all her money and credit cards. Kim looked through the garbage and all the buildings where she worked but came up empty-handed. She went home heartbroken. She believed that she had lost her money forever. While Kim was at home, sad and depressed, a homeless man was searching through the garbage looking for things to sell. As he was looking through a garbage bag, he found something wrapped in a plastic bag. The homeless man,who did not want to be identified, at a homeless shelter. The homeless man came to Sherry Wesley with the wad of money and said, “This probably belongs to someone that you work with, can you find the owner?” Sherry Wesley works in one of the buildings that Kim cleans and she knew Kim had lost her purse. Kim was amazed when she heard the good news. “I couldn’t believe it when they called me,” she said “He has a very big heart .If someone else had found the purse,the money would be gone.” As a reward, Kim gave the man 100 dollars. The homeless man gave half of the money to Sherry Wesley and asked her to donate it to charity for him. ( )6. Kim worked overtime to save money for _____ her family and friends in Thailand. A. helping B. visiting C. giving D. getting ( )7. While Kim was at home, sad and depressed, a homeless man found _______by accident. A. the garbage bag B. something to sell C. the purse Kim lost D. nothing important ( )8. From paragraph 3 , Sherry Wesley was a _____ who worked at a homeless shelter. A. volunteer worker B. homeless man C. building cleaner D. blindness ( )9. At the end of the story, the homeless man gave _____ dollars to charity. A. 900 B.100 C. 50 D.80 ( )10. The sentence in the last paragraph “He has a very big heart.” means _____ in Chinese. A.他很贪心 B.他有野心 C.他很高尚 D.他心胸宽广 四、词汇检测(每小题1分,满分10分) 1. Uncle Wang teaches English in a small ______ (村庄). 2. He didn’t go to school yesterday because he had a bad ______ (头痛) 3. My grandma is in her ______ (八十多岁) ,but she can still take care of herself . 4. His grandparents are still______ (活着的). 5. John was ______ (困住)in a small wooden house. 6. What a ______(可怕的)snowstorm! 7. My parents need to work on ______ (工作日). 8. This area is much ______ (潮湿)than my hometown. 9. —Sorry, my car______ down on the way. So I’m late. 一It doesn’t matter. The meeting began just now. 10.—If it keeps on raining; there'll be a _______. —I hope not.. Because if it happens, many people will have no home to live . 五、用括号内所给词的适当形式填空(每空不限一词)(每空1分,满分10分) 1. The man rushed into the house and saved those women’s _________ ( life ) . 2. Would you please _____________ (not prevent) me from becoming a member of the Birdwatching Club? 3. I’ve got no idea about how ____________ (stay) alive in the wild. 4. Luke spent as little time as he could ____________ (play) computer games. 5. The _________ ( excite ) people all stood up and cheered for Liu Xiang. 6. Jack said he ___________ (mop) the water up at that time. 7. Did you have a nice time ________ (ski) last week ? 8. I hope you_________ (not make) the same mistake again. 9. The earthquake happened and many people were ___________ ( terrible ) hurt. 10. Laura ____________ (learn) another language next year, isn’t she? 六、翻译句子(每小题3分,满分15分) 1.人们恐惧地尖叫,跑出了这着火的房子。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 2.早晨当我醒来的时候,我妈正在做薄饼。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 3.我尽我最大努力缓慢向前移动身体。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 4.由于坏天气,我的车出故障了。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 5.当我正独自走回家时,我觉得很紧张,心跳得很快。 _____________________________________________________________________________ 七、书面表达(满分20分) 根据以下提示,报道一起交通事故。词数60?80左右。 1.时间: 昨天; 2.地点:市中心大街第二拐角处; 3.原因:小轿车司机开车前饮酒过量,开车时感到疲劳,以致轿车失控(lose control),撞翻一辆自行车; 4.伤亡人数:骑车人死亡,司机轻伤; 5.影响:市交通中断近一小时,一个完整家庭失去了他们的儿子; 6.提醒:人人都要遵守(obey)交通规则(traffic rules),因为生命是最宝贵的。 ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________________ 单选:1-5 DBCAA 6-10 DCABB 11-15 CABAC 完型: BABCA BDCBB 阅读:1-5 CBDBA 6-10 BCACC 词汇检测1. village 2. headache 3.eighties 4. alive 5. trapped 6. terrible 7.weekdays 8. wetter 9. broke 10. flood 词的适当形式填空:1.lives 2. not prevent 3. to stay 4.Playing 5.excited 6. was mopping 7. skiing 8. won’t make 9. terribly 10.is going to learn 句子翻译: 1. People screamed in fear and ran out of the house on fire. 2. My mum was making pancakes when I woke up in the morning. 3. I tried my best to pull myself slowly. 4. My car broke down because of the bad weather. 5. I felt nervous and my heart was beating fast while I was waking home alone 书面表达: One possible version: Yesterday a car accident happened at the second, turning on the center street of the city. The driver drank too much so he felt tired, and his car lost control and then hit a bike. The person on the bike lost his life in the accident and the driver was slightly hurt. The traffic stopped for nearly an hour. The police advised us to obey traffic rules at any time, because lives are so important.
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