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Dear Laura,
   Here I am in Granada,Spain!Can you believe it?I’m sitting in a park near the house I’m staying in. The weather is beautiful! The sun is shining and it’s just beginning to get warm.
My host mother Rosa is very nice.She’s much younger than I expected,and she lives with her five?year?old son Borja.He’s so cute! Julie and I are staying in her apartment,along with two French girls and a boy from Michigan.The apartment is pretty crowded, but luckily I don’t have to spend too much time there.
I’ve spent the past few days exploring the town with Lauren and Caitlin.Yesterday we went to the Alhambra(西班牙格拉纳达的摩尔人王宫),which was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.It’s a huge fortress(要塞) built hundreds of years ago by the Muslims(伊斯兰教徒) who once lived in Granada.There are gardens and fountains and intricate carvings all through the fortress.It’s huge-I could have spent days in there!
That night we went to see flamenco dancing(弗拉曼戈舞). I loved it!You should have seen the way those dancers moved.After that, we went to dinner in the central square.The food here is pretty good-they have lots of "tapas,"which means appetizers(开胃菜).
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