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课时提能练41-42 课时提能练(四十一) 选修7 Unit 21 Human Biology(A) 课时作业A:基础层面 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.Local businesses are closing at a/the rate of three a year. 2.I will not idle (虚度) away my time and be sorry in vain when my youthful head becomes white. 3.I would rather surf the Internet than go to the cinema. 4.The meeting which is reported to_be_held (hold) this month has been put off till the end of next month. 5.It's cruel of him to kill his mother. Ⅱ.单句改错 1.It is nice for you to give us so much help.for→of 2.Strangely,Mr Green,opposing to the new policy,made no remark in the discussion.opposing→opposed 3.I always have faith he will come to our party in person.faith后加that 4.My deskmate,rather than you,are responsible for the work.are→is 5.He made fortune in his business trade last year.made后加a Ⅲ.选词成篇 A straight away,cater to,get down to,at random,focus on,in despair,bring up,be responsible for,stop it in its tracks Some schools 1.focus_on the number of the students admitted to key universities.In order to 2.cater_to the request of society,they 3.get_down_to adding lessons 4.at_random.As a result,a lot of students think they're 5.in_despair and tired of being 6.brought_up at school.Some parents think that the local government should 7.be_responsible_for it and should 8.stop_it_in_its_tracks 9.straight_away. B wipe out,rob...of...,at any rate,in vain,prohibit...from...,at all costs,submit to Three robbers were believed to have 10.robbed a bank of a large fortune yesterday. The government ordered that the police should find the robbers 11.at_any_rate.The police immediately blocked the main roads and 12.prohibited the suspects from escaping but 13.in_vain.The authority said that such crimes were hard to tolerate and must be 14.wiped_out 15.at_all_costs.At present,the police are seeking the information about the case and urge the criminal to 16.submit_to the police. Ⅳ.完成句子 1.The village shouldn't_have_been_wiped_out (本不应该被彻底冲走的)if the trees around it had been protected well enough. 2.Most of us are doubtful_whether (怀疑是否)the boy really had_his_purse_ robbed_of (被抢了钱包)on his way home yesterday. 3.We_must_take_measures (我们必须采取措施)to get the prices to decline by 10 percent at any rate. 4.Generally speaking,it is wrong to achieve your aim at_the_cost_of_your _health(以你的健康为代价). 5.Having_been_here_for_a_year(待在这儿一年了),I fit in quite well now despite some difficulties. 课时作业B:能力层面 Ⅰ.阅读理解 A (2019·绵阳市第一次诊断)We are what we eat.That is an old expression,but one worth knowing.A recent look at diets around the world shows that people who eat healthy food—and not too much of it—live longer.But which areas of the world have the best diets? Researchers found that foods in some of the healthiest diets— Mediterranean diet,New Nordic diet,Japanese diet and French diet—may be very different,but they are all heavy on local and seasonal foods,which include more vegetables and seafood and less red meat. Mediterranean diet contains lots of fruits,vegetables,whole grains,nuts and olive oil.The diet has proper amounts of fish and poultry(家禽肉).Red meat and foods high in sugar and salt are not big parts of this diet. New Nordic diet has whole grains like oats and rye,vegetables such as carrots,broccoli and eggs,seafood,fruits,oil,low?fat milk and cheese.Sugary desserts are not common in this diet. Japanese people are some of the longest living people on the planet,with women up to 87 years old and men up to 80.The Japanese diet is the reason for such lengths of life.The diet has many foods that are low in calories and high in nutrients.Japanese people eat a lot of seaweed,tofu,rice,vegetables and fish.The tradition there is to stop eating when your stomach feels 80 percent full. However,French people eat fatty foods but do not get fat.And they live a long time.This phenomenon is called the “French Paradox”. The reason why the French eat fatty foods without getting fat may be simple.They eat less.Serving sizes in French restaurants and of products sold in stores are smaller than those in most countries.And generally speaking,most French people do not snack.This means they do not eat food between meals. 【语篇解读】 本文介绍了世界上四种最健康的饮食。 1.What do we know about the healthiest diets around the world? A.They contain abundant calories. B.They tend to be expensive. C.They share certain similarities. D.They reflect popular tastes. C [推理判断题。根据第一段中的“may be very different,but they are all heavy on local and seasonal foods,which include more vegetables and seafood and less red meat”可知,尽管有不同之处,但世界上最健康的饮食都使用很多当地的和时令的食物,包括更多的蔬菜和海鲜,更少的红肉。由此可知,世界上最健康的饮食有一定的相似之处,故选C项。] 2.What is considered as a harmful eating habit in Japanese tradition? A.Going low in calories. B.Eating to the fullest. C.Having much seafood. D.Picking many foods. B [推理判断题。根据第四段中的“The tradition there is to stop eating when your stomach feels 80 percent full”可知,日本的传统是吃八成饱。由此可推知,吃得很饱在日本被认为是不良的饮食习惯,故选B项。] 3.How does the author develop the central idea in the last 4 paragraphs? A.By building connections. B.By exploring reasons. C.By listing examples. D.By analyzing figures. C [写作手法题。通读后四段可知,作者列举了这些健康饮食中的食物,故本文后四段是通过举例子的方式来说明中心观点的。] 4.Which can be the most suitable title for the text? A.What is the healthiest diet on earth? B.How does the old expression serve? C.Why is a healthy diet so important? D.Where can we feed ourselves well? A [标题判断题。通读全文可知,本文主要介绍了世界上四种最健康的饮食。故A项作为文章标题最合适。] B (2019·昆明市摸底调研)A new study shows that rising levels of planet?warming gases may reduce important nutrients(营养物) in food crops. Researchers studied the effects of carbon dioxide on rice.In the experiment,scientists grew 18 kinds of rice in fields in China and Japan.They set carbon dioxide levels to what scientists are predicting for our planet by the end of the century.Rice grown under high carbon dioxide conditions had,on average,13 to 30 percent lower levels of four B vitamins and 10 percent less protein(蛋白质).The crops also had 8 percent less iron and 5 percent less zinc than rice grown under normal conditions. However,vitamin E levels increased by about 13 percent on average. The researchers said the effects of planet?warming gases would be most severe for the poorest citizens in some of the least developed countries.These people generally eat the most rice and have the least complex diets.That includes about 600 million people in Indonesia,Cambodia,Myanmar,Bangladesh,Laos and other nations,mainly in Southeast Asia. Other studies have shown that higher temperatures from climate change and weather extremes will reduce food production.And scientists are finding that rising levels of carbon dioxide and other planet?warming gases threaten food quality. Earlier studies showed that wheat,rice,field peas and soybeans grown under high carbon dioxide conditions all had lower levels of protein and minerals.Scientists predicted that almost 150 million people might be at risk of having too little protein or zinc in their diet by 2050. The new study suggests a way to lower the nutritional harm of climate change. That is to grow different forms of rice that can adapt to higher carbon dioxide levels. 【语篇解读】 本文介绍了温室气体如何减少粮食作物中的营养物质以及降低气候变化对营养物的损害的方法。 5.Growing rice under high carbon dioxide conditions may ________. A.increase iron in the rice B.make it less nutritious C.cause losses of vitamin E D.make it more delicious B [细节理解题。根据第二段中的“Rice grown under high carbon dioxide conditions had,on average,13 to 30 percent lower levels...less protein(蛋白质)”可知,B项为正确答案。A、C、D三项的表述均与原文表述不符。] 6.How can people reduce the nutritional harm of climate change? A.By importing rice from China and Japan. B.By taking other kinds of food instead of rice. C.By avoiding eating rice from Southeast Asia. D.By growing rice suitable for the environment. D [细节理解题。根据文章最后一句“That is to grow different forms of rice that can adapt to higher carbon dioxide levels”可知,D项为正确答案。] 7.What's the author's purpose of writing the text? A.To inform readers what nutrients food crops contain. B.To call on people to care for the planet they live on. C.To share the results of some studies on people's diets. D.To tell readers where food crops are mainly produced. B [写作意图题。通读全文可知,本文通过介绍温室气体增加对粮食作物的影响来唤起人们对人类赖以生存的地球家园的保护。故选B。] 8.In which part of a magazine can you read the text? A.Advertisements. B.Art and culture. C.Science reports. D.Business news. C [推理判断题。通读全文,尤其是文中的“study” “Researchers” “studies”等可推知,本文是一篇研究报道,在杂志的科学报道部分能读到本文。] Ⅱ.完形填空 (2019·长沙市统一模拟)Steve was a seventh grader,a big boy,looking more like a teenager than a 12?year?old.Yet,he went unnoticed—he had been __1__ every examination since first grade—until Miss Wilma appeared. In the middle of the first semester of school,the entire seventh grade was __2__ for basic skills. “You all did pretty well,” Miss Wilma told the class after going over the __3__, “except for one boy.And it __4__ my heart to tell you this,but...” she __5__,“the smartest boy in the seventh grade is failing my class.” Steve __6__ his eyes and carefully examined his fingertips. After that,Steve still wouldn't do his homework.Even if Miss Wilma __7__ punished him,he remained __8__. “Steve,please! I care about you!” __9__, Steve got it! “Someone CARES ABOUT ME?!” One Monday a couple of weeks later,Miss Wilma gave a __10__ on the weekend homework.Steve __11__ through the test and was the first to hand in his paper.With a look of __12__, Miss Wilma took his paper and began to look it over. Miss Wilma's face was in a __13__ shock! She glanced up at Steve,then __14__, then up.The smartest boy in the seventh grade had just passed his first test! From that moment,nothing was the same for Steve.He discovered that not only could he remember and understand __15__, but he could translate what he learned into his life.He became __16__. After high school,Steve enlisted in the Navy,and he had a(n) __17__ military career.During his naval years,he inspired many young people who might not have __18__ themselves without him. A __19__ took place within the heart of a boy all because of one teacher,who __20__. 【语篇解读】 Steve曾经每次考试都不及格,但是Miss Wilma看到成绩的时候,却说他是班里最聪明的学生,而且告诉他老师非常关心他。Steve感受到老师对自己的良苦用心,从此刻苦学习,改变了自己的命运。老师对他的影响促使他用同样的方法去影响并且帮助更多的人。 1.A.missing  B.failing C.passing D.skipping B [根据下文可知,Steve学习成绩很差;故可推知,他自一年级以来成绩就不及格,故选B。下文中的“failing”也是提示。] 2.A.tested B.classified C.separated D.dismissed A [根据语境及下文内容可知,此处是说第一学期期中七年级全部学生进行基本技能测试。test“测试”符合语境。] 3.A.questions B.effects C.lessons D.results D [根据上文可知,七年级全部学生进行了基本技能测试,故此处应是指查看测试成绩(result)。] 4.A.fills B.presses C.breaks D.destroys C [根据语境可知,此处表示告诉Steve他考试没及格使Miss Wilma心碎。break“使心碎”。] 5.A.shouted B.hesitated C.interrupted D.laughed B [根据语境可知,Miss Wilma的语意有所转折,故此处表示她犹豫(hesitate)了一下继续说道。] 6.A.dropped B.raised C.covered D.closed A [根据语境可知,Steve此次测试未及格,所以当Miss Wilma提到Steve的时候,Steve双目低垂,认真检查自己的指尖。drop one's eyes“垂下眼睛”。] 7.A.strangely B.steadily C.severely D.secretly C [根据上文“After that,Steve still wouldn't do his homework”并结合语境可推知,即使Miss Wilma严厉地(severely)惩罚了Steve,但他仍然很固执(stubborn)。] 8.A.helpless B.stubborn C.flexible D.crazy B [参见上题解析。] 9.A.Commonly B.Unwillingly C.Particularly D.Suddenly D [根据语境可知,Steve突然顿悟,有人关心着自己。Suddenly“突然”符合语境。] 10.A.quiz B.chance C.speech D.presentation A [根据下文“Steve________ through the test and was the first to hand in his paper”可知,该处表示Miss Wilma组织了一场小测试(quiz)。] 11.A.slept B.looked C.lived D.hurried D [根据该句中的“was the first to hand in his paper”可推知,Steve很快就完成了测试。hurry“急忙(做某事)”符合语境。] 12.A.disappointment B.surprise C.satisfaction D.inspiration B [根据下文中的“Miss Wilma's face was in a ________ shock”可知,Miss Wilma对Steve的表现非常惊讶(surprise)。disappointment“失望”;satisfaction“满意”;inspiration“鼓舞人心的人(或事物)”。] 13.A.bitter B.total C.precious D.ridiculous B [根据语境可知,Miss Wilma深感震惊。a total shock“深感震惊”为固定搭配。] 14.A.down B.away C.out D.back A [根据该句“She glanced up at Steve,then ________, then up”可知,Miss Wilma深感震惊,上下打量Steve。down“向下”符合语境。] 15.A.homework B.grades C.knowledge D.subjects C [根据语境以及空后的“but he could translate what he learned into his life”可知,Steve不但记住并理解了知识,而且可以把所学知识(knowledge)应用到生活中。] 16.A.outstanding B.lazy C.rough D.troublesome A [根据上文内容可知,Steve不但记住并理解了知识,而且可以把所学知识应用到生活中。由此可推知,他变得很优秀(outstanding)。] 17.A.tiring B.ordinary C.hardworking D.successful D [根据上文并结合语境可推知,毕业后,Steve参加了海军,并且度过了成功的(successful)军旅生涯。tiring“令人困倦的”;ordinary“普通的”;hardworking“努力的”。] 18.A.relied on B.looked after C.turned to D.believed in D [根据语境可知,Steve在海军服役期间鼓舞了许多年轻人,如果不是他,这些年轻人可能不会相信(believe in)自己。] 19.A.competition B.choice C.change D.campaign C [根据上文可知,Steve在Miss Wilma的关心下,发生了改变(change)。] 20.A.waited B.listened C.wished D.cared D [参见上题解析。与上文中的“I care about you”呼应。] 课时提能练(四十二) 选修7 Unit 21 Human Biology(B) 课时作业A:基础层面 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.Doctors are searching for a cure that will wipe out cancer. 2.He is said to_be_studying (study) in the US now. 3.It is my finances that prohibit my going (go) to college. 4.They cheated the boy of his savings. 5.All cars made nowadays are_equipped(equip) with safety belts. Ⅱ.单句改错 6.Thankfully,this is a disease that is now in the decline.in→on 7.They are urgently seeking out the posts where they are well paid. out→after/for 8.No matter how hard the situation is,you should not lose your heart.去掉your 9.For one thing,I do well in English and which will be easy for me to complete the courses in your university.which→it 10.I cannot tolerate your absent from work.your后加being/absent→absence Ⅲ.完成句子 1.他站在那里,不知道在他身上将会发生什么。 He stood there,not knowing what was_about_to_happen_to him. 2.急救中心配有装备,可处理这种灾难。 The emergency services are equipped_to_deal_with disasters of this kind. 3.我对他很有信心。 I have great faith/confidence_in_him. 4.过去的几周里,他的健康状况变得越来越糟。 His health has been_declining these past few weeks. 5.假使你不来,你就会错过所有的美食。 If you don't come,you'll_miss_out all of the good food. 课时作业B:能力层面 Ⅰ.阅读理解 A (2019·石家庄一模)Many years ago,when we first went to Canada,we were driving through Montana with our two children.We thought we would find a motel(汽车旅馆) on the way and had not made a booking.As it was getting late,we started looking for a motel,only to find that all were booked,which worried me sick. Finally,around 9 p.m.,we stopped at a gas station to fill up the gas tank.My husband asked for a phone book and told the woman at the counter that we were trying to find a motel.He tried for 15 minutes.When he was unsuccessful,the woman,Linda,said she and her family lived nearby and would be happy if we spent the night at her home. My husband was stunned by her offer.She called her son to direct us,since she had to hold the fort at the gas station till midnight. When we reached her home,her husband greeted us.He took out two sleeping bags for the children.He invited us to have coffee and chat while we waited for his wife.When she came back,we asked if we could slip away in the morning so as not to disturb them.They said we were now guests and we would have to have breakfast with them. We woke up to a table set for breakfast.They made a mountain of pancakes and bacon.We ate breakfast,and when we were leaving,my husband asked if he could offer some payment. They insisted we were their guests.We left moved by their spirit of hospitality(好客).We were amazed that they would take in a family of total strangers from a different country.We kept in touch for many years.Over the years,we've lost touch with them,but have never forgotten their kindness. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。文章主要讲述了作者一家在去加拿大时得到陌生人帮助的经过。 1.What made the author upset at first? A.They got lost in Canada. B.They ran out of gas. C.They had nowhere to stay. D.They were late for dinner. C [细节理解题。根据第一段最后一句“As it was getting late,we started looking for a motel,only to find that all were booked,which worried me sick.”可知,由于天色渐晚,作者他们开始找汽车旅馆,却发现所有的旅馆都被预订了。据此可知,让作者感到担心的是他们没有地方可以住宿,故C项正确。] 2.What does the underlined word “stunned” in Paragraph 3 mean? A.Troubled. B.Surprised. C.Disappointed. D.Confused. B [词义猜测题。根据第二段最后一句和第三段第二句“She called her son to direct us,since she had to hold the fort at the gas station till midnight.”可知,Linda要为作者一家人提供住宿,她让她的儿子来给作者他们领路,因为她要值班到午夜;结合最后一段中的“We were amazed...strangers from a different country.”可知,作者他们对Linda为陌生人提供帮助的行为感到惊讶;故画线词表示“惊讶的”,故B项正确。] 3.What did the author's family do the next morning? A.They slipped away. B.They paid for their breakfast. C.They met some strangers. D.They had a big breakfast. D [细节理解题。根据第五段内容可知,第二天一早,Linda一家就准备好了丰盛的早餐,作者一家和Linda一家共享了早餐,故D项正确。] 4.What is the best title for the text? A.Unexpected Hospitality B.A Kind Woman C.Be Kind to Strangers D.Looking for a Motel A [标题归纳题。通读全文可知,本文是一篇记叙文,主要讲述了作者一家在去加拿大时得到加油站工作人员Linda和其家人帮助的经过。作者一家因为没有预订旅馆,晚上没地方住宿,Linda得知情况后邀请作者一家到她家住宿,并热情招待了素不相识的作者一家。据此可知A项(意想不到的热情款待)最适合作文章的标题。] B (2019·长春监测二)Next time you go shopping,keep in mind that there may be hidden cameras analyzing your habits.According to a 2015 survey of 150 managers from Computer Services Corporation,a quarter of British shops use facial recognition software to collect data on shopper behavior. With concerns that face?recognition cameras “are kind of invasive(侵犯的)”, British analysis firm Hoxton Analytics has come up with a new way of measuring footfall(客流量)—by filming people's shoes.The technology can collect a large amount of personal information.“We have cameras at 50 cm off the ground and they point down so they are less invasive than facial recognition,” Duncan Mann,Hoxton's officer said. As modern cities get fuller—70 percent of the population will live in urban areas by 2050—cameras and other technologies are taking over public spaces and collecting our data.Their purpose is to keep people safe,provide efficient services and prevent disasters and crimes. But some are not happy with the cameras as far as their privacy(隐私) is concerned.“Very few of us have any real concept of what data smart cities are gathering,” said Renate Samson. We begin giving away data as soon as we wake up.When we enter the transport system,we are giving away even more details about ourselves through smart cards,mobile phones or credit cards. Nick Millman,director at a consulting firm thinks statistics are the key to the privacy concern.He used the example of Google Maps,which is to monitor the flow of traffic in Stockholm.He explained,“It is basically adding privacy controls to statistics so that you only see the data you need to know about.” In this case,Google gets enough data to improve traffic but not so much that it shows individual journey patterns. 【语篇解读】 本文主要讨论了在现代生活中,人们对于个人信息以科技途径流失的状况的担忧和可能的解决方法。 5.What is the article mainly about? A.An introduction to collecting shoppers' data. B.The concerns about giving away personal data. C.The problems caused by imbalanced distribution of population. D.An invention recording and collecting customers' information. B [主旨大意题。根据第一段最后一句并结合下文内容可知,本文主要讲的是对于泄露个人信息这一问题的担忧,故选B。] 6.The new technology invented by Hoxton Analytics ________. A.can gather a lot of people's personal data from their shoes B.uses cameras fitted on the ground to collect customers' data C.has improved the accuracy of facial recognition software D.offers a perfect solution to customers' privacy concerns A [细节理解题。根据第二段第一句和第二句可知,Hoxton Analytics公司所发明的新技术通过分析客人的鞋子而收集他们的个人信息,故选A。] 7.According to the author,cameras in modern cities ________. A.cause a huge waste of public spaces B.help reduce the size of population in urban areas C.are likely to help improve traffic conditions D.are to avoid crimes and disasters and provide efficient services D [细节理解题。根据第三段最后一句“Their purpose is to keep people safe,provide efficient services and prevent disasters and crimes.”可知,作者认为摄像头在现代城市应用是为了避免犯罪、灾难并提供有效服务,故选D。] 8.What is Renate Samson's attitude toward the rise of smart cities? A.Worried.   B.Optimistic. C.Confused. D.Uninterested. A [观点态度题。根据第四段第一句“But some are not happy with the cameras as far as their privacy(隐私) is concerned.”可推知,Renate Samson对于智能城市的增加是很担忧的,这与本段最后一句“‘Very few of us have any real concept of what data smart cities are gathering,’ said Renate Samson.”呼应,故选A。] Ⅱ.完形填空 (2019·银川质量检测)When my wife,Jane,and I were 16,we were in the same class.About a week before Thanksgiving Day,we found out that our teacher Edward was having some __1__ challenges.We wanted to do something to help,so as a class we __2__ to gather food,clothing and gifts to __3__ his family had a good Thanksgiving Day. When Jane told her family about our plan,her mother was __4__.Together they searched their house for things they could __5__.Her mother went to the kitchen,__6__ a big turkey and saying,“Thanksgiving Day won't be __7__ without a turkey dinner.” To this day,Jane remembers how moved she was by her mother's __8__.Before making our __9__, we said a prayer of appreciation for the wonderful __10__ to help others.I will never forget the surprised __11__ of our teacher and his wife when they __12__ the door;their four children gathered around them as we handed out the gifts.It was a cold night;we all felt warm inside,__13__. Last month while I was in a meeting,my secretary informed me,“Your high school teacher Mr Edward is wondering if you could __14__ him a few minutes.He's sitting in your office right now!” I left my meeting and went to my office __15__.My teacher and I hugged and began to __16__ the last 42 years.He told me he __17__ remembered that cold winter night when we brought the __18__ of Thanksgiving Day to his family.The food,clothing and gifts were certainly __19__, but what warmed his heart that night was to see a group of teenagers who understood the __20__ of Thanksgiving Day. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇记叙文。多年前,“我”和同学们一起在感恩节的时候向家庭经济困难的Edward老师捐赠物品和礼物,多年之后,当“我”再次见到Edward老师的时候,老师告诉“我”,他非常感谢我们当年的帮助,并说真正使他感到温暖的是他看到一群十几岁的孩子理解了感恩节的精神。 1.A.financial  B.personal C.academic D.typical A [根据下文中的“We wanted to do something to help,so as a class we ________ to gather food,clothing and gifts to ________ his family had a good Thanksgiving Day.”可知感恩节来临之前我们收集一些食物、衣服和礼物送给Edward老师,说明他家有一些经济上的(financial)困难。] 2.A.applied B.determined C.attempted D.preferred B [根据上文中的“We wanted to do something to help”的描述可知,此处是对上文的具体描述,即全班决定(determine)收集一些食物、衣服和礼物送给Edward老师。] 3.A.figure out B.point out C.make sense D.make sure D [所以,作为一个班级,我们决定收集食物、衣服和礼物以确保(make sure)他一家人过一个美好的感恩节。] 4.A.satisfied B.puzzled C.amazed D.touched D [根据空后对Jane的母亲的反应的描述可知,Jane告诉她家人他们的计划后,她的母亲很感动(touched)。] 5.A.separate B.donate C.distribute D.collect B [根据上文中的“We wanted to do something to help...to gather food,clothing and gifts”的描述可知,我们收集一些食物、衣服及礼物帮助Edward老师,所以此处为Jane和母亲寻找能够捐赠(donate)的东西。] 6.A.breaking up B.breaking down C.taking out D.pulling down C [根据空前的“Together they searched their house for things they could ________”可知,此处为Jane的母亲走到厨房,拿出(taking out)一只大火鸡。] 7.A.traditional B.usual C.complete D.basic C [没有火鸡大餐,感恩节就不完整(complete)了。] 8.A.honesty B.generosity C.pity D.curiosity B [根据上文“Her mother went to the kitchen,________ a big turkey and saying,‘Thanksgiving Day won't be ________ without a turkey dinner.’”的描述可知,Jane的母亲一系列的动作及语言说明她是很慷慨的,直到今天,Jane还记得她是如何被母亲的慷慨(generosity)所感动的。] 9.A.decision B.contact C.delivery D.contribution C [根据上文的内容可知,我们需要把收集的物资送到Edward老师家中,所以此处为在递送(delivery)这些东西之前。] 10.A.opportunity B.gift C.deal D.memory A [在我们递送这些东西之前,我们为有这次帮助他人的好机会(opportunity)做了祈祷。] 11.A.expression B.sorrow C.impression D.laugh A [“我”永远不会忘记我们的老师和他的妻子在开门时的惊讶表情(expression)。] 12.A.pushed B.reached C.dragged D.answered D [参见上题解析。此处answer the door意为“应门(铃)声开门”,为固定搭配。] 13.A.again B.anyhow C.though D.enough C [根据上文“I will never forget the surprised ________ of our teacher and his wife when they ________ the door;their four children gathered around them as we handed out the gifts.”的描述可知,Edward老师一家接到礼物时温暖的情景,与寒冷的天气形成对比,所以此处为尽管那天晚上很冷,但(though)在我们的内心深处却都感到很温暖。] 14.A.wait B.spare C.spend D.save B [根据上文“Last month while I was in a meeting”的描述可知,“我”正在开会,此处为Edward老师想知道“我”是否能够抽出(spare)几分钟时间。] 15.A.hurriedly B.nervously C.proudly D.worriedly A [根据上文中的“He's sitting in your office right now!”可知,Edward老师正在办公室等着,所以“我”匆忙地(hurriedly)离开会议到办公室,符合语境。] 16.A.come up with B.look back on C.keep up with D.get hold of B [根据下文“He told me he ________ remembered that cold winter night when we brought the ________ of Thanksgiving Day to his family.”的描述可知,“我”和老师拥抱并一起回顾(look back on)过去的42年。] 17.A.just B.still C.even D.already B [他告诉“我”,他还(still)记得那个寒冷的冬夜,我们给他一家人带去的感恩节的温暖(warmth)。] 18.A.experience B.excitement C.pleasure D.warmth D [参见上题解析。] 19.A.appreciated B.offered C.accepted D.consumed A [这些食物、衣服和礼物当然是被感激(appreciate)的。] 20.A.spirit B.symbol C.history D.intention A [那天晚上,使他感到温暖的是他看到一群十几岁的孩子理解了感恩节的精神(spirit)。] Ⅲ.书面表达 (2019·成都市第二次诊断性检测)假如你是李华,你班本周日将举办植树活动,请给你班外教Jenny发一封邮件,邀请她参加。内容包括: 1.活动安排; 2.注意事项; 3.盼回复参与意向。 注意:1.词数100左右; 2.可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。 Dear Jenny, _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ Yours, Li Hua 【参考范文】 Dear_Jenny, I'm very glad to invite you to participate in the tree?planting activity this Sunday, which is organized by our class. On that day, we'll gather at the school gate at 9:00 o'clock in the morning and take a bus to get to the destination:the hill three miles from our school. On arrival, we'll be divided into several groups to take part in different tasks, including carrying trees, planting trees, watering trees and so on. I believe it will be an unforgettable experience if we keep safety in mind. I would really appreciate it if you write back to me and tell me your decision! Yours, Li_Hua PAGE 1 课时提能练43-44 课时提能练(四十三) 选修8 Unit 22 Environmental Protection(A) 课时作业A:基础层面 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.What on earth led you to_change (change) your mind at last? 2.The mother sacrificed many things to_get (get) her daughter a good education. 3.Given (give) another hour,I can also work out the problem. 4.Having suffered a lot from wars,people in that area call for an end to wars eagerly. 5.Increased production will,in turn,lead to increased profits. Ⅱ.单句改错 1.Only by this mean can we master English.mean→means 2.Pack ice around Iceland was becoming a threat with navigation.with→to 3.We must obey the principle all men are innocent until they are proved guilty. principle后加that 4.The policeman seized the thief by his arm immediately.his→the 5.Having trapped in the traffic jam for hours,he became impatient. Having后加been Ⅲ.选词成篇 A in turn,beyond one's control,result in,look ahead,take action,a number of,or else Humans have damaged the environment in 1.a_number_of aspects,which 2.in_turn has influenced our life.Besides this,it is 3.beyond_our_control.I think we humans should be responsible for it.4.Looking_ahead,it is time for us to 5.take_action;6.or_else,it would 7.result_in greater damage. B With more and more factories built in my hometown,a lot of agricultural land has been 8.carried_off,which has 9.led_to a rise in product prices.10.Apart_from this,the air and rivers have been heavily polluted.Obviously,the factories should 11.answer_for the consequences.So 12.on_behalf_of the villagers' benefit,the local government has decided to 13.call_for_an_end_to the factories' illegal behaviors. Ⅳ.完成句子 1.Given_her_interest_in_children(考虑到她对孩子的兴趣),I'm sure teaching is the right career for her. 2.The girl always refers_to_the_reference_books_as (把她的参考书称作)her good friends and helpers. 3.Your explanation has led_me_to_a_clear_understanding_of_it(使我清楚地了解了此事). 4.It_is_our_turn_to (轮到我们去)look after our families since we have grown up. 5.My mother encouraged me and insisted that I (should)_continue_my_ education(继续我的教育). 课时作业B:能力层面 Ⅰ.阅读理解 A (2019·长春市质量监测一)Pangolins(穿山甲) are strange?looking creatures,covered with hard scales(鳞).They can roll up into a ball to protect themselves from enemies and have tongues that are longer than their bodies. Pangolins have recently become the focus of Chinese people.A screenshot of a microblog post showing some people eating pangolins at a feast spread.A few days later,people were angered again by pictures showing people eating protected animals,including pangolins. Yet this is only the tip of the iceberg.Many more pangolins have been hunted or killed.According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN),more than 1 million of them have been killed or sold in the last 10 years.It also said that they are the most illegally traded mammals in the world.In September 2016,the IUCN added the pangolin to the world's “endangered animals list”.They are now more endangered than pandas. A growing trade of their scales and meat is the main reason for their decline in number.Many people in Asia and Africa consider pangolin meat is delicious.Some people even think pangolin scales have medical qualities.However,their scales are made of keratin(角蛋白),the same material human fingernails are made of. Luckily,the situation is getting better.World Pangolin Day is on the third Saturday of February each year.It's a day to help people know more about pangolins.The government now stops anyone from buying and eating pangolins in China.Breaking this law is regarded as a crime,and the trade of pangolins across the world is also not allowed,according to the Convention on Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. 【语篇解读】 这是一篇说明文。本文阐述了穿山甲濒临灭绝的现状,以及为保护穿山甲而采取的举措。 1.Pangolins have caught people's attention these years because ________. A.they look strange B.they appear in some movies C.they are killed and eaten by people D.they have something to do with pandas C [细节理解题。根据题干中的关键词“attention”和“these years”,我们把答案定位在第二段。该段开头说,穿山甲近来成为中国人关注的焦点,然后提到一张屏幕截图和一些图片里,穿山甲成为人们的盘中珍馐,这与C项的描述是一致的。] 2.What can we learn from the passage? A.Pangolins can roll up into a ball to attack enemies. B.More than 1 million pangolins were killed or sold last year. C.Pangolins were named the most endangered animal in 2016. D.The pangolin is a kind of mammals. D [细节理解题。根据第三段内容,尤其是“they are the most illegally traded mammals in the world”可知,穿山甲是一种哺乳动物。故选D项。] 3.The real aim of World Pangolin Day may be to ________. A.attract people to the zoo to watch pangolins B.lift people's awareness of protecting pangolins C.remind people of pangolins' medical value D.explain the law to people B [推理判断题。根据题干中的“World Pangolin Day”,我们把答案定位在最后一段。该段主要陈述为保护穿山甲而采取的举措,而这个节日能让人们更多地了解穿山甲,从而提高人们保护穿山甲的意识,故B项符合题意。] 4.What might be the author's attitude towards the measures taken to protect pangolins? A.Positive.   B.Negative. C.Disappointed. D.Unconcerned. A [观点态度题。根据最后一段内容可知,中国政府禁止任何人购买和食用穿山甲,世界各地也禁止买卖穿山甲,局面正在好转,由此可推知作者觉得这些措施是有效的,因此选A。] B (2019·江西省三名校联考)When I was three years old,I couldn't speak.It was a strange reality that none of the doctors I visited could understand. One day,I was shadowing(尾随) my mother.She found herself looking in a mirror,and through it our eyes met.She began to speak to me through the reflection,and I slowly began to mimic(模仿) her mouth's movements until I formed a word. It turned out that I'm deaf in my left ear,and have a slight problem in my right.Being hard of hearing has been difficult,but I've never lived in a state of self?hating sorrow.Imagine being able to shut out all sound as you lay your head down to sleep by simply rolling over onto one side.That's my reality when I sleep on my “good ear”,and it makes me feel like a superhero sometimes. People call my deaf side my “bad ear”, but when I wear my hearing aid,I have access to a range of features that some other deaf people don't.In cinemas,for example,with one click of a button I can enjoy a whole film as though it were whispered to me from the mouths of the actors. Owning a hearing aid hasn't always felt good,however.On the first day I got my aid,when I was eight,I took it to school for show and tell.As I explained how it worked to my classmates,a boy yelled out,“Aren't those for old men?” At that moment,I felt different.It took a long time for me to get over that sense of being so unlike my peers. But it's not just schoolkids who can make us deaf and hard?of?hearing people feel like burdens.Every video on social media that lacks subtitles(字幕),for example,means an entire community of deaf people is unable to enjoy it.Completely deaf people are excluded from enjoying many movies too,as subtitles in cinemas are almost impossible to find. And with hearing aids costing around $2,500 each,it can be hard for many people to afford to be able to listen to things that others take for granted.As for me,I can listen to music,enjoy films,and catch conversations—I'm lucky.I'm deaf,but I can still hear everything.I've been blessed with wonderful life experiences,and I am human.And when it comes to sleeping,I'm even superhuman. 【语篇解读】 本文主要讲述了作者积极应对自己听力障碍的励志故事。 5.How does the author view his hearing difficulty? A.It's a disaster and causes him a lot of trouble. B.It gave him a chance to experience something special. C.It made him feel embarrassed in front of his classmates. D.It helped him to live in his own world without being interrupted. B [推理判断题。根据对第三段的整体理解,尤其是最后一句“That's my reality when I sleep on my “good ear”, and it makes me feel like a superhero sometimes.”可推知,听力障碍让作者有了与众不同的体验,与最后一段倒数第二句“I've been blessed with wonderful life experiences,and I am human.”呼应,故选B。] 6.What can be inferred from the passage about the author? A.He was born deaf. B.He is optimistic and helpful. C.His family and classmates have supported him a lot. D.The hearing aid brings much convenience to his daily life. D [推理判断题。根据第四段第一句“People call my deaf side my ‘bad ear’, but when I wear my hearing aid,I have access to a range of features that some other deaf people don't.”和对本段的整体理解可推知,助听器给作者的生活带来了诸多便利,故选D。] 7.What is the author's attitude toward his life? A.Grateful. B.Anxious. C.Excited. D.Disappointed. A [观点态度题。根据最后一段第二句“As for me,I can listen to music,enjoy films,and catch conversations—I'm lucky.”和第四句“I've been blessed with wonderful life experiences,and I am human.”可推知,作者对自己的生活充满感激之情,故选A。] 8.What is the author's main purpose in writing the passage? A.To give advice on life to disabled people. B.To show how difficult life is for disabled people. C.To share his experience of treating a disadvantage with gratitude. D.To show the convenience a hearing aid could bring. C [写作意图题。根据对全文的整体理解可知,本文主要讲述了作者积极应对听力障碍的励志故事,故选C。] Ⅱ.阅读七选五 (2019·合肥市第一次教学质量检测) Apologizing the Right Way to a Fiend Why are apologies so difficult? Saying you are sorry can be the most difficult thing you do.But we all make mistakes,so you'll probably have an occasion when you need to apologize.Perhaps you had blew up at someone and realized later you reacted poorly.__1__.Whatever the reason,apologizing can help you both heal and move on from the situation. __2__.First,you acknowledge that you did something wrong.With an apology,you take responsibility for your actions,which allows your friend to forgive you.Second,an apology gives your sincerity as a friend.__3__, but that doesn't mean we still shouldn't apologize. Now,what are elements of a proper apology? __4__, depending on what the offense was,where it was done,and who you are apologizing to.In general,a good apology should include the following:a request for their attention,an acknowledgment of what happened,sincerity in admitting you did something wrong and the words “I'm sorry” or “I apologize”.Here are things never to say when apologizing.Note that the art of apologizing involves taking responsibility.Never apologize as a way to “shut someone up” when they are saying you hurt their feelings and you don't think you did.__5__, you should talk things through with your friends until you see why they are hurt or how you came across.You'll really need to self?reflect so you can see things from your friend's point of view. A.When you make your apology in person B.If you really believe you did nothing wrong C.Apologies benefit friendships in a variety of ways D.The way you apologize is going to be slightly different E.Or maybe you just didn't show support when you needed to F.Apologizing the right way,however,may take a little practice G.Sometimes our pals forgive us easily for the minor things we do wrong 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文。主要介绍了向朋友道歉的正确方法。 1.E [根据空后的“Whatever the reason”可知,空处与空前一句讲的是向朋友道歉的原因,所以选项E与语境相符,且选项E中的“maybe”与空前一句中的“Perhaps”相呼应,故选E。] 2.C [空处位于段落句首主题句的位置;通读该段可知,该段主要讲的是道歉对友谊的好处,故C项符合语境。] 3.G [根据空后的“but that doesn't mean we still shouldn't apologize”可知,G项“有时我们的朋友轻易地就原谅了我们犯的小错误”符合语境。] 4.D [根据空后的“depending on...who you are apologizing to”可知,D项“你道歉的方法要稍微不同”与之衔接自然,故选D项。] 5.B [根据空后的“you should talk things through with your friends until you see why they are hurt or how you came across”可知,B项“如果你确实认为你没做错什么”与之联系紧密,故选B项。] Ⅲ.语法填空 (2019·昆明市摸底调研)Lions tigers and other animals are staying awake at night 1.________(avoid) human beings,a new study finds. Scientists have known that human activities can lead to changes in nature.Many animals may move around less or travel to far places to keep away 2.________ people.By being awake at night,animals can also be on guard against possible enemies and spend less time 3.________(look) for food. The latest research found even activities like farming and camping can 4.________(fright) animals and cause them to become more active at night. 5.______ had been studied were lions in Tanzania,tigers in Nepal and monkeys in Brazil. Researchers compared 6.________(careful) how much time those animals were active at night in areas of human activities,such as hunting and farming.7.________ was human activities that caused an increase of about 20 percent in night?time activities,even in creatures that usually sleep at night.Results 8.________(publish) in the journal Science two months ago. The new findings are 9.________(usual) because no one else has looked at it in such detail before.Ecologist Marlee Tucker was 10.________(surprise) that any kind of human activities is enough for animals to see people as a threat. 【语篇解读】 人类活动导致许多动物在夜间保持清醒以保持警惕状态。 1.to avoid [考查非谓语动词。狮子、老虎以及其他的动物在夜间保持清醒旨在避开人类。此处用动词不定式作目的状语。] 2.from [考查固定搭配。keep away from...“远离……”,为固定搭配。] 3.looking [考查固定用法。spend time doing sth.“花时间做某事”为固定用法。] 4.frighten [考查动词。最新研究表明,即使像务农和野营这样的活动也会惊吓到动物,进而导致它们夜间变得更加活跃。情态动词can后应接动词原形,故应用名词fright的动词形式frighten。] 5.What [考查主语从句。分析句子结构可知,空处引导主语从句且缺少主语,故用what,意为“……的事物”。] 6.carefully [考查副词。修饰句中的谓语动词compared应使用副词。] 7.It [考查强调句型。分析句子结构可知,去掉was和that之后,句子表意完整,故该句为强调句型“It was+被强调部分+that+其他成分”。] 8.were published [考查时态和语态。根据语境可知,谓语动词publish和句子的主语Results是被动关系,且根据时间状语two months ago可知,描述的是发生在过去的事情,故用一般过去时的被动语态。] 9.unusual [考查形容词。先前没人对此进行过如此详细的研究,所以这些新的发现显得不同寻常。] 10.surprised [考查形容词。此处为过去分词作表语,表示主语Marlee Tucker的状态,故用形容词surprised。] Ⅳ.短文改错 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下画一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。 (2019·成都市第二次诊断性检测)Last year,my friend and I went to visit the Yellow Mountain.We carried two backpacks,that turned out to be pretty heavier for the hike.I am not an experiencing hiker and those endless steps make me want to return to the safe and comfortable ground.But my friend encouraged me great.“Look,the top is coming closer and closer.We are almost there.”I pulled me together and kept going.After three?hour exhausting hike to the top,but with wonderful sceneries on the way,we got to the top finally.For our pleasure,we also found a hotel that looked very much inviting. [答案]  Last year,my friend and I went to visit the Yellow Mountain.We carried two backpacks, turned out to be pretty for the hike.I am not an hiker and those endless steps me want to return to the safe and comfortable ground.But my friend encouraged me .“Look,the top is coming closer and closer.We are almost there.” I pulled together and kept going.After three?hour exhausting hike to the top,but with wonderful on the way,we got to the top finally. our pleasure,we also found a hotel that looked very  much inviting. 课时提能练(四十四) 选修8 Unit 22 Environmental Protection(B) 课时作业A:基础层面 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.If you stick to that,you shall answer for the consequences. 2.It is said that he is the only one of the students that was_praised (praise) at the meeting. 3.It's considerate (consider) of the witness to warm the plate before she serves the food. 4.His nationality isn't relevant to whether he's a good teacher. 5.The book referred (refer) to last time has been sold out. Ⅱ.单句改错 6.The newer will be the substitute with me as your English teacher.with→for 7.Pupils should be helped to adapt a positive approach to the environment. adapt→adopt 8.They advocate that everyone lives a low carbon life.lives→live 9.“It's such a nice place,”Mother said as she sat at the table serving for customers.serving→served 10.In the past few years thousands of films have produced all over the world. have后加been Ⅲ.完成句子 1.从各方面来说,那都是极大的成功。 All_in_all it had been a great success. 2.你往远处看,便可以看见村庄里的灯光。 Look_ahead in the distance,and you can see the lights of the village. 3.我们得采取行动来制止他们。 We have to take_action_to_stop them. 4.他除了脸部和双手受伤以外,两条腿也断了。 Apart_from the injuries to his face and hands,he broke both legs. 5.保罗的母亲因为自己无力抚养他,便将他送给别人收养了。 Paul's mother had_him_adopted because she couldn't look after him herself. 课时作业B:能力层面 Ⅰ.阅读理解 A (2019·太原阶段测试)Diamonds are considered the most famous and valuable jewel in the world.The precious stone for its great value is believed to be the symbol of wealth.Diamonds are made as a result of great volcanic heat and pressure.When a volcano is active,it sometimes explodes and causes great damage to the nearby towns. However,at the same time of such a disaster,diamonds were pushed towards the surface of the earth by a number of great volcanic explosions millions of years ago.Thus,it may be very likely to find a diamond after a volcanic eruption. Besides,diamonds are also found among the sandy sandstone of certain river beds,and in a few places on the sea floor,for they were washed down the mountain sides by the rain. Diamonds are very rare.There are not many places that produce such precious things in the world.During the last century adventurers from Europe went to Brazil,because they had heard that there were diamonds in the Amazon River.Many of these early diamond miners died of illness or were lost forever in the great forests.But some returned home rich. The earliest known diamonds were found in India many centuries ago. The_most_recent_and_exciting_discoveries_have_been_made_in_eastern_Russia.But most of the world's diamonds now come from the Congo,from Tanzania,and also from South Africa—which has the largest diamond mines in the world. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇说明文。文章介绍了钻石的来源和产地。 1.What do we know about diamonds according to the passage? A.Diamonds are always accompanied by volcanic eruptions. B.Diamonds are created by volcanic eruptions. C.Diamonds are considered as a sign of wealth. D.Diamonds could be always found in a few riverbanks. C [细节理解题。根据文章第一段第二句“The precious stone for its great value is believed to be the symbol of wealth.”可知,钻石被认为是财富的象征。] 2.Which of the following is NOT mentioned as a famous place producing diamonds? A.The Congo.   B.South Africa. C.India. D.Western Europe. D [细节理解题。根据第三、四两段对钻石产地的介绍可知,西欧并不在有名的钻石产地之列。] 3.What can we know from the third paragraph? A.Diamond mining can be dangerous for the miners. B.Brazil plays a more important role in diamond mining. C.The Amazon River has no large diamond mines nowadays. D.Many miners returned home due to the risks in diamond mining. A [细节理解题。根据第三段倒数第二句“Many of these early diamond miners died of illness or were lost forever in the great forests.”可知,开采钻石对采矿者来说有可能是危险的,故A项正确。] 4.What does the underlined sentence mean in the last paragraph? A.Eastern Russia has been famous for diamond mining for a long time. B.The diamond deposit in eastern Russia wasn't discovered until recently. C.Eastern Russia is not as important as African countries in diamond mining. D.The eastern part of Russia will replace all African countries in diamond mining. B [句意理解题。画线句前一句提到已知的最早的钻石在印度被发现,后一句提到现在大部分钻石来源于刚果民主共和国、坦桑尼亚和南非。由此可推知,画线句讲的应是最近在俄罗斯东部发现了钻石,故B项“直到最近人们才在俄罗斯东部发现钻石矿床”正确。] B (2019·成都第一次诊断)Food blogs,celebrities,and nutritionists all advocate the benefits of eating organic(有机的) fruits and vegetables.But a new study published in Science Advances paints a more complex picture.While organic produce is likely slightly healthier to eat and,in some ways,more sustainable to grow,there are also downsides. Organic fruits and vegetables typically cost more than conventional ones.To get a certificate as organic,farmers must meet specific criteria,including growing produce without the use of genetic engineering and chemical inputs.Without these methods,the growing process typically requires more labor,time,and money,a cost that is passed down to consumers. It's true that in many ways,organic farming is more sustainable than conventional farming.But when it comes to environmental concerns such as greenhouse gas output and water loss,the comparison gets complex.Organic farms produce less greenhouse gas output per acre.However,because they are barred from using genetic engineering,pesticides(杀虫剂),and other methods that increase efficiency(效率),organic farms also produce an estimated 19% to 25% less yield than conventional farms.While there isn't a whole lot of research on the topic,the few studies that do exist suggest greenhouse gas output and water loss might actually be higher on organic farms,on a per unit basis,says study author Verena Seufert. In addition,while organic produce is likely more nutritious than conventional fruits and vegetables,there's not a lot of evidence to support the claim that these often slight differences influence consumer health.The same is true for the pesticide remainder.In developed countries,where pesticide use is tightly regulated,there's no scientific consensus on how these often slight differences influence human health. Still,Seufert stresses that if you can afford to eat organic produce,you should do so.Organic farms provide safer work environments for workers,plus they support great biodiversity.The real take away from her study is not that organic produce is bad but that the practice needs more studies to increase the yield without lowering sustainability. But if you can't afford to buy organic produce,don't stress too much,particularly from a nutritional perspective. 【语篇解读】 本文是一篇议论文。文章主要介绍了有机农产品的一些情况,体现了学科核心素养中的“环保意识、健康饮食意识”的文化品格。 5.What does the underlined word “downsides” in Paragraph 1 most probably mean? A.Dangers.   B.Drawbacks. C.Benefits. D.Differences. B [词义猜测题。根据第一段最后一句“While organic produce...also downsides.”可知,虽然有机农产品可能稍微健康些,但在某些方面,也有其缺点。再结合语境和下文陈述的有机农产品的缺点可以判断,画线词应指有机农产品不好的一面,B项意为“缺点”,故B项正确。] 6.Which key factor makes it hard to compare organic farming with conventional farming when it comes to environmental concerns? A.The yield. B.The price. C.The water loss. D.The labor. A [细节理解题。根据题干关键词“hard to compare”定位至第三段第二句“But when it...complex.”,由此可知,当涉及诸如温室气体排放和水资源损失等环境问题时,比较传统农业和有机农业就困难了;且根据第三段其他内容可知,虽然有机农业与传统农业相比更可持续,但因为不能使用基因工程技术、杀虫剂及其他提高效率的方法,有机农业的产量相对低,故产量是使得两者之间的比较变得困难的重要因素。A项意为“产量”,故A项正确。] 7.Which of the following will the author most probably agree with? A.Farmers' work environment should be improved. B.Organic produce should be made more efficiently. C.It isn't wise for consumers to buy organic products. D.The pesticide remainder does no harm to people's health. B [推理判断题。根据第三段第四句可知,由于禁止使用基因工程技术和杀虫剂等,有机农场的产量估计会比传统农场的产量低19%至25%。据此可以判断,应当提高有机农业的生产效率,故B项正确。第五段的最后一句亦是提示。] 8.In the author's opinion,why should we support organic produce? A.It's environmentally friendly. B.It's more nutritious. C.It helps keep the variety of plants. D.It's safer for consumers. C [推理判断题。根据第五段第二句“Organic farms provide safer work environments for workers,plus they support great biodiversity.”可知,有机农场为工人提供更安全的工作环境,而且有机农场有助于保持生物多样性。据此可以判断,我们应当提倡有机农产品的原因之一是能保持生物的多样性,故C项正确。] Ⅱ.阅读七选五 (2019·济南高考模拟)Smartphones store a lot of personal data.These devices know our names,the names of our friends,our addresses and where we are right now.__1__ A weather app needs to know where a person is to report the local forecast,for example. Many smartphone apps don't cost anything to download and use.But don't be fooled.There's still a price.__2__ Those same apps may often send data on to advertisers as well.Those advertisers will pay well to know how people behave and live.Once your data leave a device,you can't get them back.And that data theft may not be harmless.Moreover,those data may tell when someone leaves home and when he gets back.__3__ Social media sites often have access to a user's images and posts. Recently a new online tool has been developed to track the misuse of private data.__4__ It tells people when their apps are sending data,which can help spot the misuse.SPEProxy identifies the misuse of data using an approach that has already been used to diagnose illnesses. In the clinical field,a kind of medical software is used to collect data from a patient.Then it compares them to those symptoms of many possible illnesses to make a diagnosis. Right now,people can only track data with the new tool by going to a website. __5__ It's also a bit awkward to use.People may not want to go to the trouble of getting online to track their data.A more convenient version that people could install on their phones is in urgent need. A.It is called SPEProxy. B.That means it's limited. C.It is more than convenient to use in computers. D.Your privacy is what's paying for it. E.Some apps use those data to do their job. F.Some apps may charge you much money to operate. G.They can show how and where people spend their days. 【语篇解读】 本文主要介绍了人们使用智能手机时的个人信息安全问题。 1.E [根据空后的“A weather app needs to know where a person is to report the local forecast,for example.”可知,空后举了一个例子:一款天气应用软件需要知道一个人的位置来报告当地的天气预报。因此本空应说明手机应用软件需要一些数据来工作,故选E项。] 2.D [根据空前的“There's still a price.”可知,使用手机应用软件是有代价的,D项“Your privacy is what's paying for it.”(你的隐私就是为此付出的代价)符合文意,故选D项。] 3.G [根据空前的“Moreover,those data may tell when someone leaves home and when he gets back.”(这些数据能显示一个人何时离家、何时返回)及空后的“Social media sites often have access to a user's images and posts.”(社交媒体网站经常访问用户的图片和帖子)可知,本空应说明手机应用软件泄露个人隐私的情况,故G项“They can show how and where people spend their days.”(它们能够显示人们度过这一天的方式和地点)符合文意,故选G项。] 4.A [空前的“Recently a new online tool has been developed to track the misuse of private data.”介绍了一款能够追踪私人数据被滥用的在线工具,A项“It is called SPEProxy.”(它的名字是SPEProxy)承接上文,符合文意,故选A项。] 5.B [根据空前的“Right now,people can only track data with the new tool by going to a website.”可知,这款工具只能进入网站来追踪数据,因此它的使用还是有局限性的,故选B项。] Ⅲ.语法填空 (2019·成都第二次诊断)If you speak to a local about your stay in Chengdu,they'll probably ask if you've tried hot pot.Everyone 1.________(live) here seems to love it,and trying it should be a 2.________(fix) part of everyone's culinary tour of Sichuan. Hot pot restaurants can 3.________(find) on pretty much every street in Chengdu,but the quality and taste can vary hugely. When you do go for hot pot,you will often be asked to make a 4.________ (choose) of broth in which you cook your raw ingredients(食材).If you're 5.________(adventure) and up for a challenge,the traditional oily spicy broth might be just the thing you're after.But 6.________ you haven't yet fully adapted to the local taste,you'd better choose a non?spicy broth,or 7.______(go) for a less spicy option. Bear 8.________ mind that some broths like the tomato,mushroom or northern style will not be on offer at every restaurant. Half spicy and half clear broth is 9.________(ready) available at most restaurants;these pots either come divided down the middle like a giant yin and yang,or with 10.________ separate smaller pot of clear broth in the middle.If you can't bear too much chili and oil,but want to have a try,ask for yuanyangguo. 【语篇解读】 本文主要介绍了成都的特色饮食——火锅。 1.living [考查非谓语动词。live和句子谓语seems之间没有连词,故空处应用非谓语动词,且动词live和句子主语Everyone构成逻辑上的主谓关系,故用现在分词作定语。] 2.fixed [考查非谓语动词。动词fix和其逻辑主语之间为逻辑上的动宾关系,故用过去分词作定语。] 3.be found [考查动词语态。动词find和句子主语Hot pot restaurants之间是被动关系,故应用被动语态。] 4.choice [考查词性转换。根据空前的a和空后的of可知空处应填名词的单数形式。] 5.adventurous [考查形容词。根据空前的you're可知,此处应用形容词adventurous作表语。] 6.if/when [考查连词。根据语境可知,空处可用if引导条件状语从句,表示对情况的假设;也可用when来引导时间状语从句,表示“当……时”。] 7.go [考查动词。根据连词or可知,此处go和动词choose是并列关系,故用动词原形形式。had better do sth.“最好做某事”。] 8.in [考查介词。bear (sth.) in mind意为“记住某事”,为固定搭配,故用介词in。] 9.readily [考查副词。空处修饰形容词应用副词,故填readily,在句子中作状语。] 10.a [考查冠词。pot是可数名词,且此处表示泛指,又因separate的发音以辅音音素开头,故用不定冠词a。] Ⅳ.短文改错 假定英语课上老师要求同桌之间交换修改作文,请你修改你同桌写的以下作文。文中共有10处语言错误,每句中最多有两处。每处错误仅涉及一个单词的增加、删除或修改。 增加:在缺词处加一个漏字符号(∧),并在其下面写出该加的词。 删除:把多余的词用斜线(\)划掉。 修改:在错的词下画一横线,并在该词下面写出修改后的词。 注意:1.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词; 2.只允许修改10处,多者(从第11处起)不计分。 (2019·武汉4月调研)I once had a bad experience.One day several years ago,I went shop with my friends.As I entered a small shoe store,but I saw two women selecting shoes.Suddenly they raise their voice and began to talk loudly about how beautifully the shoes were and how low the price was.Just then an old couple walked onto the shop.The two women urged her to buy a pair.When the couple left a store with the shoes,I noticed the shop owner gave the two women some cashes.He also promised offer them more unless more people bought his shoes. [答案]  I once had a bad experience.One day several years ago,I went with my friends.As I entered a small shoe store,but I saw two women selecting shoes. Suddenly they their voice and began to talk loudly about how the shoes were and how low the price was.Just then an old couple walked the shop.The two women urged to buy a pair.When the couple left store with the shoes,I noticed the shop owner gave the two women some .He also promised offer them more more people bought his shoes. PAGE 1 课时提能练45-46 课时提能练(四十五) 选修8 Unit 23 Conflict(A) 课时作业A:基础层面 Ⅰ.单句语法填空 1.(2018·北京卷)I'd like to make an appointment (appoint) for next Wednesday afternoon. 2.Lena Pahlsson pulled out a handful (hand) of small carrots and was about to throw them away. 3.The distribution (distribute) of these languages is hugely uneven. 4.One solution is obviously to import foreign workers via immigration (immigrate). 5.Interestingly,the same rating may have different influences on different consumers (consume). Ⅱ.单句改错 1.Bob Geldof,who organized Live Aid,intending to raise money for the famine and it turned out to be a great success.intending→intended 2.Many a quarrel have come about through a misunderstanding.have→has 3.He is in the possession of a large estate in the country.去掉the 4.Do you subscribe any professional journals?subscribe后加to 5.There is only a handful of birds in the cage.is→are Ⅲ.选词成篇 A 1.Exposed_to so many difficulties,the young manager 2.talked_them_over_ with his colleagues.First,he remarked that they should 3.look_into the matter and find out how it 4.came_about.Then he intended to 5.send_for the experts to help solve the problems.Finally,he pointed that everybody should work hard and never 6.give_in to any difficulty. B The government has 7.called_on the graduate to work in the west.No matter what happens,I'll 8.keep_my_word.9.The_longer I work there, the_more I like it. 10.As_far_as_I_am_concerned I hope to work there all my life. Ⅳ.完成句子 1.A working party has been set up to look_into_the_problem(调查这个问题). 2.Trouble can call_out_a_person's_best_qualities(激发一个人最优秀的品质). 3.No_sooner_had_we_arrived_at (我们刚到)the station than the train left. 4.Not until the motorbike looked almost new did_he_stop (他停下来)repairing and cleaning it. 5.I don't mind her criticizing me,but it_is_how_she_does_it (她批评我的方式)that I object to. 课时作业B:能力层面 Ⅰ.阅读理解 A (2019·郑州市第一次质量预测)If you've ever had a dog,you know just how deep a connection you can develop with “man's best friend”.But a dog's life is much shorter than humans,about 12 to 15 years long,which means every dog owner has to go through the heartbreaking moment when their loving pet passes away. Why not make a clone of that dog then? This is the solution offered by a South Korean company,Sooam Biotech Research Foundation.The company has already successfully cloned at least 400 dogs,mostly for US customers,ever since it pioneered the technique in 2005.Now,Sooam Biotech has introduced its business to UK dog owners as well,offering them dogs that look just like their lost ones. To clone a dog,researchers first need to take a skin cell from a living dog or one that has just died.Meanwhile,another dog is selected to supply an egg.Researchers then replace the DNA in the egg with that from the skin cell and implant the egg into the womb(子宫) of a female dog.The egg grows into a puppy over the following two months. The whole process takes less than a day,but it comes at a shockingly high price—around £ 63,000.But if you can't afford it now,you can also save the cell in a laboratory and access it at a later date. However,magical as cloning might sound,there is no guarantee that the cloned dog will be a perfect copy of the original one.Just like identical twins of humans,they share the exactly same DNA but there will still be small differences between them.“The spots on a Dalmatian(斑点狗) clone will be different,for example,” Insung Hwang,head of Sooam Biotech,told The Guardian. Dog owners will also have to accept the fact that personality is not “cloneable”.Apart from genes,personality is also determined by upbringing and environment,which are both random elements that cloning technologies simply cannot overcome,Professor Tom Kirkwood at Newcastle University,UK,told The Telegraph. Perhaps bringing our dogs back by cloning is not the best way to remember them after all.Kirkwood,a dog owner himsel
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