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Recycle 2
Period 1 Mike’s summer camp
Learning objects(学习目的)
1.复习巩固Unit 4的序数词。
2.复习巩固Unit 5的名词性物主代词。
Important&difficult points(重难点)
1.When is the sports day/school trip
2.Work/ Talk quietly! Keep your room clean.
Learning steps(学习过程)
Step 1:Warming up(预习温故)(5分钟)
1.T:When is your birthday
S:It’s on April 4th.
T:Whose pen is that
S:It’s mine.
2.Review Unit4 to Unit5 words and sentences.
Step 2:Presentation(新课展示)(15分钟)
1.Listen to the tape and match the pictures.
2.Listen to dialogue 2 and tick the right picture.
3.Listen to dialogues 1 and 4.Choose the right answers.
Step 3:Drills(趣味训练,师生共建)(8分钟)
1.Read the chant on page 67 and write down the months in the correct column.
2.Play a game; Animals and dates.
Pandas,pandas and pandas.Tell me when Children’s Day comes.
Monkeys,monkeys and monkeys.Tell me when Easter comes.
Step 4:Consolidation(名师自测)(8分钟)
(  )1.A.We have a maths test on Dec.4th.
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