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[ID:4-6912080] 2021版高考英语一轮复习课件+学案(10份打包)外研版选修7

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(共58张PPT) 选修7 Module 1 Basketball join other students in playing a lot of fun make a lot of friends share our successes and failures hold attend average deserve outstanding generation live selfish nature obtain commit confirm have obtained to attend deserves generations to be confirmed defence defensive talented motivation various variety immediately reliable instantly appointed appointment considerate consideration considerable considering apologise appointed appointment apologise apology Considering considerate consider talented talent defence defend motivation motivating 协会 复杂的 了不起的 全部的;整个的 流行;普及 热门人物 全国各地的 角,角度 平行的,并行的 适当的,足够的;充分的 跳跃 突出的,出其不意的 加快,加速 典型的,具有代表性的;独特的 苗条的,修长的 界限,范围 有争议的 (尤指因受伤而)流血,出血 救护车 哭泣,流泪 基础;根据 使承担义务,保证 包含 拥有 in the history of with an average of be rude to grow up all the time all the time growing up were rude to be based on be used to draw sb.'s attention to take possession of if necessary taking possession of drew their attention to If necessary the first girl to go to college larger than all the other countries There is no doubt that being washed defence to defend themselves in defence of some against some attacks attacks deserves respecting/to be respected to win deserves attention deserves paying attention to deserves to be paid attention to appointment appointed to take who has been appointed as appointed as to on/upon helping Fixing his attention on his mobile phone With his attention fixed on his mobile phone there is no doubt that that whether how that our team will participate in appointment defence to achieve considerate immediately to The on to up held apologise motivation history前加the 去掉attend后面的to share with you The instant I saw the live broadcast am used to playing basketball There is no doubt that makes me healthy and energetic offers me a chance to make friends drawn my attention to the importance of teamwork all the time an outstanding professional It was not until today that I have time to share with you my basketball stories. Not only does it make me healthy and energetic but it also offers me a chance to make friends. It was not until today that I have time to share with you my basketball stories.To tell you the truth, the instant I saw the live broadcast of NBA on TV, I fell in love with basketball.Now I am used to playing basketball with my friends after school.There is no doubt that playing basketball benefits me in many ways.Not only does it make me healthy and energetic but it also offers me a chance to make friends.In addition, playing basketball has drawn my attention to the importance of teamwork.In conclusion, playing basketball has been my favourite sport all the time.I hope to become an outstanding professional in the future. Thank you for watching ! Module 1 Basketball 三言 两语 1.Sports are perhaps the most popular form of relaxation that almost all can enjoy. 2.What's more, because I can play basketball and football well, I'm ready to help others with the sports. 3.I join the basketball team, where I not only learn the importance of teamwork but also strengthen my body, which is of great benefit to my mental as well as physical health. 1.你可以和其他同学一起打球或游泳,那会很有趣。 You can join_other_students_in_playing ball games or swimming.It will be a_lot_of_fun. 2.我能够通过打篮球结交许多朋友,而且我们可以分享成功、分担失败。 I can make_a_lot_of_friends through playing basketball and we can share_our_successes_and_failures. [单词 拼写应用] 核心单词 1.hold v.保持 2.attend v.上(学) 3.average n.平均数 4.deserve v.应得;值得 5.outstanding adj.杰出的;优秀的;出色的 6.generation n.一代人 7.live adv.现场直播地;现场演出地 8.selfish adj.自私的,自私自利的 9.nature n.性格;本性;天性 10.obtain v.获得,得到 11.commit v.犯(错误,罪行) 12.confirm v.(尤指通过提供更多证据)证实,进一步确定 [语境运用] 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.(2019·江苏卷)Scientists have_obtained(obtain) more evidence that plastic is finding its way into the human body. 2.(2017·全国卷Ⅰ)I then made it a point to_attend(attend) those meetings and learn all I could. 3.Keep an open mind, because everyone's idea deserves(deserve) considering. 4.We must conserve our forests and woodlands for future generations(generation). 5.While the police have done a lot of investigations, much evidence remains to_be_confirmed(confirm). 拓展单词 1.defend v.防守→defence n.防卫;防守→defensive adj.自卫的;防御用的 2.talent n.天资;天赋;才能;才华→talented adj.有天资的;有才能的 3.motivate v.作为……的动力;促动→motivation n.动力 4.vary v.变化;不同→various adj.各种各样的→variety n.种类 5.immediate adj.立刻的;即刻的→immediately adv.立刻;立即 6.rely v.信任;信赖→reliable adj.可信赖的 7.instant adj.立刻的→instantly adv.立刻地 8.appoint v. 任命,委派→appointed adj.约定的,指定的→appointment n.任命;约会;预约 9.consider v.考虑;认为→considerate adj. 体谅的;考虑周到的→consideration n.考虑→considerable adj.相当大的;相当多的→considering prep.考虑到,鉴于 10.apology n.道歉→apologise v.道歉,谢罪 [语境运用] 用所给词的适当形式填空 1.He was appointed as manager of the company.But to everyone's surprise, he didn't accept the appointment.(appoint) 2.Japan should apologise to the women who suffered a lot in World War Ⅱ,but Japan didn't make an apology to them.(apology) 3.Considering his young age, it is quite considerate of him to consider other people before making a decision.(consider) 4.Joanna is a talented dancer.She showed talent for dancing when she was young.(talent) 5.In time of war, lots of money will be spent on defence and many measures will be taken to defend a country from being attacked.(defend) 6.Jack is an intelligent student, but he lacks motivation.What we should do is to think of ways to motivating him to study.(motivate) 阅读单词 1.association n.协会 2.complicated adj.复杂的 3.awesome adj.了不起的 4.entire adj. 全部的;整个的 5.popularity n.流行;普及 6.hit n.热门人物 7.nationwide adj.全国各地的 8.angle n.角,角度 9.parallel adj.平行的,并行的 10.adequate adj.适当的,足够的;充分的 11.bound v.跳跃_ 12.abrupt adj. 突出的,出其不意的 13.accelerate v.加快,加速 14.typical adj.典型的,具有代表性的;独特的 15.slim adj. 苗条的,修长的 16.boundary n.界限,范围 17.controversial adj. 有争议的 18.bleed v.(尤指因受伤而)流血,出血 19.ambulance n.救护车 20.weep v.哭泣,流泪 21.basis n.基础;根据 1.(2017·江苏卷)But he quickly found that he loved playing this instrument, and was committed to practicing it so that within a couple of months he was playing reasonably well.使承担义务,保证 2.(2017·江苏卷)Companies could be forced to reveal to consumers what information they hold and how much money they make from it.包含 3.(2016·天津卷)Although skills and talents bring great success, the most valuable asset (财富) one can hold is the heart.拥有 [短语 多维应用] 高 频 短 语 1.in_the_history_of 在……历史上 2.with_an_average_of 平均为…… 3.be_rude_to 对……粗鲁 4.grow_up 成长,长大 5.all_the_time 一直 [语境运用] 选用左栏短语的适当形式填空。 You ①were_rude_to your sister, for which you should make an apology to her.You know, your sister was very concerned about you and took good care of you ②all_the_time.She helped you to learn maths, English and physics.In addition, she cleaned your clothes when you were very young.You are ③growing_up in a very close, loving family. 6.be_based_on 根据,以……为基础 7.be_used_to 习惯于(某事物) 8.draw_sb.'s_attention_to 引起某人注意(某事物) 9.take_possession_of 占有,占据,拥有 10.if_necessary 如果有必要的话 [语境运用] 选用左栏短语的适当形式填空。 It came as a shock that the famous singer was arrested for ④taking_possession_of drugs, which had a bad effect on the public.People ⑤drew_their_attention_to the singer's behavior immediately.In their opinion, the singer should make an apology to the public.⑥If_necessary,_he should apologise on TV. [句式 结构仿写] 教材原句背诵 句式仿写应用 1.the+序数词(+名词)+to do(作定语)。 In 1987, Jordan became only the second player to score more than 3,000 points in a season. 她是我们村第一个上大学的女孩子,这使她父母非常自豪。 She is the_first_girl_to_go_to_college in our village, which makes her parents very proud. 2.比较级表示最高级:比较级+than all the other+名词复数。 At one point, Chamberlain was so much better than all the other players that they changed the rules of the game to try to stop him! 众所周知,中国比亚洲所有其他国家都大。 As is known to all, China is larger_than_all_the_other_countries in Asia. 3.There is no doubt that ...毫无疑问……But there is no doubt that he deserves the title “outstanding player of his generation”. 毫无疑问,我们人类应该为全球变暖负责。There_is_no_doubt_that we human beings should be responsible for the global warming. 1.defend v.防守;辩护;防卫 (1)defend sb./sth.from/against...保护……免遭……;保卫……抵御…… (2)defence n.防御;保卫;防御物 in defence of 保卫……;为……辩护 defend her children from harm and danger 保护她的孩子免受伤害和危险 came to her defence 来保护她 learn to arise in defence of their legal rights 学会起来保护他们的合法权利 [名师点津] 与defend ...from/against用法类似的还有:prevent...(from), stop ...(from), keep ...from, protect ...from/against, discourage ...from等,上述短语若用于被动语态,from都不可省略。 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①The wall was built to defend the road from being_washed(wash) away by the sea. ②The town walls were built as a defence(defend) against enemy attacks. [能力提升]——一句多译 有些人认为应该训练学生保护自己免遭某些攻击。 ①Some think that students should be trained to_defend_themselves_against_ some_attacks.(defend) ②Some think that students should be trained in_defence_of_some_attacks. (defence) 2.deserve v.应得;值得 (1)deserve doing = deserve to be done 值得(被)做 deserve to do sth.值得做某事;应该做某事 (2)deserve attention/consideration/sympathy/respect 值得注意/考虑/同情/尊重 deserve everyone's attention 值得所有人的注意 deserve to pass the exams 应该通过这次考试 deserve giving such a great honor 值得给予这么大的荣誉 [名师点津] deserve doing是用v.?ing的主动形式表示被动意义,相当于deserve to be done,用法相同的单词还有need, want和require等。 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2018·北京卷)The story once again tells us that one good turn deserves(deserve) another. ②It is those who are willing to give rather than receive that deserve respecting/to _be_respected(respect). ③He deserved to_win(win) in the Olympic Games because he had made enough preparations for the game. [能力提升]——一句多译 随着目前许多野生动物逐渐灭绝,形势值得注意。 ①With many wild animals gradually dying out, the present situation deserves_ attention.(deserve+n.) ②With many wild animals gradually dying out, the present situation deserves_ paying_attention_to.(deserve doing) ③With many wild animals gradually dying out, the present situation deserves_to_ be_paid_attention_to.(deserve to be done) 3.appoint v.任命,委派,约定 (1)appoint...(to be)/as...任命……为…… appoint sb.to do sth.指派某人做某事 (2)appointment n.任命,指派;约会,约定 make/have an appointment with sb.与某人约会 keep/break an appointment 守/失约 (3)appointed adj.指定的;约定的 have an appointment with Dr.Smith 与史密斯博士有个约会 be appointed to look into food safety 被委派调查食品安全 be appointed as headmaster of the school 被任命为这个学校的校长 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2018·北京卷)They take their driverless car to an appointment(appoint) and set the empty vehicle to circle the building to avoid paying for parking. ②(2015·重庆卷)I'm writing to apply for “wild release”, in which you can put the books in the appointed(appoint) place, and other participants can have free access to them. ③I was appointed to_take(take) charge of arranging all the activities on that day. [能力提升]——一句多译 她是这些年来唯一一个被任命总经理的女性。 ①She is the only one of the women who_has_been_appointed_as chief manager these years.(定语从句) ②She is the only one of the women appointed_as chief manager these years.(过去分词短语作定语) 4.draw one's attention to 引起某人注意(某事物) pay attention to 注意…… fix/focus one's attention on/upon 某人的注意力集中在…… attract/catch one's attention 引起某人的注意 bring sth.to one's attention 使某人注意某事 turn/direct one's attention to 将注意力转向…… devote one's attention to 专心于…… focus their attention on the rising housing price 他们的注意力集中在上涨的房价上 attract many people's attention 引起很多人的注意 pay much attention to the pronunciation多注意发音 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2019·全国卷Ⅰ )In the meanwhile, more attention is paid to the study of the traditional culture in Chinese high schools. ②Now it's time for you to focus your attention on/upon your study. ③He always devotes his attention to helping(help) the homeless children. [能力提升]——句式升级 普通表达:Because he fixed his attention on his mobile phone, he didn't notice his head teacher's appearance. ①高级表达:Fixing_his_attention_on_his_mobile_phone,_he didn't notice his head teacher's appearance.(现在分词短语作状语) ②高级表达:With_his_attention_fixed_on_his_mobile_phone,_he didn't notice his head teacher's appearance.(with复合结构) 5.(教材P3)But there_is_no_doubt_that he deserves the title “outstanding player of his generation”.但是毫无疑问,他无愧于“一代杰出球员”这一称号。 [句型公式] 句中there is no doubt that...意为“毫无疑问……”。that引导的是同位语从句,用来说明doubt的具体内容。 (1)同位语从句通常用that, whether, what, which, when, where, why, how等词引导,常放在hope, wish, idea, news, fact, promise, opinion, suggestion, advice, truth, evidence, problem等名词后面,说明该名词的具体内容。 (2)有时同位语从句可以不紧跟在被说明的名词后面,而被别的词隔开。 [金句推送] (天津卷)There's no doubt that you can gain more benefits from it. 毫无疑问你会从中获得更多的利益。 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2019·江苏卷)Scientists have obtained more evidence that_plastic is finding its way into the human body. ②We will discuss the problem whether the sports meeting will be held on time. ③Our teacher gave us some advice how we should use the computer. [能力提升]——完成句子 我有激动人心的消息要与你分享,我队在两个月后要代表我们的城市参加全省篮球锦标赛。 I have exciting news to share with you that_our_team_will_participate_in the Provincial Basketball Tournament on behalf of our city two months later. 多维训练——夯实基础 维度1——用所给词的正确形式填空 1.I would appreciate it if you call back this afternoon for the doctor's appointment(appoint). 2.When he was in danger, two friends came to his defence(defend). 3.Because she works hard, she deserves to_achieve(achieve) the goal of entering the key university. 4.It's very considerate(consider) of her to meet us at the station in such bad weather. 5.Once we discover a mistake, we should not ignore it but correct it immediately(immediate). 维度2——在空白处填入一个适当的词 1.It was so kind of you to draw my attention to the mistake in my homework. 2.The instant I saw him, I knew he was the man the police were looking for. 3.I cannot accept an opinion offered to me unless it is based on facts. 4.He was very rude to the Customs officer, which of course made things even worse. 5.The famous scientist grew up where he was born and in 1930 he came to Shanghai. 维度3——查缺补漏(单句语法填空/单句改错) 1.He held(hold) out his hand to stop the taxi but it didn't stop. 2.I must apologise(apology) for the delay in replying to your letter. 3.The stronger the motivation(motivate), the more quickly a person will learn a foreign language. 4.Do you think English is the most widely used language in history of our planet? history前加the 5.To my delight, I was chosen from hundreds of applicants to attend to the opening ceremony.去掉attend后面的to 维度4——话题写作 1.补全要点句(加黑体部分请利用本单元所学词汇或句式) ①直到今天我才有时间与你分享我的篮球故事。 I didn't have time to share_with_you my basketball stories until today. ②我在电视上一看到NBA的实况转播,就爱上了篮球。 The_instant_I_saw_the_live_broadcast of NBA on TV, I fell in love with basketball. ③现在我习惯于放学后和朋友们打篮球。 Now I am_used_to_playing_basketball with my friends after school. ④毫无疑问打篮球在许多方面让我受益匪浅。 There_is_no_doubt_that playing basketball benefits me in many ways. ⑤它不仅使我保持健康和精力充沛,而且给我提供了交友的机会。 It not only makes_me_healthy_and_energetic but it also offers_me_a_chance_to_ make_friends. ⑥打篮球使我注意到团队合作的重要性。 Playing basketball has drawn_my_attention_to_the_importance_of_teamwork. ⑦打篮球一直是我最喜爱的运动,我希望将来成为一个出色的职业球员。 Playing basketball has been my favourite sport all_the_time.I hope to become an_outstanding_professional in the future. 2.升级平淡句 (1)用强调句型改写句① It_was_not_until_today_that_I_have_time_to_share_with_you_my_basketball_stories. (2)用部分倒装改写句⑤ Not_only_does_it_make_me_healthy_and_energetic_but_it_also_offers_me_a_chance_to_make_friends. 3.衔接成美文(注意利用适当的过渡衔接词汇:to tell you the truth, in addition, in conclusion) It was not until today that I have time to share with you my basketball stories.To tell you the truth, the instant I saw the live broadcast of NBA on TV, I fell in love with basketball.Now I am used to playing basketball with my friends after school.There is no doubt that playing basketball benefits me in many ways.Not only does it make me healthy and energetic but it also offers me a chance to make friends.In addition, playing basketball has drawn my attention to the importance of teamwork.In conclusion, playing basketball has been my favourite sport all the time.I hope to become an outstanding professional in the future. PAGE 1 (共56张PPT) 选修7 Module 2 Highlights of My Senior Year pass our love and friendship to enriched our own school life enjoy a rich and colorful life forever issue activity ability recite luggage concept dynamic regulation punctual upset course activities regulations upsets courses reciting settler settlement competitive competition competitor election elector suitable attractive attraction consideration considerate developing developed development traditional innocence cheerful settlers settle settlement competition competitors competing competitive developed developing suits suitable election elected attractive attractions attracts 最重要的部分;最精彩的部分 (短期)租用 巨大的,庞大的 渴望的;热切的;热心的 托儿所 机构,团体 羊毛制的,毛料的 (旅行用)手提箱 破旧的,破烂的 窗帘;门帘;帘子 啜泣,呜咽,抽噎 擦光,擦亮 两星期,14天 (毕业)文凭,成绩合格证书 奖学金 形成,产生 患(病) 烦恼 look back at be likely to do in my view play an important part in ... be considered as are considered as play an important part in In my view have fun as far as I'm concerned get on with sb. in other words have problems with ... have problems with In other words getting on with found himself lying in a hospital It's a great pity that It was not until he fell ill that 定居 平静 解决 down reading settlement With a lot of difficult problems to settle suited suits to suits him well is suitable to do the job/for the job to attractive attraction Attracted by the beauty back upon/on through Looking back on the past find myself looking back at lying locked it found myself living in a completely different culture suitable running issues competitive to win down back In up that election innocent development upset后加about/over 去掉a am greatly honored to share my views develop good learning habits are considered as a must In my view take part in after?school some of the highlights activities settle problems we meet independently just relying on our parents As far as I'm concerned we are more likely to experience It is certain that they are some of the highlights in our senior school life. As far as I'm concerned, only in this way are we more likely to experience a wonderful senior school life. I am greatly honored to share my views on how to live a meaningful life in senior high school.First of all, as students, we should develop good learning habits, and they are considered as a must for good academic performance.In my view, it's beneficial to take part in after? school activities and do voluntary work.It is certain that they are some of the highlights in our senior school life.What's more, we should try to settle problems we meet independently instead of just relying on our parents.As far as I'm concerned, only in this way are we more likely to experience a wonderful senior school life. Thank you for watching ! Module 2 Highlights of My Senior Year 三言 两语 1.Under the teacher's strict teaching and my personal efforts, I have formed a solid foundation of professional knowledge. 2.Moreover, I think it would be more beneficial if you could exchange ideas with your classmates. 3.Rather than limiting ourselves to the classroom,we ought to go out of the classroom, see the outside world and become a well?rounded student. 1.通过这次活动,我们不仅给别人传递了爱心和友谊,而且还丰富了我们自己的学校生活。 Through this activity, not only did we pass_our_love_and_friendship_to others, but we also enriched_our_own_school_ life. 2.我相信通过你巨大的努力,你会在这里享有丰富多彩的生活。 I am sure that with your great efforts, you will enjoy_a_rich_and_colorful_life here. [单词 拼写应用] 核心单词 1.forever adv.永远 2.issue n.问题 3.activity n.活动 4.ability n.能力;本领;技能 5.recite v.背诵,朗诵 6.luggage n.行李 7.concept_n.概念 8.dynamic adj.精力充沛的,有创新思想的 9.regulation n.规章,规则,条例 10.punctual adj.准时的,守时的 11.upset v.使(某人)心烦意乱,使心情不好 12.course n.课程 [语境运用] 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.(2019·北京卷)No matter what you like to do, there is a way to get involved in various activities(activity) on Earth Day. 2.(2015·江苏卷)In fact, traffic rules are part of the rules and regulations(regulation) closely related to public order. 3.If there is one thing that upsets(upset) me, it's my forgetfulness. 4.To help Tom improve his English, I recommend that he take some online courses(course). 5.She took pleasure in reciting(recite) the list of scenic spots around the town. 拓展单词 1.settle v.解决→ settler n.移民;殖民者→ settlement n.解决;定居点 2.compete v.竞争,竞赛→competitive adj.好强的;好竞争的→competition n.竞争,竞赛,比赛→competitor n.竞争者;对手 3.elect v.选举;推选→election n.选举→elector n.选民 4.suit v.合适;适合→ suitable adj.适合的 5.attract v.吸引→ attractive adj.有吸引力的→ attraction n.吸引(力) 6.consider v.认为→consideration n.考虑→considerate adj.考虑周到的;体谅的 7.develop v.发展,培养→developing adj.发展中的→developed adj.发达的→ development n.发展 8.tradition n.传统→ traditional adj.传统的 9.innocent adj.天真无邪的;阅世不深的→innocence n.清白;天真无邪 10.cheer v.欢呼;喝彩;加油→ cheerful adj.快乐的;愉快的 [语境运用] 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.It's said that they are the first settlers to settle on the island.Then, the island becomes their permanent settlement.(settle) 2.The competition is very fierce—hundreds of competitors are competing for 56 medals, so I regret having taken part in this competitive game.(compete) 3.According to the survey, modern industry has developed quickly in developing countries such as China and India in the past half century.(develop) 4.This kind of accommodation suits you, because it offers an independent lifestyle and is more suitable for the long?stay students.(suit) 5.In the latest election,_Mary was elected chairman of the Students' Union.(elect) 6.We agree to find an attractive place to relax ourselves.Los Angeles has so many attractions—nightclubs, good restaurants and so on.With its mild climate, the place usually attracts visitors from both home and abroad.(attract) 阅读单词 1.highlight n.最重要的部分;最精彩的部分 2.rent v.(短期)租用 3.enormous adj.巨大的,庞大的 4.keen adj.渴望的;热切的;热心的 5.nursery n.托儿所 6.institution n.机构,团体 7.woollen adj.羊毛制的,毛料的 8.suitcase n.(旅行用)手提箱 9.shabby adj.破旧的,破烂的 10.curtain n.窗帘;门帘;帘子 11.sob v.啜泣,呜咽,抽噎 12.polish v.擦光,擦亮 13.fortnight n.两星期,14天 14.certificate n.(毕业)文凭,成绩合格证书 15.scholarship n.奖学金 1.(2017·北京卷) “Sleep is the price we pay for learning,” says Giulio Tononi, who developed the idea.形成,产生 2.(2016·10月浙江卷) Studies show that people who volunteer are less likely to develop depression (抑郁) than people who don't.患(病) 3.(2015·浙江卷)The evening walk was a time to shake off the day's upsets and let the worry tracks in my head go to white noise._烦恼 [短语 多维应用] 高 频 短 语 1.look_back_at 回顾,回忆 2.be_likely_to_do 有可能 3._in_my_view 我认为;在我看来 4.play_an_important_part_in_...在……中起重要的作用 5.be_considered_as 被看作,被认为是…… [语境运用] 选用左栏短语的适当形式填空 One thing that Britain is famous for its pubs, which ①are_considered_as the irreplaceable places in Britain.Pubs ②play_an_important_part_in the social structure of the country.There are many different types of beer available in pubs.③In_my_view,_you'd better visit some pubs if you travel in Britain. 6.have_fun 玩得开心 7._as_far_as_I'm_concerned 就我而言 8.get_on_with_sb. 与某人相处 9.in_other_words 换句话说 10.have_problems_with_... 在……方面有问题 [语境运用] 选用左栏短语的适当形式填空 Young people can ④have_problems_with their minds.⑤In_other_words,_they have mental problems.Some students become worried because they have to study very hard.Others have trouble ⑥getting_on well ⑦with people like their parents and classmates.If you feel unhappy or unwell, go to see a doctor or talk to your parents or teachers often. [句式 结构仿写] 教材原句背诵 句式仿写应用 1.find+oneself ...发现自己…… Meanwhile, I find myself looking back at my senior year, and thinking about all the wonderful things that have happened. 当鲍勃苏醒过来时,他发现自己正躺在医院里。 When Bob came to himself, he found_himself_lying_in_a_hospital. 2.It is a great pity that...很可惜…… It's a great pity that it's probably the last time this will happen. 我不能和你面对面交流如何学好英语真的很遗憾。It's_a_great_pity_that I can't communicate with you about how to learn English well face to face. 3.It was not until ...that...直到……才…… It was not until the 1920s that pompoms began to play an important part in cheerleading. 直到病倒了,他才意识到健康是多么的重要。It_was_not_until_he_fell_ill_that he realized how important health was. 1.settle v.(使)定居;停留;解决;(使)平静 [一词多义]——写出下列句中settle的含义 ①(2018·全国卷Ⅲ) People settle in these places because they are easy to get to and naturally suited to communications and trade.定居 ②(2015·湖南卷)It was a rainy morning and the children, mainly boys with various learning difficulties, refused to settle for the start of the lesson.平静 ③It is only by listening to and understanding each other that problems between parents and children can be settled.解决 (1)settle down (使)平静下来;(使)稳定;定居下来 settle down to (doing) sth.专心(做)某事 (2)settlement n.安顿;定居点;解决;协议 settler n.移民;殖民者 settle down to your work 专心于你的工作 settle down in the country and start a new life 在乡下定居,开始了新的生活 establish a settlement there 在那里建立了定居点 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2017·天津卷)Mr.and Mrs.Brown would like to see their daughter settle down, get married, and have kids. ②Something is bothering him, so he can't settle down to reading(read) a book. ③People expect that the talk will lead to the settlement(settle) to the problem. [能力提升]——句式升级 普通表达:There are a lot of difficult problems to settle, so the newly?elected president is having a hard time. 高级表达:With_a_lot_of_difficult_problems_to_settle,the newly?elected president is having a hard time.(with复合结构) 2.suit vt.适合,使适应 vi.合适;相称 n.一套衣服;套装 (1)suit sb.(fine) (很)合某人的意;对某人(很)合适 suit...to...使……适合/适应…… suit oneself 随自己的意愿 (2)suitable adj.适当的;相配的 be suitable for 适合 make a suitable timetable 制定一个合适的时间表 be suitable for voluntary work 适合做志愿者工作 be suitable to use in very hot weather 适合用在炎热的天气里 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2018·天津卷)Some experts are skeptical about 3D food printers, believing they are better suited(suit) for fast food restaurants than homes and high?end restaurants. ②(2018·全国卷Ⅲ )If it is convenient for you, let's meet at 8: 30 outside the school gate.If not, let me know what time suits(suit) you best. ③A good speaker is always trying to suit his speech to his audience. [能力提升]——一句多译 他适合做这项工作,因为他非常细心。 ①The job suits_him_well because he is very careful.(suit) ②He is_suitable_to_do_the_job/for_the_job because he is very careful.(suitable) 3.attract v.吸引;引起……的注意(或兴趣等) (1)attract sb.to sth.把某人吸引到…… attract sb.'s attention 吸引某人的注意力 (2)attraction n.吸引(力); 具有吸引力的事物/人 attractive adj.有吸引力的;引起兴趣的 attract new customers to its stores 把新顾客吸引到它的商店 have so many tourist attractions 有那么多的旅游景点 be attractive to tourists for its beautiful scenery 以它美丽的风景吸引游客 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2019·江苏卷)Young birds are often attracted to the warm roads' surface and get killed by the traffic. ②(2017·全国卷Ⅲ)This attractive(attract) tour takes you to some of San Francisco's most cheerful holiday scenes. ③(2016·全国卷Ⅱ)But for tourists like me, pandas are its top attraction(attract). [能力提升]——句式升级 普通表达:The girl from London was attracted by the beauty and she decided to spend another two days on the farm. 高级表达:Attracted_by_the_beauty,_the girl from London decided to spend another two days on the farm.(过去分词短语作状语) 4.look back at/on sth.回顾;回忆;回头看 look into 向……里面看去;调查 look through 看穿,浏览 look up 查找 look up to 仰慕;尊敬 look down upon/on 看不起,轻视 look through her notes before the examination 考试前浏览笔记 be educated to look up to older people 被教育尊敬老年人 look into the case as soon as possible 尽快调查这个事件 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2019·天津卷)Looking back,_I feel blessed someone had wanted to help a stranger. ②Therefore, there is no reason for us to look down upon/on ordinary jobs. ③Would you please look through the paper for me and see if there are any obvious mistakes? [能力提升]——句式升级 普通表达:When I looked back on the past, I'm proud of what I have achieved. 高级表达:Looking_back_on_the_past,_I'm proud of what I have achieved.(现在分词短语作状语) 5.(教材P16)Meanwhile, I find_myself_looking_back_at my senior year,and thinking about all the wonderful things that have happened.同时,我发觉自己在回顾自己高中最后一年的时光,追忆所有发生过的美好往事。 [句型公式] “find oneself+宾语补足语”通常表示“(在事先毫无知觉的情况下)突然发现自己处于某种状态”。宾语补足语常由介词短语、现在分词、过去分词、形容词或副词充当;一般不用不定式,但可用to be。 (1)find+宾语+ (2)find+it+形容词/名词+to do(it是形式宾语,to do是真正的宾语) [金句推送] (全国卷Ⅱ)But the next time you find yourself among strangers, consider that small talk is worth the trouble.但是下一次当你发现在陌生人中间时,你会认为是值得花费力气闲聊的。 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①When he woke up, he found himself lying(lie) in the street. ②But when the police arrived, they found the door locked(lock) and all windows closed. ③With the world becoming a global village, I find it necessary to have a good command of English. [能力提升]——完成句子 到达美国后,我发现自己生活在一个完全不同的文化中。 After I arrived in America, I found_myself_living_in_a_completely_different _culture. 多维训练——夯实基础 维度1——用所给词的正确形式填空 1.Six months passed by, and still she had not found a suitable(suit) job. 2.Suddenly she found herself running(run)down the street. 3.Political parties often differ in their views on various issues(issue) concerning their own countries. 4.It is also a virtue to forgive and forget, especially in such a competitive (compete) and stressful society. 5.The player was likely to_win(win) the 100?meter hurdles, but he fell to the ground and missed the chance. 维度2——在空白处填入一个适当的词 1.After they got married, they settled down in a small village, leading a quiet life. 2.I like to look back at my high?school days, which were the happiest in my life. 3.In my view, the best friend is the one with whom to share your sorrow and joy. 4.Whenever I encounter difficulties, her eyes will encourage me and help me cheer up. 5.It's a great pity that you didn't attend my birthday party last night. 维度3——查缺补漏(单句语法填空/单句改错) 1.The election(elect) was held six months ahead of schedule. 2.The old song reminds me of those innocent(innocence) children I met in the countryside. 3.With the development(develop) of the society, people pay much more attention to education than before. 4.It may well be just a rumour and may be nothing to get upset. upset后加about/over 5.One windy spring day, I noticed young people having a fun using the wind to fly their kites.去掉a 维度4——话题写作 1.补全要点句(加黑体部分请利用本单元所学词汇或句式) ①很荣幸分享我有关如何在高中过有意义的生活的看法。 I am_greatly_honored_to_share_my_views on how to live a meaningful life in senior high school. ②作为学生,我们应该培养好的学习习惯,它们被认为是要取得优秀成绩所必须具备的。 As students, we should develop_good_learning_habits,_and they_are_considered _as_a_must for good academic performance. ③在我看来,参加课外活动,做志愿者工作是有益的。 In_my_view,_it's beneficial to_take_part_in_after?school_activities and do voluntary work. ④它们肯定是我们高中生活中一些最精彩的部分。 Certainly, they are some_of_the_highlights in our senior school life. ⑤我们应该尝试独立地解决我们遇到的问题而不只是依靠父母。 We should try to settle_problems_we_meet_independently instead of just_ relying_on_our_parents. ⑥就我而言,我们只有用这种方式才更有可能过上精彩的高中生活。 As_far_as_I'm_concerned,_we_are_more_likely_to_experience a wonderful senior school life only in this way. 2.升级平淡句 (1)用it作形式主语改写句④ It_is_certain_that_they_are_some_of_the_highlights_in_our_senior_school_life. (2)用部分倒装改写句⑥ As_far_as_I'm_concerned,_only_in_this_way_are_we_more_likely_to_experience_a_wonderful_senior_school_life. 3.衔接成美文(注意利用适当的过渡衔接词汇:first of all, what's more) I am greatly honored to share my views on how to live a meaningful life in senior high school.First of all, as students, we should develop good learning habits, and they are considered as a must for good academic performance.In my view, it's beneficial to take part in after?school activities and do voluntary work.It is certain that they are some of the highlights in our senior school life.What's more, we should try to settle problems we meet independently instead of just relying on our parents.As far as I'm concerned, only in this way are we more likely to experience a wonderful senior school life. PAGE 1 (共54张PPT) 选修7 Module 3 Literature has won the Nobel Prize for Literature finding new beauties to scene feed whisper healthy support seize hang reward escape attain healthier seized fed to support is attained cruelty service eagerly desperately desperation intention distribution starvation concerned accumulation accomplishment starvation starved desperately desperate accomplish accomplishment intention intend accumulated accumulation distributed distribution 胃口;食欲 尖叫;高声喊叫 多暴力的;犯罪率高的 拖;拉;硬拽 监狱 婚礼 违法地;非法地 报答;回报 章节 (使)窒息,(使)噎住,(使)呼吸困难 吞下;咽下(食物或饮料) 垃圾箱,垃圾桶 营养(作用);滋养 幸福,福祉;健康 审判,审理 一束,一串 大使 悼念,哀悼,为……哀痛 支撑 饲料 艰难的 活动领域 be cruel to pick out let go of escape from a huge/amount of picked out escaped from a huge/large amount of in astonishment in a ...voice bring sth.to the attention of sb. suffer from put up brings to the attention of suffering from put up Not until the river was seriously polluted did the local gover nment realize No sooner had he finished his speech than were playing football on the playground when rewarding will be rewarded a rewarding him for in reward for/as a reward for for intended intention which was intended to help the homeless intended to help the homeless with the intention of helping the homeless is to a huge/large amount of money has been spent huge/large amounts of money have been spent No sooner than when the immediately No sooner/Hardly had he finished his talk than/when intention are will be rewarded accomplishment whispering than in on in to eagerly hung being killed 去掉for concerning→concerned written by cold and starved didn't intend to go home was very cruel to her so eager for warmth in astonishment was served No sooner had people come to the street than It was on a cold New Year's Eve that a little girl walked in the street, cold and starved. So eager for warmth was the girl that she struck the matches. The Little Match Girl is a famous fairy tale written by Danish writer Anderson.It was on a cold New Year's Eve that a little girl walked in the street, cold and starved.However, she didn't intend to go home because her father was very cruel to her.As far as we know, so eager for warmth was the girl that she struck the matches.In the flame, she saw in astonishment that delicious food was served.Unfortunately, no sooner had people come to the street than they found the little girl dead. Thank you for watching ! Module 3 Literature 三言 两语 1.On one hand, reading literature books can let the students learn about the culture. 2.Whenever he is faced with difficulties in writing, he won't give up easily. 3.What makes this novel stand out is its unique characters, language, plots and style. 1.这是中国人第一次获得诺贝尔文学奖。 It is the first time that Chinese has_won_the_Nobel_Prize_for_Literature. 2.我们总是不断地在莎士比亚的诗歌中发现新的美妙之处。 We are always finding_new_beauties_to Shakespeare's poetry. [单词 拼写应用] 核心单词 1.scene n.场景;场面 2.feed v.喂养;为……提供食品 3.whisper v.低声地说;耳语 4.healthy adj.健康的 5.support n.支撑物 6.seize v.抓住 7.hang v.绞死;吊死 8.reward n.酬谢;奖赏;赏金 9.escape v.逃跑 10.attain v.获得,达到 [语境运用] 用所给词的适当形式填空 1.(2018·全国卷Ⅲ)So do we dance in order to make ourselves feel better, calmer, healthier(healthy)? 2.(2019·天津卷)I was ready to pay for my bananas at the grocery one night, when fear seized(seize) me. 3.(2015·陕西卷)Previous generations concentrated on getting children to school on time, fed(feed), dressed and ready to learn. 4.It's difficult for him to_support(support) himself on such a small salary. 5.A number of recent studies indicate that happiness is_attained(attain) more easily after middle age. 拓展单词 1.cruel adj.冷酷的→cruelty n.冷酷;残酷 2.serve v.端上(饭菜等)→service n.服务;兵役 3.eager adj.热切的;渴望的→eagerly adv.渴望地;急切地 4.desperate adj.绝望的→ desperately adv.不顾一切地→desperation n.绝望 5.intend v.打算→ intention n.意图;目的;打算 6.distribute v.分发,分配,分送→ distribution n.分发 7.starve v.饿死→starvation n.挨饿,饿死 8.concern n.关心,担心→ concerned adj.担心的;关注的 9.accumulate v.积累→ accumulation n.积累 10.accomplish v.完成(任务等),取得(成功)→ accomplishment n.完成 [语境运用] 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.After three days without food, the men were close to starvation.If we had come later, they would have starved to death.(starve) 2.The man in the river desperately tried to reach the side.The situation was desperate but not hopeless.(desperate) 3.The manager promised that when we accomplish this task, he will hold a party to celebrate our accomplishment.(accomplish) 4.With the intention of becoming famous and rich, many ordinary people intend to take part in some TV shows.(intend) 5.She accumulated a large fortune after years of hard work, and the accumulation process was full of bitterness.(accumulate) 6.His property was distributed among his sons.But unexpectedly, they had a conflict about the distribution.(distribute) 阅读单词 1.appetite n.胃口;食欲 2.scream v.尖叫;高声喊叫 3.rough adj.多暴力的;犯罪率高的 4.drag v.拖;拉;硬拽 5.prison n.监狱 6.wedding n.婚礼 7.illegally adv.违法地;非法地 8.repay v.报答;回报 9.chapter n.章节 10.choke v.(使)窒息,(使)噎住,(使)呼吸困难 11.swallow v.吞下;咽下(食物或饮料)_ 12.dustbin n.垃圾箱,垃圾桶 13.nutrition n.营养(作用);滋养 14.welfare n.幸福,福祉;健康 15.trial n.审判,审理 16.bunch n.一束,一串 17.ambassador n.大使 18.mourn v.悼念,哀悼,为……哀痛 1.(2019·江苏卷)Adjusting to an upright position was quite a challenge, especially when the bones had to support an extra?large skull.支撑 2.(2016·10月浙江卷)Then one night, Gene told me he didn't have enough money to buy the feed.饲料 3.(2016·天津卷)The team practice, however, was a rough start.She coughed and choked and could hardly survive her first few weeks.艰难的 4.The Post's goal is to remain unique, with content that provides additional understandings on the ever?evolving American scene.活动领域 [短语 多维应用] 高 频 短 语 1.be_cruel_to 对……残忍 2.pick_out 挑选出,辨认出 3.let_go_of 放开,放弃 4.escape_from 从……逃离 5.a_huge/amount_of 大量的 [语境运用] 选用左栏短语的适当形式填空。 Mr King, who is ①picked_out from twenty drivers, works in a shop and drives a car for the manager.He drives carefully and can keep calm in face of danger.And he ②escaped_from several accidents.The manager pays him ③a_huge/large_amount_of money every year and the traffic policemen often speak highly of him. 6.in_astonishment 惊讶地,吃惊地 7.in_a_...voice 用……声音(说) ,……声地 8.bring_sth.to_the_attention_of_sb. 使某人关注某事 9.suffer_from 遭受 10.put_up 张贴(通知,海报),搭建,建造 [语境运用] 选用左栏短语的适当形式填空。 The media ④brings the environmental protection ⑤to_the_attention_of_ people nowadays because people are ⑥suffering_from serious pollution every day.Li Jun, a journalist, ⑦put_up many a poster everywhere to arouse people's awareness of environmental protection.As far as I'm concerned, we all should learn from him and do all we can to reduce pollution. [句式 结构仿写] 教材原句背诵 句式仿写应用 1.“not until+从句/表时间的词”位于句首,主句部分倒装。 Not until at least thirty seconds had passed, was the man able to speak. 直到河水被严重污染了,当地政府才意识到这个问题。Not_until_the_river_was_seriously_polluted_did_the_local_government_realize the problem. 2.no sooner ...than ...一……就…… No sooner had the boy spoken these words than the warden hit him on the head with the soup spoon. 他一完成讲话同学们就开始欢呼起来。No_sooner_had_he_finished_his_speech_than the students started cheering. 3.be doing ...when ...正在做……突然…… The managers of the workhouse were having a meeting when Mr Bumble rushed into the room in great excitement. 我们正在操场上踢足球,这时突然下雨了。 We were_playing_football_on_the_playground_when it began to rain. 1.reward n.酬谢;赏金;奖赏 v.奖赏;报答;酬谢 (1)reward sb.with sth.用某物奖赏某人 reward sb.for sth./doing sth.因(做)某事奖励某人 (2)as a reward for...作为对……的报酬 in reward for 作为报答;作为……的奖赏 (3)rewarding adj.值得做的;有益的 win several awards at the film festival 在电影节获得了好几项大奖 receive a reward for saving the child's life 因挽救了孩子的生命而受到奖励 as a reward for being admitted to college 作为被大学录取的奖赏 [名师点津] reward表示“奖赏;酬谢”,指对有功绩的事的报答或酬谢;award作名词指正式或官方 “颁发或授予的奖章、奖金等”;作动词时指正式地或官方地颁发、授予,常用搭配award sb.sth.= award sth.to sb.。 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2018·北京卷)Traveling along the old Silk Road is an interesting and rewarding(reward) experience. ②(2016·北京卷)The students have been working hard on their lessons and their efforts will_be_rewarded(reward) with success in the end. ③In your post, you mentioned that you could teach me English as a reward, which is just what I want. [能力提升]——一句多译 我给那个男孩一本字典作为他对我无私帮助的回报。 ①I gave the boy a dictionary, rewarding_him_for his selfless help to me. (reward v.) ②I gave the boy a dictionary in_reward_for/as_a_reward_for his selfless help to me.(reward n.) 2.intend v.想要;打算;意指 (1)intend to do/doing sth.打算做某事 intend sb.to do sth.打算让某人做某事 be intended for...专为……而设计的;为……打算或设计的 (2)had intended to do sth.本打算做某事但没有做成 (3)intention n.意图;目的;打算 with an/the intention of 打算…… had intended to give you a hand 本打算帮助你的 be intended for those with a background in management 专门为那些有管理背景的人设计的 with the intention of traveling in Africa 抱着去非洲旅行的目的 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2018·全国卷Ⅲ)But when Dennis Williams received a text that clearly wasn't intended for him, he did something special. ②(2018·北京卷)The university is known for its language and culture courses intended(intend) for international students. ③(2016·天津卷)She had a firm intention(intend) within herself to be the best she could be. [能力提升]——句式升级 普通表达:The program was set up and it was intended to help the homeless. ①高级表达:The program, which_was_intended_to_help_the_homeless,_was set up.(定语从句) ②高级表达:The program, intended_to_help_the_homeless,_was set up.(过去分词短语作定语) ③高级表达:The program was set up with_the_intention_of_helping_the_ homeless.(intention) 3.a huge amount of大量的 (1)“a huge/large amount of+不可数名词”作主语时,谓语动词用单数 (2)“huge amounts of+不可数名词”作主语时,谓语动词用复数 (3)amount to 总计;达到 a huge amount of coal 大量的煤炭 huge amounts of waste 大量的垃圾 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①A good amount of sleep every night is(be) important for your health. ②The total sales of the company didn't amount to more than a million dollars. [能力提升]——一句多译 为了缓解交通压力,迄今为止已经花了大量的钱修新公路。 ①In order to ease the traffic pressure, a_huge/large_amount_of_money_has_ been_spent on the new highways so far.(amount) ②In order to ease the traffic pressure, huge/large_amounts_of_money_have_ been_spent on the new highways so far.(amounts) 4.(教材P31)No_sooner had the boy spoken these words than the warden hit him on the head with the soup spoon.孩子的话刚出口,大师傅就操起勺子狠狠地敲他的脑袋。 [句型公式] 句中no sooner ...than ...表示“一……就……”,引导时间状语从句,主句常用过去完成时,从句常用一般过去时。no sooner 位于句首时,主句要部分倒装,而than引导的从句不倒装。有类似用法的还有hardly ...when ....。 常见的表示“一……就……”的句式还有: (1)as soon as (2)the moment/the minute/the instant/the second (3)immediately/directly (4)on/upon +名词/动名词 (5)at the sight/thought/mention/sound of 一看到/一想到/一提到/一听到 [金句推送] (陕西卷)No sooner had Mo Yan stepped on the stage than the audience broke into thunderous applause.莫言一登上舞台观众就爆发出雷鸣般的掌声。 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①Hardly had we arrived there when we divided this activity into three parts. ②I arranged the flowers in the vase_the moment I came back home. ③They offered help immediately(immediate) they learned of the accident. [能力提升]——句式升级 普通表达:As soon as he finished his talk he was surrounded by the excited workers. 高级表达:No_sooner/Hardly_had_he_finished_his_talk_than/when he was surrounded by the excited workers.(倒装句) 多维训练——夯实基础 维度1——用所给词的正确形式填空 1.If I've hurt your feelings, it was not my original intention(intend). 2.Large amounts of water are(be) needed for the crops as a result of the dry climate. 3.Sooner or later you will_be_rewarded(reward) for your positive attitude towards your work. 4.Your suggestion has greatly contributed to the accomplishment(accomplish) of our work. 5.He touched me with his finger, whispering(whisper) to me in my ear, “The teacher is coming”. 维度2——在空白处填入一个适当的词 1.No sooner had he arrived in Beijing than he went to visit his old friends. 2.They talked in a low voice in order that they should not be heard. 3.Butterflies feed on a sweet liquid produced by flowers, which bees and other insects collect. 4.“Didn't you have a good time at the party?”she looked at me and asked in astonishment. 5.He wrote the article to bring the fact to the attention of the public that driving after drinking is dangerous. 维度3——查缺补漏(单句语法填空/单句改错) 1.The children eagerly(eager) learn something new from the teacher every day. 2.She hung(hang) up without saying goodbye yesterday. 3.The driver narrowly escaped being_killed(kill) in the traffic accident. 4.Children must be educated to serve for their country when they grow up.去掉for 5.The President is deeply concerning about this issue.concerning→concerned 维度4——话题写作 1.补全要点句(加黑体部分请利用本单元所学词汇或句式) ①《卖火柴的小女孩》是丹麦作家安徒生写的著名童话。 The Little Match Girl is a famous fairy tale written_by Danish writer Anderson. ②在一个寒冷的新年前夜,卖火柴的小女孩走在街上,又冷又饿。 On a cold New Year's Eve, a little match girl walked in the street, cold_and_ starved. ③她不打算回家,因为她的父亲对她很残忍。 She didn't_intend_to_go_home because her father was_very_cruel_to_her. ④小女孩渴望温暖,因此她划着了火柴。 The girl was so_eager_for_warmth that she struck the matches. ⑤在火焰中,她吃惊地看到美味的饭菜端上来。 In the flame, she saw in_astonishment that delicious food was_served. ⑥人们刚走到街上就发现小女孩死了。 No_sooner_had_people_come_to_the_street_than they found the little girl dead. 2.升级平淡句 (1)用强调句改写句② It_was_on_a_cold_New_Year's_Eve_that_a_little_girl_walked_in_the_street,_cold_and_starved. (2)用倒装句改写句④ So_eager_for_warmth_was_the_girl_that_she_struck_the_matches. 3.衔接成美文(注意利用适当的过渡衔接词汇:however, as far as we know, unfortunately) The Little Match Girl is a famous fairy tale written by Danish writer Anderson.It was on a cold New Year's Eve that a little girl walked in the street, cold and starved.However, she didn't intend to go home because her father was very cruel to her.As far as we know, so eager for warmth was the girl that she struck the matches.In the flame, she saw in astonishment that delicious food was served.Unfortunately, no sooner had people come to the street than they found the little girl dead. PAGE 1 (共52张PPT) 选修7 Module 4 Music Born in America does relax your mood give you a new start such an important part in my life that movement approach decline arise virtue budget schedule deadline otherwise quit Approaching quitted arising declined movements technical emergency touched touching harmonious conventional consultant devotion devoted beggar humorous harmony harmonious devoted devotion devoting humor humorous touching touched touched consultant consult 繁荣;兴起;迅速发展 不和,抵触;摩擦 新潮的 整齐的,整洁的 共同意见,一致看法,共识 支票 自负的,自视过高的 没有预料到的好事 速度,进度 (控制)严格的,严密的 津贴,补助 部分时间的,兼职的 极好的,了不起的,超级的 叫喊,叫嚷 养老金;退休金;抚恤金 令人耳目一新的 先锋;创始人;先驱;开拓者 抗议 改变 婉言拒绝 take advantage of come out side by side be devoted to be bored with try out is devoted to come out was bored with try out in order rather than be blessed with make an impression on sb. beg for far from makes an impression on beg for far from The moment I heard the music The first time I saw him It doesn't matter by to have on has declined/has been on the decline painting devotion to Devoted to teaching the deaf children Devoting herself to teaching the deaf children running is than would cycle to the countryside rather than stay indoors prefer to cycle to the countryside rather than stay indoors would rather cycle to the countryside than stay indoors it doesn't matter if what a worse It doesn't matter how much It matters whether Devoted to accept is booming humorous whether from with from out smoking arising in 去掉be 去掉when has devoted most of his time to humorous singing style was so refreshing made a deep impression on it began to emerge first didn't touch the audience far from satisfactory took advantage of different performing techniques tried out begin to boom The moment you listen to his music never get bored with life So refreshing was his humorous singing style that it made a deep impression on people. He took advantage of different performing techniques, trying out continuously. As the pioneer of hip hop, this musician has devoted most of his time to music creation.So refreshing was his humorous singing style that it made a deep impression on people.However, when it began to emerge first, this kind of music didn't touch the audience and it was far from satisfactory.He took advantage of different performing techniques, trying out continuously.As a result, this made the music begin to boom gradually.The moment you listen to his music, you will never get bored with life. Thank you for watching ! Module 4 Music Born in America 三言 两语 1.Music reduces our tiredness and brings us relaxation after hard work and study. 2.As far as I'm concerned, music is the source of joys and inspiration in life. 3.Music is so appealing to me that I always listen to music whenever I'm free, which brings me into a different world. 1.听一些轻音乐的确能使你心情放松,给你一个新的开端。 Listening to some soft music does_relax_your_mood and give_you_a_new_start. 2.音乐已成为我生命中如此重要的一部分,以至于我真的很难想象,如果没有音乐(我的)生活将会怎样。 Music has become such_an_important_ part_in_my_life_that I can hardly imagine what life would be like without music. [单词 拼写应用] 核心单词 1.movement n.运动 2.approach_n.方法;步骤 3.decline n.& v.衰退;下降;减少 4.arise v.(由……)引起(产生) 5.virtue n.美德 6.budget v.制定预算,按预算来安排开支 7.schedule n.计划表,进度表,日程表 8.deadline n.截止时间,最后期限 9.otherwise adv.否则,要不然 10.quit v.离开,辞去 [语境运用] 用所给词的适当形式填空 1.(2016·全国卷Ⅰ)Approaching(approach) the vehicle, they saw that a woman was trying to get out of the broken window. 2.He quitted (quit) the tiresome job and had to tighten his belt. 3.The manager set out to deal with the matters arising(arise) from the company. 4.The number of tourists to the resort declined(decline) by 10% last year to 5 million. 5.His job is to observe the movements(movement) of clouds and the changes on temperature. 拓展单词 1.technique n.技巧;手法→ technical adj.技术的 2.emerge v.出现→emergency n.紧急情况;危急形势 3.touch v.触动;感动;使动心→touched_adj.感激的;受感动的→touching adj.令人感动的 4.harmony n.融洽,一致→harmonious adj.融洽的,和谐的 5.convention n.惯例→conventional adj.按惯例的;因袭的;传统的 6.consult v.咨询;请教→consultant n.顾问 7.devote v.为……付出时间/努力/金钱等→ devotion n.热爱;忠诚→ devoted adj.忠诚的;挚爱的 8.beg v.请求,恳求→beggar n.乞丐;穷人 9.humor n.幽默→humorous adj.幽默的 [语境运用] 用所给词的适当形式填空。 1.People's life here is full of harmony and at the same time, humans and nature make a harmonious picture.(harmony) 2.The old scientist is devoted to studying space, and the spirit of devotion deserves learning from.He said he would go on devoting himself to the science field.(devote) 3.He has a good sense of humor and always acts in a humorous way.(humor) 4.The touching scene in this film touched my heart deeply and I was touched to tears at last.(touch) 5.My brother is a consultant of law and many people come to consult him about their problems.(consult) 阅读单词 1.boom v.繁荣;兴起;迅速发展 2.friction n.不和,抵触;摩擦 3.fancy adj.新潮的 4.neat adj.整齐的,整洁的_ 5.consensus n. 共同意见,一致看法,共识 6.cheque n.支票 7.vain adj.自负的,自视过高的 8.bonus n.没有预料到的好事 9.pace n.速度,进度_ 10.tight adj.(控制)严格的,严密的 11.allowance n.津贴,补助 12.part?time adj.部分时间的,兼职的 13.super adj.极好的,了不起的,超级的 14.yell v.叫喊,叫嚷 15.pension n.养老金;退休金;抚恤金 16.refreshing adj. 令人耳目一新的 17.pioneer n.先锋;创始人;先驱;开拓者 18.protest n.抗议 1.(2018·江苏高考)Before the tool came out, small farmers couldn't touch the price per pound offered by California farms.改变 2.(2016·江苏卷)Even chimp mothers regularly decline to share food with their children, who are able from a young age to gather their own food.婉言拒绝 [短语 多维应用] 高 频 短 语 1.take_advantage_of 利用 2.come_out 出版 3.side_by_side 并排;并肩 4.be_devoted_to 对……专一,专注 5.be_bored_with 厌烦 6.try_out 尝试 [语境运用] 选用左栏短语的适当形式填空。 My earliest memories of my father are that he is a tall, successful man who ①is_devoted_to his work and his family, but uncomfortable with his children.Three famous books written by him have ②come_out.As a child I loved him.He ③was_bored_with seeing me unless I got straight A's.Whenever I went out with him on weekends, I used to struggle to ④try_out_something to say, feeling on guard. 7.in_order 有序地 8.rather_than 而不是 9.be_blessed_with 有幸 10.make_an_impression_on_sb. 给某人留下印象 11.beg_for 乞求,请求 12.far_from_完全不 [语境运用] 选用左栏短语的适当形式填空。 Halloween ⑤makes_an_impression_on me, which falls on October 31st, the last day of the Celtic calendar.During the festivities, poor citizens would ⑥beg_for food to pray for the family's dead relatives.On Halloween, to make ghosts be ⑦far_from their houses, people would place bowls of food outside their homes to satisfy the ghosts and prevent them from trying to enter their houses. [句式 结构仿写] 教材原句背诵 句式仿写应用 1.the moment 引导时间状语从句,意为“一……就……” “The moment I heard it,” he said, “I knew it was a completely new kind of music.” 我一听到这个音乐,就立刻兴奋起来。The_moment_I_heard_the_music,I got excited immediately. 2.由time构成的名词短语引导的时间状语从句。 The next time I heard the song, I was in the cinema, waiting for the film to start. 第一次我见到他,就认为他是诚实的。The_first_time_I_saw_him,_I thought him to be honest. 3.It doesn't matter wh?/if/whether...意为“……无关紧要”。 My message is that it doesn't matter if you're black, white, fat, thin, old and young—we're all the same, it's a great world and you can do something with your life. 你失败多少次都不要紧,要紧的是你有多少次站起来并再次尝试。It_doesn't_matter how many times you fail; what matters is how many times you stand up and try again. 1.decline n.& vi.下降;减少;衰退 (1) be in decline 处于下降、衰退中 on the decline 在下坡路上;在衰退(减少) (2) decline to do sth.拒绝做某事 decline by/to 下降了/到…… a city in decline 一个衰退中的城市 decline to answer a question 拒绝回答这个问题 has declined to 5 million 已经下降到五百万 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①The number of tourists to the resort declined by 10% last year. ②She declined to_have(have) lunch with her friend, saying that she wasn't feeling well. ③As she was getting older, her mental powers were on the decline. [能力提升]——完成句子 自从新的交通法规出台以来,闯红灯的人数下降了。 The number of people who run the red light has_declined/has_been_on _the_decline since the new traffic regulations came into effect. 2.devote vt.为……付出时间/努力/金钱等 (1)devote to 致力于;献身于 devote ...to (doing) sth.把……献给;把……致力于 devote oneself to 致力于;献身于;专心于 (2)devoted adj.挚爱的;忠实的 be devoted to (doing) sth.献身于(做)某事;专心致志于(做)某事 (3)devotion n.深爱;奉献 devote her spare time to playing the violin 她的业余时间用于弹钢琴 devote his life to the educational cause 他致力于教育事业 his devotion to educational cause 他对教育事业的忠诚 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①(2017·天津卷)I feel that I've been given a second life to devote to something that is meaningful and enormous. ②He devoted himself to painting(paint), so he had absolutely no idea that it was already noon. ③From my first job at the restaurant, I learned teamwork and devotion (devote). [能力提升]——句式升级 普通表达:The young lady is devoted to teaching the deaf children, and she has little time to care for her own daughter. ①高级表达:Devoted_to_teaching_the_deaf_children,_the young lady has little time to care for her own daughter.(过去分词作状语) ②高级表达:Devoting_herself_to_teaching_the_deaf_children,_the young lady has little time to care for her own daughter.(现在分词作状语) 3.rather than 而不是 (1)rather than用于连接两个并列成分,后接名词、代词、介词(短语)、v.?ing形式及不定式。当rather than连接两个名词或代词作主语时,谓语动词应与它前面的名词或代词在人称和数上保持一致。 (2)“宁愿……不愿……”的表达方式: would do sth.rather than do sth. would rather do sth.than do sth. prefer to do sth.rather than do sth. (3)or rather 更确切地说 other than 除……之外(常用于否定句中) more than 超过,多于;很,非常 learn to appreciate life rather than to judge everything so harshly 学会了感恩生活而不是刻薄地评判每一件事 very late on Friday night, or rather, early Saturday morning 星期五晚上很晚,更确切地说是在星期六凌晨 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①Facing up to your problems rather than running(run) away from them is the best approach to working things out. ②The truth is that the driver, rather than the passers?by is(be) to blame for the accident. ③The form cannot be signed by anyone other than yourself. [能力提升]——一句多译 孩子们宁愿骑自行车到乡下去,也不愿整天待在家里。 ①The children would_cycle_to_the_countryside_rather_than_stay_indoors all day.(would do...rather than do...) ②The children prefer_to_cycle_to_the_countryside_rather_than_stay_indoors all day.(prefer to do... rather than do...) ③The children would_rather_cycle_to_the_countryside_than_stay_indoors all day.(would rather do... than do...) 4.(教材P55)My message is that it_doesn't_matter_if you're black, white, fat, thin, old and young—we're all the same, it's a great world and you can do something with your life.我想告诉大家的是,不管你是黑人还是白人,肥胖还是瘦小,年长还是年幼,这些都不重要——我们都是一样的,这是一个美妙的世界,你可以在有生之年做些事情。 [句型公式] It doesn't matter (to sb.)+从句“……(对某人来说)没有关系/不要紧”。 (1)It matters a lot/a great deal/much+从句 ……非常重要 It doesn't matter.(口语)没关系。 (2)as a matter of fact 实际上;事实上 What's the matter? (口语)怎么了?有什么麻烦? to make matters worse 使情况更糟的是 [金句推送] (湖南卷)Everyone in the village is very friendly.It doesn't matter whether you have lived here for a short or a long time.这个村子的每一个人都很友好,无论你在这里住的时间短还是时间长。 [基础练习]——单句语法填空 ①It doesn't matter what you wear, as long as you look neat and tidy. ②There's no reason to be disappointed.As a matter of fact, this could be rather amusing. ③The car had broken down, and to make matters worse(bad), it was beginning to rain. [能力提升]——完成句子 你帮助别人多少并不重要,重要的是你是否愿意给一个陌生人提供帮助。 It_doesn't_matter_how_much you can help others.It_matters_whether you are willing to offer a hand to a stranger. 多维训练——夯实基础 维度1——用所给词的正确形式填空 1.Devoted(devote) to his research, he almost forgot everything about himself. 2.The team leader declined to_accept(accept) my suggestion without thinking. 3.Mary, rather than you, is(be) to blame for not finishing the work on time. 4.This shop is full of customers and doing a booming(boom) business. 5.Charlie Chaplin will be remembered and admired forever for his humorous (humor
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